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   FlashCard of the Chinese Character 穿
Trad. 穿
Strokes 5
Strokes 9
Decomp. 宀八牙
Mandarin chuān
Entry Methods
Pinyin chuan1
Kanji /
Sijiao 3024.1
CNS 11643 1-5272
Encodages (hexa)
Unicode U+7A7F
GB2312 B4A9
Level 2
穿 chuān to wear / to put on / to dress / to bore through / to pierce / to perforate / to penetrate / to pass through / to thread
Results beginning with 穿
穿 chuān guò to pass through
穿 chuān shang to put on (clothes etc)
穿 chuān yuè to pass through / to cross / to overcome
穿 chuān suō to travel back and forth / to shuttle
穿 chuān tòu to penetrate
穿 chuān zhuó attire / clothes / dress
穿 chuān yī to wear clothes / clothing
穿 chuān xíng to go through / to bore through / to push one's way through
穿 chuān chā to insert / to take turns, alternate / to interweave / to interlace / subplot / interlude / episode / (military) to thrust deep into the enemy forces
穿 chuān dài to dress / clothing
穿 chuān bāng (TV or movie) blooper / continuity error / (theater) to flub one's lines / unintended exposure of a body part / to be exposed (of a scheme or trick) / to reveal sth one intended to conceal through a slip of the tongue / to blow one's cover
穿 chuān cì medical puncture to extract bodily fluid (a tap) / body piercing / puncture
穿 chuān kǒng to punch or bore a hole / to perforate / perforation
穿 chuān dòng pierce
穿 chuān záo to bore a hole / to give a forced interpretation
穿 chuān dài wear
穿 chuān fǎn to wear inside out (clothes)
穿 chuān huí to put on (clothes) / to put (clothes) back on
穿 chuān jiǎ armour-piercing
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穿 chuān shān jiǎ pangolin (Manis pentadactylata) / scaly ant-eater
穿  armour-piercing ammunition / AP ammunition
穿 chuān xiǎo xié lit. to make sb wear tight shoes (idiom) / to make life difficult for sb
穿 chuān kǒng jī drilling rig
穿 chuān mǎ lù to cross (a street)
穿 chuān táng fēng draft
穿 chuān yuè jù time travel series (on TV)
穿线 chuān zhēn yǐn xiàn lit. to thread a needle (idiom) / fig. to act as a go-between
穿 chuān zhuó dǎ bàn style of dress / one's appearance
穿 chuān záo fù huì to make far-fetched claims (idiom) / to offer outlandish explanations
穿  nuclear earth penetrator / earth penetrator
穿  shuttle diplomacy
穿 chuān jīn dài yín richly bedecked / dripping with gold and silver (idiom)
穿 chuān kǒng gāng pàn pierced steel planking
穿 chuān tòu fú shè penetrating radiation
穿 chuān yuè shí kōng to travel through time
穿线 chuān zhēn zǒu xiàn thread a needle
穿 chuān zhuó jiǎng jiu smart clothes / particular about one's dress
穿  armour-piercing incendiary ammunition / API ammunition
穿 chuān yī tiáo kù zi (of male friends) to have been through thick and thin together / to be like family / to share the same view of things
穿线  blockade runner
穿-B  Shuttle Imaging Radar-B
穿  skin-piercing procedure
穿 chuān tòu shì diàn zǐ xiǎn wēi jìng transmission
Approximate Results for 穿
穿 shēn chuān to wear / wearing (a uniform)
穿 guàn chuān to run through / a connecting thread from beginning to end / to link
穿 jiē chuān to expose / to uncover
穿 kàn chuān see through (a person, scheme, trick etc)
穿 cì chuān to skewer / to impale / to pierce through
穿 héng chuān to cross / to traverse
穿 shì chuān to try wearing clothes / fitting trial
穿 chāi chuān to expose / to unmask / to see through (a lie etc)
穿 dòng chuān to penetrate / to pierce / to see clearly / to have an insight into
穿 chuō chuān to puncture / to lay bear or expose (lies etc)
穿 chī chuān food and clothing
穿 diǎn chuān to lay bare in a few words / to expose with a word
穿 dòng chuān frostbite / chilblain
穿 nài chuān durable / proof against wear and tear
穿 shí chuān (of an item of clothing) practical
穿 zhā chuān to prick / to puncture
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穿 shēng chuān tòu insonification / ensonification
穿 tiān chuān rì a Hakka festival held on the 20th day of the first lunar month
穿 yǎn chéng chuān to watch in anticipation (idiom)
穿 wàng yǎn yù chuān to anxiously await
穿 bǎi bù chuān yáng to shoot with great precision (idiom)
穿 shuǐ dī shí chuān dripping water penetrates the stone (idiom) / constant perseverance yields success / You can achieve your aim if you try hard without giving up. / Persistent effort overcomes any difficulty.
穿 dī shuǐ chuān shí dripping water penetrates the stone (idiom) / constant perseverance yields success / You can achieve your aim if you try hard without giving up. / Persistent effort overcomes any difficulty.
穿 hù xiàn wèi chuān an endless stream of visitors (idiom)
穿 lín kě chuān jǐng lit. face thirst and dig a well (idiom) / fig. not to make adequate provision / to act when it is too late
穿 mó chuān tiě yàn to grind one's way through an ink stone / to persevere in a difficult task (idiom) / to study diligently (idiom)
穿 wàng shēng chuān záo a forced analogy (idiom) / to jump to an unwarranted conclusion
穿 yǎn chuān cháng duàn waiting anxiously (idiom)
线穿 yǐn xiàn chuān zhēn a pull-through to thread a needle / fig. to act as go-between
穿  laser perforation
穿 chuō chuān shì yàn puncture test
穿 dī shuǐ shí chuān dripping water penetrates the stone (idiom) / constant perseverance yields success / You can achieve your aim if you try hard without giving up. / Persistent effort overcomes any difficulty.
穿 luàn chuān mǎ lù to jaywalk
穿 méi chī méi chuān to be without food or clothing (idiom) / to be very poor
穿 shēn tǐ chuān dòng body
穿 shí kōng chuān suō time travel
穿 shí kōng chuān yuè time travel
穿 wàn jiàn chuān xīn lit. to have one's heart pierced by thousands of arrows (idiom) / fig. overcome with sorrow / to lambaste / to rip sb to shreds
穿 yáng shuǐ chuān cì amniocentesis (used in Taiwan)
穿 yī yǎn kàn chuān to see through something at first glance (idiom)
穿 yáng mó chuān cì shù amniocentesis
穿  ground-penetrating radar
穿  strike spacing
穿  thoracocentesis set
穿  free shuttle mining system
穿  cross-cutting issue
穿  key punch operator
穿  Polarized Selective Transmission Coating
穿 mǎ wěi chuān dòu fu , tí bu qǐ lai lit. like tofu strung on horsetail, you can't lift it / fig. let's not talk of this (pun on 提[ti2])

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