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   FlashCard of the Chinese Character 让
Strokes 7
Strokes 5
Decomp. 讠卜一
Mandarin ràng
Entry Methods
Pinyin rang4
Kanji /
Wubi YHG
Encodages (hexa)
Unicode U+8BA9
GB2312 C8C3
Level 2
 ràng to yield / to permit / to let sb do sth / to have sb do sth / to make sb (feel sad etc) / by (indicates the agent in a passive clause, like 被[bei4])
Results beginning with 让
 ràng bù to concede / to give in / to yield / a concession / (linguistics) concessive
 ràng qiú to concede points (in a game)
 ràng kāi to get out of the way / to step aside
 ràng lù to make way (for sth)
 ràng zuò to give up one's seat for sb
 ràng wèi to abdicate / to yield
 ràng yǔ assignment
 ràng dù rendition
 ràng pàn to be accommodating in negotiating the boundary of one's field / fig. (of farmers in ancient times) to be good-hearted and honest
 ràng yān to offer a cigarette
 ràng zuò to give up one's seat / to be seated
 ràng bù de concessively (linguistic term) / yieldingly
 Ràng hú lù Ranghulu district of Daqing city 大慶|大庆[Da4 qing4], Heilongjiang
 ràng shāng xīn to make grieve, to make sad
 Ràng hú lù qū Ranghulu district of Daqing city 大慶|大庆[Da4 qing4], Heilongjiang
 ràng rén xiàn mù enviable / to be admired
 ràng xián yǔ néng to step aside and give a more worthy person a chance (idiom)
 ràng yǔ guǎn xiá quán ceded jurisdiction
  Amsterdam Declaration on a Better Life for Future Generations
Approximate Results for 让
 zhuǎn ràng transfer (technology, goods etc) / conveyancing (property)
 chū ràng to transfer (one's property or rights to sb else)
退 tuì ràng to move aside / to get out of the way / to back down / to concede
 rěn ràng to exercise forbearance / patient and accommodating
 qiān ràng to modestly decline
 bì ràng to avoid / to yield (in traffic) / to get out of the way
 lǐ ràng to show consideration for (others) / to yield to (another vehicle etc) / courtesy / comity
 gē ràng to cede / cession
 shàn ràng to abdicate
 chéng ràng you let me win (said politely after winning a game)
 dǐng ràng to hand over (a business etc) for an agreed price (Tw)
 duǒ ràng to step aside (for a passing vehicle) / to get out of the way / to make way for
 róng ràng to make a concession / to be accommodating
 shǎn ràng to jump out of the way
 zū ràng to lease out / to rent (one's property out to sb else)
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 shòu ràng rén transferee
 A1 bǐ ràng Abidjan (city in Ivory Coast)
 chéng ràng rén grantee (law)
 hóng bù ràng home run (loanword) / a big hit (hugely popular) (Tw)
 kě zhuǎn ràng transferable / negotiable
 jì shù zhuǎn ràng technology transfer / transfer of technology
 dāng rén bù ràng to be unwilling to pass on one's responsibilities to others
 tuī xián ràng néng to cede to the virtuous and yield to the talented (idiom)
  transfer price
  covert transfer
  confirmation of transfers
  notification of transfers
  territorial alienation
  knowledge transfer
 bié ràng wǒ zǒu never
 bù huáng duō ràng lit. to have no time for civilities (idiom) / fig. not to be outdone / not to yield to one's opponents
 bù ràng xū méi (idiom) to compare favorably with men in terms of ability, bravery etc / to be a match for men / lit. not conceding to men (beard and eyebrows)
 gōng shǒu xiāng ràng to bow and give way (idiom) / to surrender sth readily
 hù bù xiāng ràng neither giving way to the other
 Kǒng Róng ràng lí Kong Rong giving up pears, classic moral story about Kong Rong 孔融[Kong3 Rong2] picking up smaller pears while leaving the bigger ones to his older brothers, still used nowadays to educate the young on courtesy and modesty
 sù biàn xié ràng plea agreement / plea bargain
 wèi huáng duō ràng see 不遑多讓|不遑多让[bu4 huang2 duo1 rang4]
 wēn liáng rěn ràng submissive / accommodating
 zuò chū ràng bù to make a concession / to compromise
 wēn liáng gōng jiǎn ràng kindhearted and moderate (idiom) / temperate and gentle
  Guidelines for Nuclear Transfers
  transfer payment
  Abidjan Statement
  Convention for Cooperation in the Protection and Development of the Marine and Coastal Environment of the West and Central African Region / Abidjan Convention
  outright transfer
  concessional assistance / concessional aid
  Abidjan Agreement
  transferable deposit
 jiǎn ràng xìng tiáo jiàn concessional terms
 kě zhuǎn ràng zhèng quàn negotiable securities
  horizontal technology transfer
  vertical technology transfer
  Abidjan Protocol
  Transfer of Technology Officer
  land transfer programme
  Abidjan Office
  intangible transfer of technology / intangible transfer
  consent rights over retransfers
  packaged technology transfer
  reverse transfer of technology
  transferable allocated rights
  pollution rent
  Expert Group on Technology Transfer
  individual transferable quota
  tradeable conservation credit
  transferable development right / tradeable development right
  transferable development quota
  Arms Transfers Observatory
  unpackaged technology transfer
  turnkey method of technology transfer
  Committee on Transfer of Technology
  tradable emission permit
  Regional Centre for Technology Transfer
  Technology Transfer Clearing House / TT:Clear
  Standard Material Transfer Agreement
  tradable emission rights
  Principles for the Safe Transfer of Technology
  independent technology transfer agencies
  single non-transferable vote
  Guidelines for Conventional Arms Transfers
  SIPRI Arms Transfers Project / Arms Transfer Project
  Advisory Service on Transfer of Technology
  Development and Transfer of Technology Series
  international code of conduct on the transfer of technology
  Technology Development and Transfer Board
  Balkan Institute for Technology Transfer
  International Centre for Environmental Technology Transfer
  Middle East Centre for the Transfer of Appropriate Technology
  Water for Agriculture Technology Transfer System
  Working Group on Technology Transfer and Cooperation
  International Code of Conduct on Arms Transfers
  Task Force on Concessional Flows
  framework convention on international arms transfers
  tradeable reforestation credits
  register on the transfer of nuclear material and equipment
西  Western Asia Centre for the Transfer and Development of Technology
  Asian Centre on the Transfer and Development of Technology
  Asian Centre for Technology Transfer and Investiments
  IOC Criteria and Guidelines on the Transfer of Marine Technology
  Inter-Agency Group on Reverse Transfer of Technology
  Intergovernmental Group on Transfer of Technology
  Working Group on the question of International Arms Transfers
  International Network for Transfer of Environmentally Sound Technologies
 zǒu zì jǐ de lù , ràng rén jiā qù shuō Go your own way, let others say what they like. (popular modern cliche) / Do it my way.
  Guidelines for sensitive missile-relevant transfers
  Meeting of Governmental Experts on the Reverse Transfer of Technology
  Asian and Pacific Centre for Transfer of Technology
  Subregional Centres for Training and Technology Transfer
  foreign investment and technology transfer card system
  Group of Governmental Experts on Reverse Transfer of Technology
  International Environmental Technology Transfer Advisory Board
  Norwegian Initiative on Small Arms Transfers
  Arab Regional Centre for the Transfer and Development of Technology
  Meeting of the five on arms transfers and non-proliferation
  Association de recherche ‚conomique en propri‚t&sbquo / intellectuelle et transferts techniques
  United Nations Convention on the Assignment of Receivables in International Trade
  United Nations Conference on an International Code of Conduct on the Transfer of Technology
  Workshop on the Transfer and Development of Environmentally Sound Technologies
  Joint Declaration on Responsible Arms Transfers
  Round Table on Technology Transfer, Cooperation and Capacity-Building / Vienna Round Table
  Conference on Industrial Property and Transfer of Technology for Arab States
  United Nations Transfer Pricing Practical Manual for Developing Countries
  Programa Cooperativo de Investigación y Transferencia de Tecnolog¡a Agropecuaria para los Trópicos
  Permanent-5 Efforts for Mid-East Arms Transfer Restraint
  Ad Hoc Expert Group on Finance and Transfer of Environmentally Sound Technologies
  High-level Conference on Climate Change: Technology Development and Transfer
  Intergovernmental Group of Experts on an International Code of Conduct on the Transfer of Technology
  Technology Transfer on Selected Food Crops for the Semi-Arid Tropics
  Preparatory Meeting on Technology Transfer, Cooperation and Local Capacities

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