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 zhǒng lèi kind / genus / type / category / variety / species / sort / class
 dàng cì grade / class / quality / level
 děng class / rank / grade / equal to / same as / to wait for / to await / et cetera / and so on / et al. (and other authors) / after / as soon as / once
 mén gate / door / CL:扇[shan4] / gateway / doorway / CL:個|个[ge4] / opening / valve / switch / way to do something / knack / family / house / (religious) sect / school (of thought) / class / category / phylum or division (taxonomy) / classifier for large guns / classifier for lessons, subjects, branches of technology / (suffix) -gate (i.e. scandal / derived from Watergate)
 bān team / class / squad / work shift / ranking / CL:個|个[ge4] / classifier for groups
 kè subject / course / CL:門|门[men2] / class / lesson / CL:堂[tang2],節|节[jie2] / to levy / tax / form of divination
 bān jí class (group of students) / grade (in school)
 kè shí class / period
 jiē jí (social) class / CL:個|个[ge4]
 bān shàng (in the) class
 lèi kind / type / class / category / similar / like / to resemble
 bān sort / kind / class / way / manner
 bèi lifetime / generation / group of people / class / classifier for generations / (literary) classifier for people
 gāng head rope of a fishing net / guiding principle / key link / class (taxonomy) / outline / program
 kā coffee / class / grade
 chóu arable fields / cultivated field / class / category
 chái a class / a company / companion
 xué jí class
 lèi hán shù class
 yī jí first class / category A
 èr jí grade 2 / second class / category B
 gāo céng high level / high class
 shàng kè to go to class / to attend class / to go to teach a class
 dǎ gōng to work a temporary or casual job / (of students) to have a job outside of class time, or during vacation
 sān jí grade 3 / third class / category C
 chū shēn to be born of / to come from / family background / class origin
 bān zhǔ rèn teacher in charge of a class
 sì jí grade 4 / fourth class / category D
 péi xùn bān training class
 yī lèi same type / category 1 (i.e. class A)
 duì yǒu member of same class, team, work group etc / teammate
 jiē céng hierarchy / stratum / social class
 dà lèi main type / main class / main category
 tóng děng equal to / having the same social class or status
 bān zhǎng class monitor / squad leader / team leader / CL:個|个[ge4]
 xià kè to finish class / to get out of class
 quán bān the whole class
 xué shí class hour / period
 yī děng first class / grade A
 Jìng guó Shén shè Yasukuni Shrine, Shinto shrine in Tokyo to Japanese war dead, controversial as burial ground of several Class A war criminals
 yìng wò hard sleeper (a type of sleeper train ticket class with a harder bunk)
 tīng kè to attend a class / to go to a lecture
 zī chǎn jiē jí the capitalist class / the bourgeoisie
 fèn zǐ members of a class or group / political elements (such as intellectuals or extremists) / part
 fǔ dǎo bān tutorial class / remedial class / preparatory course
 jiǎ jí first rate / top class / excellent
 tóng bān to be in the same class / to be in the same squad / classmate
 xià céng underlayer / lower class / lower strata / substrate
 shàng liú upper class
 xià shì lowest-ranked noncommissioned officer (e.g. corporal in the army or petty officer, third class in the navy)
 bǔ kè to make up missed lesson / to reschedule a class
 jiào xué dà gāng course syllabus / class curriculum
 èr děng second class / second-rate
 dà bān tai-pan / business executive / foreign business manager / top class of kindergarten or school grade
 zhōng chǎn middle class / bourgeois
 tóu děng first class / prime / main
 gōng rén jiē jí working class
 táo kè to skip class
 shàng děng bīng private first class (army rank)
 bān cì grade / class number (in school) / flight or run number / flight or run (seen as an item) / shift (work period)
 páng tīng to visit (a meeting, class, trial etc)
 zì xí to study outside of class time (reviewing one's lessons) / to study in one's free time / individual study
 bān huì class meeting (in schools)
 ruǎn wò soft sleeper (a type of sleeper train ticket class with a softer bunk)
 zhōng chǎn jiē jí middle class
 bǔ xí bān cram class / cram school / evening classes
 shàng liú shè huì upper class / high society
 lǐng dǎo céng ruling class / leaders (of society) / oligarchy
 jiē jí dòu zhēng the class struggle
 jīng jì cāng economy class
 tóu děng cāng 1st class cabin
 kè chéng biǎo class timetable
 gāo pān social climbing / to claim connections with people in higher social class
 gǔ zhǎng person in charge of a 股[gu3] (section or department) / head / chief / director / (in a class in a school) student responsible for a specific duty, e.g. 風紀股長|风纪股长[feng1 ji4 gu3 zhang3] discipline monitor
 fù nóng rich peasant / social class of people farming their own land, intermediate between land-owner class 地主[di4 zhu3] and poor peasant 貧農|贫农[pin2 nong2]
 gōng xīn zú salaried class
 jiāo kè to teach class / to lecture
 tóng chái peer / member of the same class, generation or social group
 shì zú land-owning class, esp. during Wei, Jin and North-South dynasties 魏晉南北朝|魏晋南北朝
 bō xuē jiē jí exploiting class (in Marxist theory)
 cí lèi parts of speech (grammar) / word class / lexical category
 dǐng jiān jí first class / top / world best
 gōng wù cāng business class (airplane travel)
 shì member of the senior ministerial class (old) / scholar (old) / bachelor / honorific / soldier / noncommissioned officer / specialist worker
 fàng niú bān class of underachievers / dunces' class (Tw)
 liú to flow / to disseminate / to circulate or spread / to move or drift / to degenerate / to banish or send into exile / stream of water or sth resembling one / class, rate or grade
 liǎng qī lèi class Amphibia / amphibians
 chū bǎng to publish class list of successful exam candidates
 cáo class or grade / generation / plaintiff and defendant (old) / government department (old)
 shuā to brush / to paint / to daub / to paste up / to skip class (of students) / to fire from a job
 é guān bó dài official class / intellectual class (idiom)
 fàn fū sú zi peddlers and common people / lower class
 fàn fū zǒu zú lit. peddlers and carriers / common people / lower class
 tóu gōng first class merit
 gōng xīn jiē céng salaried class
 cì děng second class / second rate
 bān wù huì a routine meeting of a squad / team or class
 cū sú de jiē jí vulgar class
 qiāo kè to skip class
 ruǎn xí soft seat (= first class in PRC trains)

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