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 dǎ suàn to plan / to intend / to calculate / plan / intention / calculation / CL:個|个[ge4]
 jì shù fǎ calculation / reckoning
 suàn fǎ arithmetic / algorithm / method of calculation
 zhū suàn calculation using abacus
 yàn suàn to verify a calculation / a double-check
 bǐ suàn to do a sum in writing / written calculation
 qiā suàn to count with one's fingers / on the spot calculation
 shí jìn suàn shù decimal calculation
 dǎo chū zhí value deduced by calculation / derived value
 guī chú long division / calculation on the abacus
 nì yùn suàn inverse operation / inverse calculation
 yùn suàn fǎ zé rules of calculation (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) / algorithm / fig. to scheme / to calculate (i.e. plot)
 luó ji yǎn suàn logical calculation
  Benefit Calculation and First Payment System
  European Convention on the Calculation of Time-Limits
  Pythagoras Equation and Launch Angle Calculation
  Joint Committee for Monitoring and Calculation of the Oil Net Revenue

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