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 sǐ jī to crash (of a computer)
 xiāng zhuàng collision / crash / to crash together / to collide with / to bump into
 sù chéng crash (course) / accelerated (process) / quick (fix) / instant (success) / to achieve in a short time
 zhuàng chē to crash (into another car) / (fig.) (of opinions, schedules etc) to clash / (of subject matter) to be the same
 dàng jī to crash (of a computer) / to stop working / (loanword from English "down")
 bēng pán (finance) to crash / to collapse / crash
 guāng dāng crash / bang
 dàng diào to fail (a student) / to pawn / (of a computer or program) to crash / to stop working
 bēng huài crash / breakdown (of social values etc) / burst / to crumble / to collapse
 kuāng lāng (onom.) clang / clatter / bang / crash / clank
 kuāng kuāng lāng lāng (onom.) crash / clank / clatter
 dàng jī to crash (of a computer) / Taiwanese term for 當機|当机[dang4 ji1]
 sǐ dàng to flunk (Tw) / (computing) to crash / to stop working
退 shǎn tuì (of a mobile app) to crash on startup / to crash
 chē huò traffic accident / car crash / CL:場|场[chang2]
 zhuì huǐ (of an airplane etc) to fall to the ground and crash
 huā lā (onom.) sound of a crash / with a crash
 shī shì (of a plane, ship etc) to have an accident (plane crash, shipwreck, vehicle collision etc) / to mess things up
 chuǎng guān to crash through a barrier
 kōng nàn air crash / aviation accident or incident
 chuǎng guò to crash one's way through
 zhuì jī airplane crash
 jiǎ rén dummy (for crash testing, displaying clothes etc)
 Bó Gǔ Bo Gu (1907-1946), Soviet-trained Chinese Communist, journalist and propagandist, 1930s Left adventurist, subsequently rehabilitated, killed in air crash
 zhuì hǎi to fall into the ocean / to crash into the ocean
 hōng sound of a crash
 jiāo tōng yì wài traffic accident / car crash
 huā lā yī shēng with a crash / with a thunderous noise
 dà diē shì great market fall / market crash
 bēng dǎo to collapse / to crash down / to fall down in a heap
 sǐ jī lán píng blue screen of death / computer crash screen
 fēi jī shī shì plane crash
 zhuàng jī plane crash
 sù chéng fāng àn crash programme
  crash rescue and firefighting equipment
  resuscitation trolley / emergency crash cart
 gǔ zāi market crash

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