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   FlashCard of the Chinese Character 难
Strokes 8
Strokes 10
Decomp. 又隹
Mandarin nán; nàn
Entry Methods
Pinyin nan2; nan4
Kanji /
Sijiao 704.1
CNS 11643 F-326F
Encodages (hexa)
Unicode U+96BE
GB2312 C4D1
Level 3
Results for 难
 nán difficult (to...) / problem / difficulty / difficult / not good
 nàn disaster / distress / to scold
Results beginning with 难
 nán dào don't tell me ... / could it be that...?
 nán yǐ hard to (predict, imagine etc)
 nán dé seldom / rare / hard to come by
 nán dù trouble / problem
 nán guò to feel sad / to feel unwell / (of life) to be difficult
 nán tí difficult problem
 nán guài (it's) no wonder (that...) / (it's) not surprising (that)
 nán miǎn hard to avoid / difficult to escape from / will inevitably
 nán shòu to feel unwell / to suffer pain / to be difficult to bear
 nán wàng unforgettable
 nán kàn ugly / unsightly
 nàn diǎn difficulty
 nán kān hard to take / embarrassed
 nán guān difficulty / crisis
 nán tīng unpleasant to hear / coarse / vulgar / offensive / shameful
 nàn mín refugee
 nán bǎo hard to say / can't guarantee / difficult to protect / difficult to preserve
 nán wei to bother / to press sb, usu. to do sth / it's a tough job / sorry to bother you (polite, used to thank sb for a favor)
 nán jiě hard to solve / hard to dispel / hard to understand / hard to undo
 nán chu trouble / difficulty / problem
 nán chán (usu. of people) difficult / demanding / troublesome / unreasonable / hard to deal with
 nán chǎn difficult birth / (fig.) difficult to achieve
 nán áo hard to bear / unendurable (pain, suffering)
 nán cè hard to fathom
 nán dǒng difficult to understand
 nán wén unpleasant smell / stink
 nán yì difficulty / degree of difficulty or ease
 nán dǎo to baffle / to confound / to stump
 nán chī unpalatable
 nán xíng hard to pass
 nán zǒu hard to get to / difficult to travel (i.e. the road is bad)
 nán ái trying / difficult
 nán diǎn difficulty
 nán gǎo hard to deal with / hard to get along with
 nán hē unpleasant to drink
 nán hùn difficult to arrange
 nán jì hard to remember
 Nàn jīng Classic on Medical Problems, c. 1st century AD / abbr. for 黃帝八十一難經|黄帝八十一难经[Huang2 di4 Ba1 shi2 yi1 Nan4 jing1]
 nán tán hard to play (of music for stringed instrument)
 nán wéi difficult to do / difficult to manage
 nán zhù to baffle / to stump
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 nán bù chéng Is it possible that ... ?
 nán wéi qíng embarrassed
 nán bù dǎo not to pose a problem for sb / cannot stump sb
 nàn mín yíng refugee camp
  refugee law
  Refugee Bureau
 nán cì hou (coll.) hard to please / high-maintenance
 nán jià yù hard to control
 nán kòng zhì hard to control
 nán yǐ zhì xìn hard to believe / incredible
 nán néng kě guì rare and precious / valuable / remarkable
齿 nán yǐ qǐ chǐ to be too embarrassed to mention sth (idiom) / to find it hard to speak about sth
 nán yǐ zhuō mō elusive / hard to pin down / enigmatic
 nàn xiōng nàn dì brothers in hardship (idiom) / fellow sufferers / in the same boat
 nán xiōng nán dì lit. hard to differentiate between elder and younger brother (idiom) / fig. one is just as bad as the other
 nán shě nán fēn loath to part (idiom) / emotionally close and unwilling to separate
 nán jiě nán fēn hard to untie, hard to separate (idiom) / inextricably involved / locked in battle
 nán cí qí jiù cannot escape censure (idiom) / has to bear the blame
 nán fēn nán jiě to become caught up in an irresolvable situation (idiom)
 nán fēn nán shě loath to part (idiom) / emotionally close and unwilling to separate
 nán yán zhī yǐn a hidden trouble hard to mention (idiom) / sth too embarrassing to mention / an embarrassing illness
  dead heat
  resettlement of refugees
  refugee escort
 nán dé yī jiàn rarely seen
 nán shě nán lí loath to part (idiom) / emotionally close and unwilling to separate
 nán táo fǎ wǎng It is hard to escape the dragnet of the law / the long arm of the law
 nán yǐ hàn dòng unsusceptible to change / deeply entrenched
 nán yǐ lǐ jiě hard to understand / incomprehensible
 nán yǐ mǒ qù hard to erase / ineradicable
 nán yǐ rěn shòu hard to endure / unbearable
 nán yǐ shí xiàn hard to accomplish / difficult to achieve
 nán yǐ yìng fù hard to deal with / hard to handle
 nán yǐ zī yǐ cannot control oneself (idiom) / to be beside oneself
 nán yú dēng tiān harder than climbing to heaven (idiom)
 nán yú jiē jìn (of people) difficult to approach / inaccessible
  refugee-hosting area
  Refugee Logistic Unit
  Refugee Agricultural Unit
  Refugee Water Supply Division
  Centre for Documentation on Refugees
  Thematic Consultation on Repatriation, Reinstallation and Social Reintegration / Thematic Consultation on Refugees
  refugee staging centre
  Agreement Relating to Refugee Seamen
  Camp Coordinator
  Refugee Policy Group
  Refugee Housing Program
  Development Assistance for Refugees
  Seminar on Refugee Law
  Refugee Education Account
  Refugee Rehabilitation Project
  Protocol on refugees
  Coordinating Committee for Refugees
  UNHCR Indemnification Funds
  UNHCR Emergency Fund
  Refugee Affairs Officer Programme
  refugee registration information system
  Income-Generating Project for Refugee Areas
  Refugee Education Trust
  Division of Refugee Law and Doctrine
  Committee on Refugee Children
  Information Note on Refugee Children
  Joint Commission on Refugees
  Working Group on Refugee Women
  Commission of Ten on Refugees
  Working Group on Refugee Children
  UNHCR Model Cooperation Agreement
  Meeting on Refugees and AIDS
  Working Group on Refugees and Reintegration
  Guidelines on Refugee Children
  Joint UNHCR - Viet Nam Communiqué
  Guidelines for Disembarkation of Refugees
  Senior Coordinator for Refugee Children
  Refugee Advice and Casework Service
  Special Adviser for Refugee Aid and Development
  Meeting of Experts on Refugee Aid and Development
  Colloquium on Legal Aspects of Refugee Problems
  Steering Committee on Refugee Women
  UNHCR-OAU Agreement of Cooperation
  Refugees and Displaced Persons Property Fund
  Agreement on Refugees and Displaced Persons
  Long-Stayers Resettlement Programme
  UNHCR Policy on Refugee Children
  UNHCR Handbook for the Protection of Women and Girls
  UNHCR Special Appeal for Emergency Assistance in Africa
  Working Group on Refugee Women and Refugee Children
  Women's Commission for Refugee Women and Children
  return of refugees to a minority area / minority return
  San José Declaration on Refugees and Displaced Persons
  sub-commission on refugees and displaced persons
  UNHCR Working Group on Refugee Children at Risk
  Subgroup on Refugee Children and Children in Armed Conflict
Approximate Results for 难
 kùn nan difficult / challenging / straitened circumstances / difficult situation
 jiān nán difficult / hard / challenging
 zāi nàn disaster / catastrophe
 wéi nán to feel embarrassed or awkward / to make things difficult (for someone) / to find things difficult (to do or manage)
 kǔ nàn suffering
 yí nán hard to understand / difficult to deal with / knotty / complicated
 yù nàn to perish / to be killed
 kuàng nàn mining disaster
 mó nàn a torment / a trial / tribulation / a cross (to bear) / well-tried
 liǎng nán dilemma / quandary / to face a difficult choice
 wēi nàn calamity
 jié nàn calamity
 bì nàn refuge / to take refuge / to seek asylum (political etc)
 fā nàn to rise in revolt / to raise difficult questions
 diāo nàn to be hard on sb / to deliberately make things difficult
 kōng nàn air crash / aviation accident or incident
 huàn nàn trials and tribulations
 táo nàn to run away from trouble / to flee from calamity / to be a refugee
 luò nàn to meet with misfortune / to fall into dire straits
 zé nàn to censure
 shòu nàn to suffer a calamity / to suffer (e.g. under torture) / distress
 E1 nán Prince Ananda, cousin of the Buddha and his closest disciple
 fàn nán to feel embarrassed / to feel akward
 sǐ nàn to die in an accident / to die for a just cause
 wàn nán countless difficulties / extremely difficult / against all odds
 hǎi nàn perils of the sea
 lí nàn fatality / to die in an accident / to be killed
 xùn nàn to sacrifice oneself in a just cause / a victim of a disaster
 jí nàn misfortune / crisis / grave danger / critical situation / disaster / emergency / to be zealous in helping others out of a predicament
 gāo nán extremely difficult / hard and dangerous / challenging
 jiù nán to rescue / rescue (operation, workers)
 fēi nàn reproof / blame
 zāo nàn to run into misfortune
 shān nàn mountain accident
 liú nàn to make sth difficult / to create obstacles
 méng nàn to meet with disaster / killed / in the clutches of the enemy / to fall foul of / in danger
 ài nán inconvenient / difficult for some reason / to find sth embarrassing
便 biàn nàn retort with challenging questions / debate
 biàn nàn to debate / to retort / to refute
 dà nàn great catastrophe
 duǒ nàn to take refuge / to seek refuge from disaster
 lín nàn in peril / facing disaster
 mó nàn variant of 磨難|磨难[mo2 nan4]
 zhì nàn to blame
 zǔ nàn to thwart / to impede
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 yù nàn zhě victim / fatality
 zāi nàn xìng catastrophic
 bì nàn suǒ refuge / asylum
 sǐ nàn zhě victim of an accident / casualty / martyr for one's country
 zāi nàn piàn disaster movie
 shòu nàn zhě sufferer / a victim of a calamity / a person in distress
 Shòu nàn rì Good Friday
 chū nán tí to raise a tough question
 E1 nán tuó Prince Ananda, cousin of the Buddha and his closest disciple
 mǔ nàn rì (old) birthday
 yù nán chuán shipwreck
Jubilee难  Jubilee Refugee Centre
 zài suǒ nán miǎn to be unavoidable (idiom)
 yí nán wèn tí knotty problem / intractable difficulty
退 jìn tuì liǎng nán no room to advance or to retreat (idiom) / without any way out of a dilemma / trapped / in an impossible situation
 pái yōu jiě nàn to resolve a difficult situation and leave worries behind (idiom)
 qiān zǎi nán féng extremely rare (idiom) / once in a blue moon
 yí nán jiě dá trouble shooting / solution to difficulties
退 zhī nán ér tuì to sound out the difficulties and retreat to avoid defeat (idiom) / fig. to back out of an awkward situation / to get out on finding out what it's really like
 cùn bù nán xíng unable to move a single step (idiom) / to be in an (extremely) difficult situation
 qí hǔ nán xià if you ride a tiger, it's hard to get off (idiom) / fig. impossible to stop halfway
 qiǎng rén suǒ nán to force someone to do something
 jiān nán xiǎn zǔ untold dangers and difficulties (idiom)
 miàn yǒu nán sè to show signs of reluctance or embarrassment
 qìng zhú nán shū so many that the bamboo slats have been exhausted / innumerable crimes (idiom) / see also 罄筆難書|罄笔难书[qing4 bi3 nan2 shu1]
 jī zhòng nán fǎn ingrained habits are hard to overcome (idiom) / bad old practices die hard
 chā chì nán fēi lit. even given wings, you couldn't fly (idiom) / fig. impossible to escape
 yù hè nán tián bottomless pit of desire (idiom) / insatiable greed / carnal cravings are never satisfied and are a main obstruction on the path to enlightenment
 ài nán cóng mìng difficult to obey orders (idiom) / much to my embarrassment, I am unable to comply
 bǎi bān diāo nán to put up innumerable obstacles / to create all kinds of difficulties (idiom)
 běn xìng nán yí It is hard to change one's essential nature (idiom). You can't change who you are. / Can the leopard change his spots? (Jeremiah 13:23)
 cháng yè nán míng lit. many nights under a harsh moon / long years of oppression (idiom)
 dà nàn bù sǐ to just escape from calamity
 duō nàn xīng bāng much hardships may awaken a nation (idiom) / calamity that prompts renewal
 fù shuǐ nán shōu spilt water is difficult to retrieve (idiom) / it's no use crying over spilt milk / what's done is done and can't be reversed / the damage is done / once divorced, there's no reuniting
 gēng pú nán shǔ too many to count / very many / innumerable
 gū zhǎng nán míng It's hard to clap with only one hand. / It takes two to tango / It's difficult to achieve anything without support.
 hǎo mèng nán chéng a beautiful dream is hard to realize (idiom)
 hèn hǎi nán tián sea of hatred is hard to fill (idiom) / irreconcilable division
 huàn nàn zhī jiāo a friend in times of tribulations (idiom) / a friend in need is a friend indeed
 huǐ jiā shū nàn to sacrifice one's wealth to save the state (idiom)
 jié shù nán táo Destiny is inexorable, there is no fleeing it (idiom). Your doom is at hand.
退 jìn tuì wéi nán no room to advance or to retreat (idiom) / without any way out of a dilemma / trapped / in an impossible situation
 jí rén zhī nàn anxious to help others resolve difficulties (idiom)
 jī xí nán gǎi old habits are hard to change (idiom) / It is hard to throw off ingrained habits.
 kǔ nàn shēn zhòng deep grief / extensive sorrow
 luò luò nán hé a loner / someone who does not easily get along with others
 miǎn wéi qí nán to tackle a difficult job (idiom) / to do sth reluctantly
 pō shuǐ nán shōu water once spilt cannot be retrieved (idiom) / irreversible change
 rén xīn nán cè hard to fathom a person's mind (idiom)
 shàn cái nán shě to cherish wealth and find it hard to give up (idiom) / refusing to contribute to charity / skinflint / miserly
 tiān lǐ nán róng Heaven cannot tolerate this (idiom) / intolerable behavior
 yī mù nán zhī lit. a single post cannot prop up a falling house (idiom) / fig. one is helpless alone
 yí nán zá zhèng dubious or hard-to-treat cases (medicine) / hard cases
 yī yán nán jìn hard to explain in a few words (idiom) / complicated and not easy to express succinctly
 zhèng zhì bì nàn political asylum
 zhī yì xíng nán easy to grasp but difficult to put into practice (idiom) / easier said than done
 zì shēn nán bǎo powerless to defend oneself (idiom) / helpless
 zuǒ yòu liǎng nán dilemma / quandary / Scylla and Charybdis / between the devil and the deep blue sea (idiom)
  environmental refugee
  climate refugee
  sudden-impact disaster
  environmental disaster
  disproportionate burden / undue hardship
  man-made disaster
 cóng nán cóng yán demanding and strict (idiom) / exacting
 cùn bù nán yí see 寸步難行|寸步难行[cun4 bu4 nan2 xing2]
 duō zāi duō nàn to be plagued with misfortunes / precarious
 fǎ wǎng nán táo it is hard to escape the net of justice (idiom)
 huàn nàn jiàn qì to leave somebody holding the baby / to shrug responsibility (idiom)
 jiàn nán ér shàng to take the bull by the horns (idiom)
 jiè yú liǎng nán to be on the horns of a dilemma (idiom)
 jìng nán zhī yì war of 1402 between successors of the first Ming Emperor
 jǐn jí bì nàn necessity
 kě gòng huàn nàn to go through thick and thin together (idiom)
 kuì nán jiàn rén to be ashamed to be seen in public (idiom)
 kùn nán zài yú the problem is...
 miàn lín kùn nán to be faced with problems
齿 mò chǐ nán wàng hard to forget even after one's teeth fall out (idiom) / to remember a benefactor as long as one lives / undying gratitude
 pái nàn jiě fēn to remove perils and solve disputes (idiom) / to reconcile differences
 qiān jīn nán mǎi can't be bought for one thousand in gold (idiom)
 qiān nán wàn nán extremely difficult
 qì hòu zāi nán climatic disaster
 qìng bǐ nán shū too numerous to be cited (of atrocities or misdeeds) (idiom) / see also 罄竹難書|罄竹难书[qing4 zhu2 nan2 shu1]
 qǐn shí nán ān lit. cannot rest or eat in peace (idiom) / fig. extremely worried and troubled
 shē rù jiǎn nán it is hard to become frugal after becoming accustomed to luxury (idiom)
 shē yì jiǎn nán easy to become accustomed to luxury, hard to become accustomed to frugality (idiom)
 shòu nán jì niàn memorial
 shù shǐ nán zhé lit. bundled arrows are difficult to break / there is strength in unity (idiom)
 sǐ jié nán jiě enigmatic knot hard to untie (idiom) / thorny problem / intractable difficulty
 táo zāi bì nàn to seek refuge from calamities
 tūn yàn kùn nán dysphagia (medicine)
 xiū kǒu nán kāi to be too embarrassed for words (idiom)
 xiū kuì nán dāng to feel ashamed (idiom)
 yàn xià kùn nán dysphagia (medicine)
 yì jué kùn nan to find sth increasingly difficult
 yǐn mì nán yán too embarrassing to mention
 yì shǒu nán gōng easily guarded, hard to attack
 zhēn jiǎ nán biàn hard to distinguish real from imitation
 zhuó fà nán shǔ lit. as difficult to count as hair pulled from sb's head (idiom) / fig. innumerable (crimes)
 zuò lì nán ān unable to sit or stand still (out of nervousness etc) (idiom)
  World Refugee Year
  non-expulsion of refugees

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