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 róng yì easy / likely / liable (to)
便 biàn lì convenient / easy / to facilitate
 qīng light / easy / gentle / soft / reckless / unimportant / frivolous / small in number / unstressed / neutral / to disparage
 qīng qiǎo dexterous / deft / easy / light and easy to use / nimble / agile / lithe / graceful
 qīng ér yì jǔ easy / with no difficulty
 ān yì easy and comfortable / easy
便 biàn dāng convenient / handy / easy / bento (a meal in a partitioned box) / lunchbox
 yì easy / amiable / to change / to exchange
 qiǎn yì easy / simple / suitable for beginners
 qīng sheng relaxed / easy
 shàn easy / quiet
便 fāng biàn convenient / suitable / to facilitate / to make things easy / having money to spare / (euphemism) to relieve oneself
 bù yì not easy to do sth / difficult / unchanging
 liú chàng flowing (of speech, writing) / fluent / smooth and easy
便 biàn yú easy to / convenient for
 xiāo sǎ confident and at ease / free and easy
 jiǎn yì simple and easy / simplistic / simplicity
 cóng róng to go easy / unhurried / calm / Taiwan pr. [cong1 rong2]
 hǎo yòng useful / serviceable / effective / handy / easy to use
 hǎo shuō easy to deal with / not a problem / (polite answer) you flatter me
 hǎo guò to have an easy time / (feel) well
 jiǎn sù to reduce speed / to slow down / to take it easy
 zì yóu zì zài free and easy (idiom) / carefree / leisurely
 piāo rán to float in the air / swiftly / nimbly / easy and relaxed
 shū huǎn to ease (tension) / to relax / to cause sth to relax / to alleviate / relaxed / easy and unhurried / leisurely / soothing / mild (slope)
 yǎng yǎn visually attractive / eye candy / easy on the eyes / to protect the eyes
 yì xué easy to learn
 xiǎo cài appetizer / small side dish / easy job / piece of cake / see also 小菜一碟[xiao3 cai4 yi1 die2]
 xiǎn ér yì jiàn clearly and easy to see (idiom) / obviously / clearly / it goes without saying
便 biàn xié portable / easy to carry
 yì dǒng easy to understand
 fàng dàng unconventional / licentious / wanton / easy in one's morals
 sōng xiè to relax / to relax efforts / to slack off / to take it easy / complacent / undisciplined
 huī huò to squander money / extravagant / prodigal / free and easy / agile
 yě huā wild flower / woman of easy virtue
 shēn rù qiǎn chū to explain a complicated subject matter in simple terms (idiom) / (of language) simple and easy to understand
 píng yì jìn rén amiable and approachable (idiom) / easy-going / modest and unassuming / (of writing) plain and simple / easy to understand
 jià qīng jiù shú lit. an easy drive on a familiar path (idiom) / fig. experience makes progress easy / a task that is so familiar one can do it with one's hand tied behind one's back
 qīng qǔ to beat easily / to gain an easy victory
使 hǎo shǐ easy to use / to function well / so that / in order to
 yì rú fǎn zhǎng easy as a hand's turn (idiom) / very easy / no effort at all
 yáo qián shù a legendary tree that sheds coins when shaken / a source of easy money (idiom)
 hǎo jì easy to remember
 xiǎn yào strategically situated and easy to defend / strategic location
 bù fèi chuī huī zhī lì as easy as blowing off dust / effortless / with ease
 hèng cái easy money / windfall / ill-gotten gains / undeserved fortune / illegal profit
 gāo zhěn wú yōu to sleep peacefully (idiom) / (fig.) to rest easy / to be free of worries
 hǎo good / well / proper / good to / easy to / very / so / (suffix indicating completion or readiness) / (of two people) close / on intimate terms
 shuō lái huà cháng start explaining and it's a long story (idiom) / complicated and not easy to express succinctly
 yōu zhe to take it easy
 tì tǎng elegant / casual / free and easy
 píng yì amiable (manner) / unassuming / written in plain language / easy to take in
 shùn chǎn to give birth without complications / easy childbirth / safe delivery / natural birth (without surgical operation)
便 líng biàn quick / agile / nimble / easy to handle / handy
 mō yú to catch fish / (fig.) to loaf on the job / to be slack / to take it easy
 tàn náng qǔ wù to feel in one's pocket and take sth (idiom) / as easy as pie / in the bag
 ān zhěn to sleep soundly / (fig.) to rest easy / to be free of worries
 yī yán nán jìn hard to explain in a few words (idiom) / complicated and not easy to express succinctly
 yī cù kě jǐ to succeed at the first try (idiom) / easy as pie / one can do it at once
 chuī huī zhī lì as easy as pie
 shǒu dào nián lái stretch a hand and grab it (idiom) / easy to do
 shǒu dào qín lái stretch a hand and grab it (idiom) / very easy
 jiāng shān yì gǎi běn xìng nán yí rivers and mountains are easy to change, man's character much harder
 jiāng shān yì gǎi bǐng xìng nán yí rivers and mountains are easy to change, man's character much harder
 wèng zhōng zhuō biē to catch a turtle in a jar (idiom) / to set oneself an easy target / a turkey shoot
 zhī yì xíng nán easy to grasp but difficult to put into practice (idiom) / easier said than done
 màn màn lái take your time / take it easy
 fā hèng cái to make easy money / to make a fortune / to line one's pockets
使便 shǐ yòng fāng biàn easy to use / convenient to use
 lái de róng yì , qù de kuài Easy come, easy go. (idiom)
 qiān jūn yì dé , yī jiàng nán qiú Easy to raise an army of one thousand, but hard to find a good general. (idiom)
 shē yì jiǎn nán easy to become accustomed to luxury, hard to become accustomed to frugality (idiom)
 shí shǔ bù yì really not easy (idiom)
 xiǎo cài yī dié a small appetizer / a piece of cake / very easy (idiom)
 xiè qì to slacken off / to take it easy
 shí jiè to pick up cress / fig. sth easy to do / a piece of cake
 jì lái zhī , zé ān zhī Since they have come, we should make them comfortable (idiom). Since we're here, take it easy. / Since this is so, we should accept it. / Now we have come, let's stay and take the rough with the smooth. / If you can't do anything to prevent it, you might as well sit back and enjoy it.
 míng qiāng hǎo duǒ , àn jiàn nán fáng lit. easy to dodge the spear in the open, hard to avoid a stab in the dark (idiom) / it is hard to guard against secret conspiracies
 míng qiāng yì duǒ , àn jiàn nán fáng lit. easy to dodge the spear in the open, hard to avoid a stab in the dark (idiom) / it is hard to guard against secret conspiracies
 yì lǐ jiě easy to grasp / easily understood
 tǒng lǐ shè yú to shoot fish in a barrel / to attempt sth too easy
 qiǎn bái simple / easy to understand
 còu shǒu at hand / within easy reach / convenient / handy
 rùn fèi to moisten the lungs / to make expectoration easy (medicine)
 tuō sǎ elegant / free and easy
 zì yóu zì zai free and easy (idiom) / carefree / leisurely
 tōng sú yì dǒng easy to understand
 Léi Gōng dǎ dòu fu the God of Thunder strikes bean curd / fig. to bully the weakest person / to pick on an easy target
 Léi Gōng dǎ dòu fu , jiǎn ruǎn de qī the God of Thunder strikes bean curd, a bully picks the weakest person / to pick on an easy target
 shùn shǒu r handy / convenient and easy to use / smoothly
 náng zhōng qǔ wù as easy as reaching for it from a bag (idiom) / in the bag / (as good as) in one's possession
 xié cái windfall / easy money / ill-gotten gains
 bǐ dēng tiān hái nán lit. even harder than reaching the sky (idiom) / fig. extremely difficult / far from an easy task
 shěng yóu de dēng sb who is easy to deal with
 Yán wáng hǎo jiàn , xiǎo guǐ nán dāng lit. standing in front of the King of Hell is easy, but smaller devils are difficult to deal with (idiom)
 cóng shàn rú dēng , cóng è rú bēng doing good is like a hard climb, doing evil is like an easy fall (idiom)
 féi yáng (fig.) attractive and easy mark / source of steady profit / moneymaker / cash cow
 shǒu dào niān lái lit. to stretch a hand and grab it (idiom) / fig. easy to do

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