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 guò dù excessive / over- / excess / going too far / extravagant / intemperate / overdue
 kuā zhāng to exaggerate / overstated / exaggerated / hyperbole / (coll.) excessive / extreme / ridiculous
 guò fèn excessive / undue / overly
 guò duō too many / excessive
 chāo biāo to cross the limit / to be over the accepted norm / excessive
 guò fèn unduly / excessive
 lí pǔ excessive / beyond reasonable limits / irregular
 wú dù immoderate / excessive / not knowing one's limits
 jù excessive
 fú to float / superficial / floating / unstable / movable / provisional / temporary / transient / impetuous / hollow / inflated / to exceed / superfluous / excessive / surplus
 làn overflowing / excessive / indiscriminate
 yì to overflow / (literary) excessive / old variant of 鎰 / |镒 / [yi4]
 kàng high / overbearing / excessive
 rǒng rǒng numerous / excessive / multitude
 fú làn excessive / exorbitant / excessively
 guò dàng excessive
 shē wàng an extravagant hope / to have excessive expectations
 shàng huǒ to get angry / to suffer from excessive internal heat (TCM)
 biāo bǎng to flaunt / to advertise / to parade / boost / excessive praise
 bá miáo zhù zhǎng to spoil things through excessive enthusiasm (idiom)
 yín yǔ excessive rain
 wán wù sàng zhì lit. trifling destroys the will (idiom) / infatuation with fine details prevents one making progress / excessive attention to trivia saps the will
 fù rén zhī rén excessive tendency to clemency (idiom) / soft-hearted (pejorative)
 liù yín (TCM) six excesses causing illness, namely: excessive wind 風 / |风 / [feng1], cold 寒 / [han2], heat 暑 / [shu3], damp 濕 / |湿 / [shi1], dryness 燥 / [zao4], fire 火 / [huo3]
 liù xié (TCM) six unhealthy influences causing illness, namely: excessive wind 風 / |风 / [feng1], cold 寒 / [han2], heat 暑 / [shu3], damp 濕 / |湿 / [shi1], dryness 燥 / [zao4], fire 火 / [huo3]
 bié tài kè qi lit. no excessive politeness / Don't mention it! / You're welcome! / Please don't stand on ceremony.
 dà hóng bí zi rhinophyma (red nose, often related to rosacea or excessive alcohol) / brandy nose
 huà hǔ lèi quǎn drawing a tiger like a dog (idiom) / to make a fool of oneself by excessive ambition
 guǎn shǒu guǎn jiǎo to control in every detail / excessive supervision
 cōng ming guò tóu too clever by half / excessive ingenuity
 chāo qián xiāo fèi excessive consumption / overspending on luxuries
 guò dù jǐn zhāng hypertension / excessive stress
怀 guò dù guān huái obsession / excessive concern
 shī féi guò duō excessive use of fertilizer
 bàng shā pushing sb to failure by excessive criticism
 shì shuì zhèng hypersomnia / excessive sleepiness (medical)
 jīng jìn rén wáng to die from excessive ejaculation
 fáng wèi guò dàng excessive self-defense (self-defense with excessive force)

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