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 tǎn shuài frank (discussion) / blunt / open
 zhí straight / to straighten / fair and reasonable / frank / straightforward / (indicates continuing motion or action) / vertical / vertical downward stroke in Chinese characters
 tǎn chéng candid / frank / plain dealing
 zhí shuài candid / frank
 zhí bái frank / open / blunt
 lù gǔ blatant / unsubtle / frank / (of sex, violence etc) explicit
 gěng zhí honest / frank / candid
 shuài zhí frank / straightforward / blunt
 shuǎng cuì sharp and clear / frank / straightfoward / quick / brisk / crisp and tasty
 shuài to lead / to command / rash / hasty / frank / straightforward / generally / usually
 shuǎng bright / clear / crisp / open / frank / straightforward / to feel well / fine / pleasurable / invigorating / to deviate
 liǎo dàng frank / outspoken / ready / settled / in order / (old) to deal with / to handle
 zhī wú bù yán , yán wú bù jìn not hiding anything he knows, not stopping before he has said it through (idiom) / frank / outspoken
 Fú lán kè Frank (name)
 shuǎng kuai refreshed / rejuvenated / frank and straightforward
 lǎo shí shuō honestly speaking / to be frank, ...
 shuài zhēn frank and sincere / candid
 táng táng zhèng zhèng displaying strength and discipline / impressive / upright and frank / square
 Xiè Cháng tíng Frank Chang-ting Hsieh (1946-), Taiwanese DPP politician, mayor of Kaohsiung 1998-2005
 kāi chéng bù gōng lit. deal sincerely and fairly (idiom) / frank and open-minded / plain speaking / Let's talk frankly and openly between ourselves. / to put one's cards on the table
 xīn zhí kǒu kuài frank and outspoken (idiom) / straight speaking / to say what one thinks
 bù lìn zhū yù lit. do not begrudge gems of wisdom (idiom, humble expr.) / fig. Please give me your frank opinion. / Your criticism will be most valuable.
 xīn zhí zuǐ kuài frank and outspoken / straight speaking / to say what one thinks
 liáng yào kǔ kǒu good medicine tastes bitter (idiom) / fig. frank criticism is hard to swallow
 zuǐ kuài xīn zhí outspoken and frank (idiom)
 zhuō zhí simple and frank
 shuǎng dāng with alacrity / frank and spontaneous
 zhí cháng zhí dù frank and outspoken (idiom)

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