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 cuò zhé setback / reverse / check / defeat / frustration / disappointment / to frustrate / to discourage / to set sb back / to blunt / to subdue
 bù kè qi you're welcome / don't mention it / impolite / rude / blunt
 tǎn shuài frank (discussion) / blunt / open
 gān cuì straightforward / clear-cut / blunt (e.g. statement) / you might as well / simply
 tū bald / blunt
 zhí jié liǎo dàng direct and plainspoken (idiom) / blunt / straightforward
 zhí bái frank / open / blunt
 shuài zhí frank / straightforward / blunt
 chuō to jab / to poke / to stab / to sprain / to blunt / to fuck (vulgar) / to stand sth upright
 dùn blunt / stupid
 gěn blunt / tough / chewy
 gěng blunt / fish bones / unyielding
 gěng blunt / fish bones / unyielding
 qiǎn lù blunt / direct (i.e. not tactful)
 wán dùn blunt (instrument) / stupid / thick-headed
 yì (literary) toilsome / laborious / (of an edge etc) worn out / blunt
 zhí lái zhí wǎng blunt / outspoken
 chéng bài lì dùn succeed or fail, sharp or blunt (idiom) / advantages and disadvantages / success and failure / You win some, you lose some.
 chǔn blunt / stupid / to wiggle (of worms)
 sī xiǎng wán dùn blunt thinking / apathy

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