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 gōng sī (business) company / company / firm / corporation / incorporated / CL:家 / [jia1]
 qǐ yè company / firm / enterprise / corporation / CL:家 / [jia1]
 jiān jué firm / resolute / determined
 jiān dìng firm / steady / staunch / resolute
 láo gù firm / secure
 jiān gù firm / firmly / hard / stable
 guǒ duàn firm / decisive
 gāng hard / firm / strong / just / barely / exactly
 yìng hard / stiff / strong / firm / resolutely / doggedly / good (quality) / able (person)
 zhā shi strong / solid / sturdy / firm / practical
 wěn jiàn firm / stable and steady
 sǐ sǐ rigid / unwavering / unbendable / firm (hold on sth) / tenacious
 shāng hù merchant / trader / businessman / firm
 wěn gù stable / steady / firm / to stabilize
 zhèng sè stern / grim / resolute / firm / unflinching / fundamental colors
 zhā zha shí shí firm / solid / reliable / real / practical
 xióng hún vigorous / firm / forceful
 gāng qiáng firm / unyielding
 yán míng strict and impartial / firm
 jiān zhēn firm / unswerving / loyal to the end
 wěn dang reliable / secure / stable / firm
 guǒ jué firm / unwavering
 yìng qì firm / unyielding / strong-willed
 què authenticated / solid / firm / real / true
 jiān láo strong / firm
 jiān strong / solid / firm / unyielding / resolute
 láo firm / sturdy / fold (for animals) / sacrifice / prison
 pán firm / stable / rock
 què solid / firm
 jié careful / diligent / firm
 jǐn shí tight / firm / dense / packed
 rèn dìng to maintain (that sth is true) / to determine (a fact) / determination (of an amount) / of the firm opinion / to believe firmly / to set one's mind on / to identify with
 jué xīn determination / resolution / determined / firm and resolute / to make up one's mind / CL:個 / |个 / [ge4]
 xìn yǎng to believe in (a religion) / firm belief / conviction
 lu:4 shī shì wù suǒ law firm
 jiān shí firm and substantial / solid
 xià dìng jué xīn to make a firm resolution
 zhàn wěn to stand firm
 jiān tǐng firm and upright / strong (of currency)
 jiān yì firm and persistent / unswerving determination
 jiān yì firm and persistent / unswerving determination
 lǎo zì hào shop, firm, or brand of merchandise with a long-established reputation
 zhōu jiā the Zhou family (household, firm etc) / Jow-Ga Kung Fu - Martial Art
  auctioneering firm
 ruì zhì firm determination
 gè tǐ hù self-employed / a private firm (PRC usage)
 zhuān yè hù family firm producing a special product / cottage industry
 bāo xiāo to have exclusive selling rights / to be the sole agent for a production unit or firm
 láo kào firm and solid / robust / reliable
 hào zi work chant / prison cell / type / sort / mark / sign / signal / (Tw) brokerage firm
 jiān rèn bù bá firm and indomitable (idiom) / tenacious and unyielding
 gè tǐ jīng jì economics of a self-employed individual or private firm
 yáng háng foreign firm (old)
 zhí fǎ rú shān to maintain the law as firm as a mountain (idiom) / to enforce the law strictly
 yì firm and resolute / staunch
 běn gù zhī róng when the root is firm, the branches flourish
 diàn nǎo qǐ yè computer company / computer firm
使 shǐ gù dìng rivet / make firm
 yí iron / strong, solid, firm
 tǐng zhù to stand firm / to stand one's ground (in the face of adversity or pain)
 mǎn yǒu pǔ to have a clearcut idea / to have firm guidelines / to have confidence / to be sure / to be certain
 fā fèn yǒu wéi to prove one's worth through firm resolve (idiom)
 Ruǎn kù Softbank corporation, Japanese e-commerce firm
 qīng yǎn to make firm eye contact with sb / fig. to favor / to respect / good graces / to think highly of sb
  Agreement on a Firm and Lasting Peace
 zhuān yè lu:4 shī shì wù suǒ boutique law firm
 jīng pǐn suǒ boutique law firm
  Procedure for the establishment of a firm and lasting peace in Central America / Esquipulas II Agreement
  Procedure for the establishment of a firm and lasting peace in Central America / Esquipulas II Agreement
  Agreement on a Timetable for the Negotiation of a Firm and Lasting Peace
 zhàn wěn jiǎo bù to gain a firm foothold / (fig.) to get oneself established
 lùn dìng to make a definitive judgment / to come to a firm conclusion
 dìng jiàn firm view / definite opinion

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