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   FlashCard of the Chinese Character 飞
Strokes 3
Mandarin fēi
Entry Methods
Pinyin fei1
Kanji /
Wubi NUI
Encodages (hexa)
Unicode U+98DE
GB2312 B7C9
 fēi to fly
Results beginning with 飞
 fēi jī airplane / CL:架 / [jia4]
 fēi xíng (of planes etc) to fly / flying / flight / aviation
 fēi yáng to rise / to fly upward
 fēi xiáng to circle in the air / to soar
 fēi kuài very fast / at lightning speed / (coll.) razor-sharp
 fēi wǔ to flutter / to dance in the breeze
 fēi chuán airship / spaceship
 fēi tiān flying Apsara (Buddhist art)
 fēi lóng wyvern (type of dragon)
 fēi yuè to leap
 fēi sù flying speed / rapid (growth)
 fēi chū to fly out
 fēi guò to fly over / to fly past
 fēi niǎo bird
 fēi bēn to dash (run fast) / to rush / to dart
 fēi shēn to move quickly / to vault / flying tackle
 Fēi xuě Flying Snow, a character in "Hero"
 fēi dāo a throwing knife / fly cutter (machine tool)
 fēi chí to speed / to rush
 fēi yuè to fly across / to fly over / to fly past / (literary) (of one's spirits) to soar
 fēi jiàn to splash / to spatter
 fēi dié flying saucer / frisbee
 fēi shēng to levitate heavenwards (a Daoist success) / to take off / to soar (of prices)
 fēi mǎ at the gallop
 fēi dàn missile
 fēi é moth
 fēi yú flying fish
 fēi shì (of time) to pass quickly / to be fleeting
 fēi biāo darts (game) / dart (weapon shaped like a spearhead)
 fēi zhǎng soaring inflation / rocketing prices
 fēi tǐng airship
 fēi lún flywheel / sprocket wheel
 fēi hóng to blush
 fēi pǎo to run like the wind / to rush / to gallop
 fēi wěn to blow a kiss
 fēi qín birds
 fēi zéi cat burglar / burglar who gains entrance by scaling walls / intruding enemy airman / air marauder
 fēi huáng flying locusts
 fēi chóng flying insect / winged insect
 fēi pán frisbee
 fēi mò aerosol / spray / mist / splattered drops / spray from sneeze or saliva
 fēi dì administrative enclave / land of one country enclosed within another / a salient
  flying metal plate / flying plate / flyer plate / plate
 Fēi Gē Flying Pigeon (famous bicycle brand, made in Tianjin since 1936)
 fēi kè femtogram
 fēi māo winged
 fēi miǎo femtosecond, fs, 10^-15 s
 fēi shǔ flying squirrel / (dialect) bat
 fēi tuǐ kick
 fēi yīng eagle
 fēi zhēng birds and beasts / the beasts of the field and the birds of the air / same as 飛 / / / / |飞 / / /
 fēi zhōu fast boat
 fēi zhuàn to spin rapidly / to whirl around / (of time) to fly by
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 Fēi lì pǔ Philips (company)
 fēi jī piào air ticket / CL:張 / |张 / [zhang1]
 fēi xíng yuán pilot / aviator
 fēi jī chǎng airport / (slang) flat chest / CL:處 / |处 / [chu4]
 fēi hǔ duì Flying Tigers, US airmen in China during World War Two / Hong Kong nickname for police special duties unit
 Fēi lún hǎi Fahrenheit, Taiwan pop group, from 2005
 Fēi jiāng jūn nickname of Han dynasty general Li Guang 李 / / |李 / 广 / [Li3 Guang3]
 fēi jī cān airplane meal (GM)
 fēi jī cǎo Siam weed / jack in the bush
 fēi jī shī pilot / aviator
 Fēi mǎ zuò Pegasus (constellation)
 fēi shǔ shǔ Old
 fēi wén zhèng eye floaters (moving spots in the eye's vitreous humor)
 fēi xíng chē avrocar
 fēi yuè dào parkour, French sport invented by David Belle in 1980s, with the aim of efficiently traversing obstacles in the environment
 fēi yuè quán overflight right
 fēi yú zú "flying fish family", family who sacrifice everything to send their children abroad to study
 Fēi yú zuò Volans (constellation)
 fēi huáng téng dá lit. the divine steed Feihuang gallops (idiom) / fig. to achieve meteoric success in one's career
 fēi é pū huǒ the moth flies into the flame / fatal attraction
 fēi yáng bá hù bossy and domineering / throwing one's weight about
 fēi qín zǒu shòu birds and animals / the beasts of the field and the birds of the air
 fēi yán zǒu bì to leap onto roofs and vault over walls (usually associated with martial arts)
 fēi lái hèng huò sudden and unexpected disaster (idiom)
 fēi duǎn liú cháng to spread malicious gossip
 fēi gōng zǒu jiǎ to drink one's fill (idiom)
鸿 fēi hóng tà xuě see 雪 / / / / |雪 / / 鸿 / / [xue3 ni2 hong2 zhao3]
鸿 fēi hóng xuě zhuǎ see 雪 / / / / |雪 / / 鸿 / / [xue3 ni2 hong2 zhao3]
 fēi yīng zǒu mǎ to ride out hawking (idiom) / to hunt
  flying plate lens
  Operation Flying Carpet
  flight movements
  air corridor / flight corridor
  flight test (n)
  aircraft arrestment
  aircraft tiedown / aircraft picketing
 fēi é tóu huǒ lit. like a moth flying into the fire (idiom) / fig. to choose a path to certain destruction
 fēi jī cāng mén airplane cabin door
 fēi jī shī shì plane crash
 fēi lái fēi qù to fly about / to fly hither and thither / to flit / to swarm / to spiral
 fēi mò chuán rǎn droplet infection (disease transmission from sneezing, coughing etc)
 fēi mò sì jiàn to spray in all directions
 Fēi niǎo Shí dài Asuka Period in Japanese history (538-710 AD)
 fēi shēn fān téng flying somersault
 fēi xíng jiǎ bǎn flight deck
 fēi xíng jì huà flight plan
 fēi xíng jì lù flight record
 fēi yuè bào gào overflight report
线 fēi zhēn zǒu xiàn flying needle and running seam (idiom) / skillful needlework
  aircraft stairs truck
  push-back tow tractor
  flight safety kit
  flight safety section
  aircraft loading table / loading table
  flight information region
  aircraft refuelling truck / A / C refuelling truck
  air tasking order
  air control point
  aircraft store
 Fēi chū ge Wèi lái Futurama (US TV animated series, 1999-)
 Fēi lì pǔ gōng sī Philips
 fēi máo tuǐ dǎo dàn Scud missile / Scud
 fēi xíng jì lù qì flight recorder / black box
 fēi xíng jì lù yí flight recorder / black box
 fēi yǎ tè qì chē Fiat
 fēi yuè tài kōng shān Space
  flight control system
  Flight Readiness Review
  flight information centre
  Flight Research Center
  air mission management
  air tasking message
  aircraft unloading forklift
  flight safety element
 fēi jī fáng hù yǎn tǐ protected aircraft shelter
 fēi jī fǔ zhù shè bèi aircraft support equipment
 fēi jī gēn zōng xì tǒng aircraft tracking system
 fēi jī wéi xiū jì lù aircraft maintenance log
  Aviation sans frontières
  time-of-flight analyzer
  Committee on Aircraft Noise
  mission sensor
  time of flight mass spectrometer
  mission management office
  Aircraft Management and Contracts Unit
  Standards on Aircraft Accident Investigation
  flight control and stabilization system
  Mission Management and Control Centre
  Preflight Adaptation Trainer
  aircraft launched XBT
Approximate Results for 飞
 qǐ fēi (of an aircraft) to take off
 fàng fēi to allow to fly
 téng fēi lit. to fly upwards swiftly / fig. rapid advance / rapidly developing (situation)
 fēn fēi to swirl in the air (of thickly falling snowflakes, flower petals etc) / to flutter about
 shuāng fēi flying in pairs / close union as husband and wife / round-trip flight / (slang) threesome
 Zhāng Fēi Zhang Fei (168-221), general of Shu and blood-brother of Liu Bei in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, famous as fearsome fighter and lover of wine
 lóng fēi to promote (to official position in former times)
 ā fēi hoodlum / hooligan / young rowdy
 Yuè Fēi Yue Fei (1103-1142), Song dynasty patriot and general
 zhí fēi to fly directly / direct flight
 héng fēi to splash across / to splatter
 péng fēi flight of the roc (used in names) / soaring flight
 Xiá fēi Joseph Joffre (1852-1931), leading French general at the start of World War One
  empty leg
 fèn fēi to spread wings and fly
 gāo fēi to soar
 jīng fēi to go off like a rocket / to rocket
 qiān fēi to migrate (of birds)
 qún fēi to fly as a flock / to flock together
 Yuè fēi Adolph Abramovich Joffe (1883-1927), Soviet and Comintern diplomat and spy in 1922-23 in Republican China
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 zuò fēi jī to catch a plane
 mǎn tiān fēi to rush around everywhere / always active
 xià fēi jī to get off a plane / to deplane
 shàng fēi jī to get on a plane / to board
 dǎ fēi jī to masturbate (slang)
 shì fēi yuán test pilot
 jìn fēi qū no-fly zone / no-fly area / air exclusion zone
 fàng fēi jī to ditch sb (slang)
鸿 Huáng Fēi hóng Wong Fei Hung (1847-1924), famous martial artist and revolutionary
 xǐ qún fēi gregarious (ornithology)
 tū fēi měng jìn to advance by leaps and bounds
 hún fēi pò sàn lit. the soul flies away and scatters (idiom) / fig. to be frightened stiff / spooked out of one's mind / terror-stricken
 háng tiān fēi jī space shuttle
 méi fēi sè wǔ smiles of exultation / radiant with delight
 bù yì ér fēi to disappear without trace / to vanish all of a sudden / to spread fast / to spread like wildfire
 zhí shēng fēi jī see 直 / / / |直 / / / [zhi2 sheng1 ji1]
 yuǎn zǒu gāo fēi to go far / to escape to faraway places
 yǔ zhòu fēi chuán spacecraft
 lóng fēi fèng wǔ flamboyant or bold cursive calligraphy (idiom)
 xuè ròu héng fēi flesh and blood flying (idiom) / carnage / people blown to pieces
 bǐ yì shuāng fēi lit. a pair of birds flying close together (idiom) / fig. two hearts beating as one / name of a sweet and sour chicken wing dish
 jūn yòng fēi jī war-plane
 láo yàn fēn fēi not wishing to part
 chā chì nán fēi lit. even given wings, you couldn't fly (idiom) / fig. impossible to escape
 bèn niǎo xiān fēi lit. the clumsy bird flies early (idiom) / fig. to work hard to compensate for one's limited abilities
 bǐ yì qí fēi to fly wing to wing (idiom) / two hearts beating as one / (of a couple) inseparable
 jī fēi dàn dǎ the chicken has flown the coop and the eggs are broken / a dead loss (idiom)
 gāo fēi yuǎn zǒu to fly high and run far (idiom) / to leave in a hurry for a distance place
 huī fēi yān miè lit. scattered ashes and dispersed smoke (idiom) / fig. to be annihilated / to vanish in a puff of smoke
 jiàn bù rú fēi running as fast as flying
 shén cǎi fēi yáng in high spirits (idiom) / glowing with health and vigor
宿 shuāng sù shuāng fēi lit. to rest and fly together (idiom) / fig. to live in each other's pockets / to be inseparable
 zhǎn chì gāo fēi to spread one's wings and soar (idiom) / to develop one's abilities freely
  spy plane
  medium aircraft
  manned flight
  tactical aircraft
  Operation Deny Flight
  overflight interdiction
  blind flying
  nap-of-the-earth flying
  economic take off
 dān yì fēi jī monoplane
 dǎo háng fēi jī pathfinder
 dī kōng fēi guò to just scrape through with a narrow pass (in an exam)
 hǎi jūn fēi jī naval aircraft
 háng tiān fēi chuán spaceship
 jiù hù fēi jī ambulance
 kōng tiān fēi jī transatmospheric vehicles
 kōng zhōng fēi rén trapeze artist / frequent flyer
 kuān tǐ fēi jī wide-body aircraft
 màn tiān fēi wǔ (of snow etc) to fill the sky
 nán fēi guò dōng (of birds) to migrate south for the winter
 qǐ fēi tán shè takeoff catapult (on aircraft carrier)
 Shǎn Fēi Jí tuán Shaanxi Aircraft Corporation (state owned enterprise)
 shuāng yì fēi jī biplane
 shuāng zuò fēi jī two-seater plane
 shuǐ shàng fēi jī seaplane
 tài kōng fēi chuán space shuttle
 xiá dào fēi chē Grand Theft Auto (video game series)
 Xié hé Fēi jī Concorde, supersonic passenger airliner
 yún xiāo fēi chē roller coaster
 zhàn huǒ fēn fēi fire of war everywhere (idiom) / enveloped in the flames of war
 zhì de fēi yuè qualitative leap
 zhí shēng fēi jī variant of 直 / / / |直 / / / [zhi2 sheng1 ji1], helicopter
H-II 轨 H-II guǐ dào fēi jī H-II Orbiting Plane
·  Jerry Seinfeld
 bù míng fēi xíng wù unidentified flying object (UFO)
 pēn qì shì fēi jī jet aircraft
  overflight charges
  rotary-wing aircraft
  aircraft prepared for service
  Cabinda Enclave
线  parabolic flight
  remotely piloted vehicle
  nap-of-the-earth flying
 bù zhuó lù fēi xíng nonstop flight
 gù dìng yì fēi jī fixed-wing aircraft
 Jié ruì · Sòng fēi Jerry Seinfeld
· Jié ruì · Sòng fēi Jerry Seinfeld
 kōng jiān fēi xíng qì space vehicle
 Qí bó lín fēi tǐng Zeppelin dirigible airship
 rào tiān tǐ fēi yuè flyby
 Shén zhōu hào fēi chuán Shenzhou (spacecraft)
 wú rén fēi xíng qì drone / unmanned aerial vehicle
 Zhāng fēi dǎ Yuè fēi lit. Zhang Fei fights Yue Fei / fig. an impossible combination / an impossible turn of events (idiom)
 wú rén jià shǐ fēi jī unmanned aerial vehicle / drone
  visual flight rules
  international air service
  landing and take-off cycle / LTO cycle
  maximum take-off weight capacity
线  migration flyway
  humanitarian flight
  recoverable vehicle
  Space Shuttle Programme
  human space flight
  food delivery mission
  fly-by-wire plane
  East African Flying School
  blanket overflight clearance
  terrain-following flight / terrain flight / contour flight
 biàn hòu lu:è yì fēi jī variable-geometry wing aircraft
 chuí zhí qǐ luò fēi jī vertical takeoff and landing aircraft
 duǎn jù qǐ luò fēi jī short takeoff and landing aircraft
 fēi fǎ jié chí fēi jī unlawful seizure of aircraft
 yù jǐng xì tǒng fēi jī AWACS aircraft
  European Common Aviation Area
  turboprop aircraft / turboprop
  Spaceship Earth
  Notice to Airmen
  space mine
  flight-tested (adj)
  turbo-jet aircraft
  all-burnt range
  all-burnt range
  Office of Space Flight
  air superiority
Predator无  Predator drone
  Giotto mission
线 hóng wài xiàn dǎo yǐn fēi dàn infrared guided missile
  automatic flight control system
  aerosonde UAV
  ram jet
  Short Take-Off and Vertical Landing aircraft / STOVL aircraft
  humanitarian relief flight

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