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 jǔ sàng dispirited / dejected / dismayed
 huī sè gray / ash gray / grizzly / pessimistic / gloomy / dispirited / ambiguous
 tuí fèi decadent / dispirited / depressed / dejected
 juàn dài worn out / exhausted / dispirited
 wěi mǐ dispirited / depressed
 tuí táng dispirited / depressed
 wěi mǐ dispirited / depressed
 méi jīng dǎ cǎi listless / dispirited / washed out / also written 沒精打彩|没精打彩
 yǒu qì wú lì weakly and without strength (idiom) / dispirited
 méi jīng dǎ cǎi listless / dispirited / washed out
 shén shāng depressed / dispirited / dejected
 tuí wěi listless / dispirited
 wú jīng dǎ cǎi dispirited and downcast (idiom) / listless / in low spirits / washed out
 wěi mǐ bù zhèn dispirited and listless (idiom) / downcast
 léi bind / creep / dispirited
 bìng yān yān looking or feeling sickly / weak and dispirited through illness

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