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CHARACTERS : Simplified Traditional
PHONETIC : Pinyin Bopomofo EFEO Wade-Giles Yale

 yǐn rén zhù mù to attract attention / eye-catching / conspicuous
 xiǎn yǎn conspicuous / eye-catching / glamorous
 tū xiǎn conspicuous / to make sth stand out / make sth prominent
 chù mù eye-catching / conspicuous / obtrusive / striking / sticking out
 xiǎn xìng visible / conspicuous / phanero- / dominant (gene)
 dǎ yǎn to drill or bore a hole / to attract attention / conspicuous
 xiǎn prominent / conspicuous / (prefix) phanero-
 zhāng clear / conspicuous / manifest
 yǐn rén zhù yì to attract attention / eye-catching / conspicuous
 xiǎn mù outstanding / conspicuous
 jié jié outstanding / conspicuous / prominent / tiny
 dà hù great family / rich family / large landlord / conspicuous spender or consumer
 zhā yǎn garish / dazzling / offensively conspicuous
 xiǎn xiào to show an effect / to produce an effect / a conspicuous effect
 zhāo fēng lit. to invite the wind / fig. conspicuous and inviting criticism
 jiān kǔ zhuó jué persisting despite trials and tribulations (idiom) / conspicuous determination
 yù gài mí zhāng trying to hide it makes it more conspicuous (idiom) / A cover up only makes matters worse.

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