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   FlashCard of the Chinese Character 讲
Strokes 7
Strokes 6
Decomp. 讠井
Mandarin jiǎng
Entry Methods
Pinyin jiang3
Kanji /
Encodages (hexa)
Unicode U+8BB2
GB2312 BDB2
Level 3
 jiǎng to speak / to explain / to negotiate / to emphasise / to be particular about / as far as sth is concerned / speech / lecture
Results beginning with 讲
 jiǎng huà a speech / to speak / to talk / to address / CL:個|个[ge4]
 jiǎng shù to talk about / to narrate / to give an account
 jiǎng zuò a course of lectures / CL:個|个[ge4]
 jiǎng jiu to pay particular attention to / carefully selected for quality / tastefully chosen
 jiǎng jiě to explain
 jiǎng shī instructor / lecturer
 jiǎng dào to talk about sth
 jiǎng kè teach / lecture
 jiǎng tái platform / rostrum / lectern / (teacher's) desk
 jiǎng shòu to lecture / to teach (a college course)
 jiǎng yì teaching materials
 jiǎng qiú to stress / to emphasize / particular about sth / to strive for
 jiǎng tán a platform (to speak)
 jiǎng xué to lecture (on branch of learning)
 jiǎng yǎn to lecture / to speak publicly
 jiǎng míng to explain
 jiǎng dào to preach / a sermon
 jiǎng lǐ to argue / to reason with sb / to talk sense / to be reasonable
 jiǎng táng lecture hall / CL:家[jia1],間|间[jian1]
 jiǎng píng to criticize / to evaluate
 jiǎng jià to bargain (over price) / to haggle
 jiǎng hé to make peace / to reconcile
 jiǎng xí to lecture / to instruct
 jiǎng cí lectures
 jiǎng lùn to discuss
 jiǎng shǐ historical tales
 jiǎng tí topic of a lecture
 jiǎng yán the teacher's seat
 jiǎng zhuō lectern / podium
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 jiǎng yì qì to be loyal (to one's friends) / to value loyalty
 jiǎng jiě yuán guide
 jiǎng xí bān instructional workshop
 jiǎng xí huì discussion forum / seminar / assembly
 jiǎng bù tōng it does not make sense
 jiǎng xián huà to gossip / to make unfavorable comments
Approximate Results for 讲
 yǎn jiǎng lecture / to make a speech
 lái jiǎng as to / considering / for
 zhǔ jiǎng to give a lecture / to lecture on
 xuān jiǎng to preach / to explain publicly
 tīng jiǎng to attend a lecture / to listen to a talk
 kāi jiǎng to begin a lecture / to start on a story
 luàn jiǎng to talk nonsense / nonsense!
 bō jiǎng to broadcast a lecture, a book reading etc
 chuán jiǎng to preach
 mò jiǎng let alone / not to speak of (all the others)
 qǐ jiǎng to start a story
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 duì jiǎng jī intercom / walkie-talkie
 yǎn jiǎng jiā orator
 mán bù jiǎng lǐ completely unreasonable
  pre-departure seminar
穿 chuān zhuó jiǎng jiu smart clothes / particular about one's dress
 duì jiǎng diàn huà intercom
 fā biǎo yǎn jiǎng to give a speech
便 féng rén biàn jiǎng to tell anybody one happens to meet
 jīng jiǎng duō liàn to speak concisely and practice frequently (idiom)
 jī tóng yā jiǎng lit. chicken speaking with duck / fig. talking without communicating / people not understanding each other
 jiù zhí yǎn jiǎng inaugural lecture
 yán gé lái jiǎng strictly speaking
 yī bān lái jiǎng generally speaking
 zhǔ tǐ yǎn jiǎng keynote speech
 zhǔ zhǐ yǎn jiǎng keynote speech
  Driller Instructor
  Workshop on Indicators
  Global Teach-In
  trunking handie-talkie
 rén quán jiǎng xí bān Human Rights Workshop
退 tuì xiū qián jiǎng zuò pre-retirement programme
 bǎi shì shí jiǎng dào lǐ present the facts and reason things out
  Training workshop on classifications
  Management Coordination Workshop
  Workshop on Grassroots Participation
  Technology Cooperation Workshop
  Workshop on Peace-keeping
  London Oceans Workshop
  International Sanctions Workshop
  Workshop on Earthquake Prediction
  Workshop on combating corruption
  Creating Change Through Teamwork Workshop
  Workshop on Petroleum Statistics
  capacity-building workshop
 ào hè lǐ dé jiǎng xí bān EAPC / PfP Workshop in Support of the NATO South-East Europe Initiative (SEEI) / Ohrid Workshop
 dài qì kē xué jiǎng xí bān Workshop on Atmospheric Sciences
 fāng àn fāng shì jiǎng xí bān Workshop on the Programme Approach
 fēi zhōu yì yuán jiǎng xí bān Africa Parliamentary Workshop
 guó jiā duì huà jiǎng xí bān Country Dialogue Workshop
 huán jìng guǎn lǐ jiǎng xí bān Environmental Management Workshop
 wǔ jiǎng sì měi sān rè ài the five emphases, four beauties and three loves (PRC policy introduced in 1981, including emphasis on manners, beauty of language and love of socialism)
  Gender and Development Workshop
  United Nations Speakers Bureau / Speakers Bureau
稿  Speechwriting and Communications Unit
  Orthopaedic Workshop without Machines
  Workshop on Multiculturalism in Africa
 kè chéng biān xiě rén jiǎng xí bān Course Developers Workshop
 kě chí xù néng yuán jiǎng xí bān Workshop on Sustainable Energy
  Women's Global Leadership Institute
  International Environmental Education Workshop
  Workshop on Gender Sensitization
  International Training Workshop on Probation
  Regional Workshop on Roots and Tubers
  global workshop on combating corruption
  Workshop on Microwave Remote Sensing Technology
  Workshop on Basic Space Research
  Workshop on Drug Abuse Research
  Workshop on the Prevention of Violent Crime
  African Workshop on Competition Policy
 guó jì lu:3 yóu tǒng jì jiǎng xí bān International workshop on tourism statistics
 huán jìng guǎn lǐ zhì duó jiǎng xí bān Workshop on Environment Management System
 huán jìng néng lì jiàn shè jiǎng xí bān Workshop on Capacity-Building for the Environment
 quán qiú yú yè zhí fǎ jiǎng xí bān Global Fisheries Enforcement Workshop
 yà tài rén quán wèn tí jiǎng xí bān Asia-Pacific Workshop on Human Rights Issues
  Workshop on the Pros and Cons of Electronic Publication
  Interregional Trade Development Workshop
  Workshop on Impacts of Climate Change
  Workshop on Social Policies in Southeastern Europe
  Workshop on gender mainstreaming
  Indigenous Peoples and Health Workshop
  Global Workshop on Transport and Communication
  Workshop on Negotiating with Transnational Banks
  regional workshop on women and health
  Media Women Regional Seminar
  Asian-Pacific Youth Forum for Community Development
  Interregional Disability Statistics Workshop
  Belgrade International Workshop
  Workshop on Solar Heating and Cooling
  Workshop on the Applications of Biotechnology
  Workshop on community involvement in crime prevention
  International Workshop on Integrated Land Management
  Workshops on Managing Potential Conflicts in the South China Sea
  Workshop on Space Communications for Development
  Workshop on Environment and Sustainable Development
  Workshop on Drug Abuse Data Collection
  workshop on the good practices of partnerships
  European Workshop on the Implementation of International Standards
  Workshop on Drug Abuse Prevention Education
  Advisory Workshop on Industrial Restructuring
  Conventional Forces Inspection Training Workshop
  International Workshop on Mine Action Coordination
  regional workshop for an overview of land-based activities
  Interregional Workshop on Disability Statistics
 dài xué sēn lín qì hòu shuǐ wén jiǎng xí bān University Workshop on Forest, Climate and Hydrology
 jǐn jí qíng kuàng guǎn lǐ xùn liàn jiǎng xí bān Emergency Management Training Workshop
 ōu zhōu shì jiè rén quán xuān yán jiǎng xí bān European Workshop on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
 rén kǒu lǎo huà wèn tí qū yù jiǎng xí bān Regional Workshop on Population Aging
 yà tài qū yù rén quán wèn tí jiǎng xí bān Workshop for the Asia and Pacific Region on Human Rights Issues
 yà zhōu qū yù tóng gōng wèn tí jiǎng xí bān Asian Regional Workshop on Child Labour
  Workshop on Eco-labelling and International Trade
  Training-of-Trainers Workshop on Communication and Presentation Techniques
  United Nations Drug Law Enforcement Training Workshop
  UNDP regional workshop on the environment
  Workshop on Life-cycle Management and Trade
  Workshop on Conflict Resolution between the Citizen and the State
  Workshop on Space Research in the Developing Countries
  Workshop on Control of Street Food
  United Nations Workshop on Basic Space Science / Workshop on Basic Space Science
  Information and Education for Development Workshop
  Regional Workshop on Rehabilitation of the Disabled in the Community
  United Nations gender experts workshop
  Workshop on Environmental and Natural Resource Accounting
  Commonwealth Workshop on National Human Rights Institutions
  Caribbean Workshop Strengthening Regional Activity
  Scientific Workshop on Indicators of Sustainable Development
  Asia Regional Workshop on Small Arms
  Workshop on Accounting Standards in the Arab Countries
  Workshop on Judicial Treatment of Domestic Violence
 guó jì rén lèi xīn zhì xù dìng yì jiǎng xí bān Workshop on the Definition of a New International Human Order
 lián hé guó fēi zhōu qū yù cái jūn jiǎng xí bān United Nations Regional Disarmament Workshop for Africa
稿 wén diàn zhǔ rèn jiān jiǎng gǎo zhuàn xiě gǔ gǔ zhǎng Director of Communications and Head of Speechwriting Unit
  workshop on traditional knowledge and biological diversity
  Training Workshop on Significant Weather Phenomena Prediction
  Workshop on Accelerated Food Strategy Implementation in Africa
  Workshop for the Statistically Least Developed Countries
  Workshop on Regional Silicon Foundry and Design Centres
  Workshop on Advanced Techniques of Census Cartography
  Interregional Workshop on Computerization of Government Accounting
  Workshop on Food Supply Information Systems in Africa
  Asia-Pacific Regional Workshop of National Human Rights Institutions
  Humanitarian Demining Action Officers' Workshop
  regional workshop on governance for social development
  Caribbean Regional Preparatory Workshop for Habitat II
  Workshop on the Computerization of Criminal Justice Information
  Workshop on International Law and Nationality Laws in the Former USSR
  South Asia Workshop on the Universalization of Girls Education at Primary Level
  South Asia Workshop on the Universalization of Girls' Education at Primary Level
  Regional Disarmament Workshop for Asia and the Pacific
  Media Workshop on Countering Apartheid Propaganda

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