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"Dishonest" • Chinese-English Dictionary

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 bù zhèng dàng dishonest / unfair / improper
 bù chéng shí dishonest
 piān xié crooked / not upright / diverging from straight line / improper / dishonest
 kēng diē (Internet slang) dishonest / fraudulent / deceptive
 jiān shāng unscrupulous businessman / profiteer / shark / dishonest business
 huā yán qiǎo yǔ graceful words, flowery speech (idiom) / elegant but insincere words / cheating wheedling / dishonest rhetoric
 guà yáng tóu mài gǒu ròu lit. to hang a sheep's head while selling dog meat (idiom) / fig. to cheat / dishonest advertising / wicked deeds carried out under banner of virtue
 kāi hòu mén to open the back door / fig. under the counter / to do a secret or dishonest deal / to let sth in by the back door
 wāi mén xié dào dishonest practices
 tián yán mì yǔ sweet words and honeyed phrases (idiom) / elegant but insincere words / cheating wheedling / dishonest rhetoric
线 zǒu nèi xiàn insider contacts / via private channels / to seek influence with sb via family members (possibly dishonest or underhand)
 xié mén strange / unusual / evil ways / dishonest practices

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