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便 fāng biàn convenient / suitable / to facilitate / to make things easy / having money to spare / (euphemism) to relieve oneself
便 biàn lì convenient / easy / to facilitate
便 biàn yí convenient
便 biàn dāng convenient / handy / easy / bento (a meal in a partitioned box) / lunchbox
 shǒu hand / (formal) to hold / person engaged in certain types of work / person skilled in certain types of work / personal(ly) / convenient / classifier for skill / CL:雙 / |双 / [shuang1],隻 / |只 / [zhi1]
便 biàn plain / informal / suitable / convenient / opportune / to urinate or defecate / equivalent to 就 / [jiu4]: then / in that case / even if / soon afterwards
 yìng shǒu to handle / convenient
便 huó biàn nimble / agile / convenient
 còu shǒu at hand / within easy reach / convenient / handy
便 shěng biàn convenient
 hé shǒu to put one's palms together (in prayer or greeting) / to work with a common purpose / harmonious / convenient (to use)
便 biàn yú easy to / convenient for
便 biàn jié convenient and fast
便 jiǎn biàn simple and convenient / handy
便 qīng biàn lightweight and portable / light and convenient
 còu chéng to put together / to make up (a set) / to round up (a number to a convenient multiple) / resulting in...
便 biàn zhōng at one's convenience / when it's convenient
使便 shǐ yòng fāng biàn easy to use / convenient to use
便 biàn jié huà to facilitate / expedite / make convenient and fast / speed up
 shùn shǒu r handy / convenient and easy to use / smoothly

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