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广 guǎng gào to advertise / a commercial / advertisement / CL:項 / |项 / [xiang4]
 qiáng dǎ promotion (for a product) / advertisement
 yìng zhēng to apply (for a job) / to reply to a job advertisement
 yáng tóu sheep's head / fig. advertisement for good meat
广 fú wù guǎng gào xié yì Service Advertisement Protocol / SAP
广 guǎng gào tiáo fú banner advertisement
广 tiáo fú guǎng gào banner advertisement
 héng biāo banner / horizontal slogan or advertisement
  advertisement period
广 gài tái guǎng gào (Tw) slot advertisement / interstitial ad / splash ad
广 chā bō guǎng gào slot advertisement / interstitial ad / splash ad

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