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   FlashCard of the Chinese Character 用

Radical 101
Strokes 5
Mandarin yòng
Entry Methods
Pinyin yong4
Kanji /
Sijiao 7722.0
CNS 11643 1-466E
Encodages (hexa)
Unicode U+7528
GB2312 D3C3
Level 3
 yòng to use / to employ / to have to / to eat or drink / expense or outlay / usefulness / hence / therefore
Results beginning with 用
 yòng hù user / consumer / subscriber / customer
 yòng yú use in / use on / use for
 yòng pǐn articles for use / products / goods
 yòng lái to be used for
 yòng tú use / application
 yòng lì to exert oneself physically
 yòng xīn motive / intention / to be diligent or attentive / careful
 yòng rén servant / to employ sb for a job / to manage people / to be in need of staff
 yòng yào drug use
 yòng fǎ usage
 yòng shuǐ water use
 yòng liàng quantity used / usage / consumption / dose
 yòng yǐ in order to / so as to
 yòng zuò to use for the purpose of / to serve as
 yòng yǔ choice of words / wording / phraseology / term
 yòng jìn to exhaust / to use up completely
 yòng cān to eat a meal
 yòng chu usefulness / CL:個|个[ge4]
 yòng jù appliance / utensil / gear / equipment
 yòng yì intention / purpose
 yòng wán used up / finished
 yòng liào ingredients / material
 yòng gōng diligent / industrious (in one's studies) / to study hard / to make great effort
 yòng chǎng use / application / Taiwan pr. [yong4 chang2]
 yòng qian variant of 佣錢|佣钱[yong4 qian5]
 yòng cí usage (of a term) / wording / phrasing
 yòng guāng out of (supply) / spent / exhausted (used up) / depleted
 yòng zì to use letters / to use words / diction
 yòng shàn to dine
 yòng fàn to eat / to have a meal
 yòng dù expense
 yòng jì to employ a stratagem
 yòng jiàn using spies
 yòng mìng to follow orders / to abide by / to obey
 yòng xiàng items of expenditure / expenditures
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 yòng hù míng username / user ID
 yòng bu zháo not need / have no use for
 yòng de zháo to be able to use / useable / to have a use for sth / (in interrogative sentence) to be necessary to
  use your words
 yòng bu liǎo to not use all of / to use less than
 yòng de shàng needed / to come in useful
线 yòng hù xiàn subscriber line
 yòng yóu zhá fry
 yòng hù jiè miàn user interface
 yòng jìn xīn jī to tax one's ingenuity
 yòng xīn liáng kǔ to ponder earnestly / to give a lot of thought to sth
  water efficiency
  water utilization scheme
 yòng bīng rú shén to lead military operations with extraordinary skill
 yòng cān shí jiān meal times
 yòng de qí suǒ used properly / used for its intended purpose / to put to good use / to serve its purpose
 yòng hù dìng yì user-defined
 yòng hù fú lì user benefits
 yòng hù shù jù user data
 yòng hù tǐ yàn user experience
 yòng hù zǔ zhī user-based organization
 yòng lái pèi zhǒng to put out to stud
 yòng rén jīng fèi personnel expenditure (accountancy)
 yòng wǔ zhī dì ample scope for abilities / favorable position for the use of one's skills (idiom)
 yòng yào guò duó drug overselling
 yòng yú xiū shì to use in respect to / to pertain to
 yòng zuò pèi zhǒng to put out to stud
  instrumental monitoring
  supplies and materials
  water user association
  Client Resources Section
 yòng hù duān shè bèi customer premise equipment / CPE
 yòng hù fù wù kē User Services Section
 yòng luàn shí zá sǐ stoning
  used beverage can
 yòng hù chuàng zào nèi róng user-generated content (of a website)
 yòng hù zī xún xiǎo zǔ Users Advisory Group
 yòng pǐn cāng kù zhǔ guǎn Supplies Stores Supervisor
 yòng qīng guǎn qì qīng lǐ pigging
 yòng qíng huà wù bǔ yú cyanide fishing
 yòng shēn tǐ yùn dú zhě body-packer
 yòng yú wéi chí shēng jì subsistence use
  user-generated site / user-generated website
 yòng hù dào wǎng luò jiē kǒu user-network interface / UNI
 yòng hù dào wǎng luò de jiē kǒu User-Network Interface / UNI
 yòng hù xìn xī kòng zhì xì tǒng Customer Information Control System
  User's Guide and Reference Manual
  medical disposables
  new reserve account for the environment
  non-judicial conflict resolution procedures
 yòng yōu xiān gòu mǎi quán suǒ gòu wù pǐn preemption
  contribution towards local costs
  educational mass media and audio-visual systems
  Workshop on Indicators of Sustainable Development for Decision-Making
  System for the Retrieval of Census Data for Small Areas by Microcomputer
  Secretary-General's Trust Fund for the Reconstruction and Development of Lebanon
Approximate Results for 用
使 shǐ yòng to use / to employ / to apply / to make use of
 yìng yòng to use / to apply / application / applicable
 lì yòng to exploit / to make use of / to use / to take advantage of / to utilize
 zuò yòng to act on / to affect / action / function / activity / impact / result / effect / purpose / intent / to play a role / corresponds to English -ity, -ism, -ization / CL:個|个[ge4]
 cǎi yòng to adopt / to employ / to use
 yǐn yòng to quote / to cite / to recommend / to appoint / (computing) reference
 bù yòng need not
 fèi yòng cost / expenditure / expense / CL:筆|笔[bi3],個|个[ge4]
 zhuān yòng special / dedicated
 shí yòng practical / functional / pragmatic / applied (science)
 yùn yòng to use / to put to use
 shì yòng to be applicable
 tōng yòng common (use) / interchangeable
 cháng yòng in common usage
 kě yòng serviceable
 xìn yòng to trust / credit (commerce) / trustworthiness / creditworthiness
 shì yòng to try something out / on probation
 yǒu yòng useful
 diào yòng to transfer (for a specific purpose) / to allocate / (computing) to invoke (a command, an application etc)
 xuǎn yòng to choose for some purpose / to select and use
 jiā yòng home-use / domestic / family expenses / housekeeping money
 shí yòng food product / to use as food / edible
 zhàn yòng to occupy
 fú yòng to take (medicine)
 qǐ yòng to start using / (computing) to enable (a feature)
 méi yòng useless
 tā yòng diversion
 hǎo yòng useful / serviceable / effective / handy / easy to use
 gōng yòng public / for public use
 zū yòng to rent and use / lend-lease (US device to provide war materiel to its allies during WW2)
 mín yòng (for) civilian use
 lù yòng to hire (an employee)
 bèi yòng reserve / spare / alternate / backup
 jìn yòng to prohibit the use of sth / prohibition on use
 rì yòng daily expenses / of everyday use
 wú yòng useless / worthless
 yǐn yòng drink / drinking or drinkable (water)
 duō yòng multipurpose / having several uses
 xiǎng yòng to enjoy (i.e. have the use or benefit of)
 jiè yòng to borrow sth for another use / to borrow an idea for one's own use
 làn yòng to misuse / to abuse
 nài yòng durable
 jūn yòng (for) military use / military application
 pìn yòng to employ / to hire
 gòng yòng commons / public use
 nuó yòng to shift (funds) / to (legitimately) take funds set aside for one purpose in order to use them for another / to embezzle / to misappropriate
 gǎi yòng to change over to / to switch to / to use (sth different)
 liǎng yòng dual-use
 zhòng yòng to put in an important position
 yào yòng medicinal use / pharmaceutical
沿 yán yòng to continue to use (old methods) / to apply as before / according to usage
 xiào yòng usefulness / effectiveness / (economics) utility
 rèn yòng to appoint / to assign
 gù yòng to employ / to hire
 zhēng yòng to expropriate / to commandeer
 gōng yòng function
 shàn yòng to be good at using (sth) / to put (sth) to good use
 tào yòng to copy a set pattern mechanically / to crib
 guǎn yòng efficacious / useful
 qǐ yòng to promote / to reinstate (in a position or job)
 shòu yong comfortable / feeling well
 shòu yòng to enjoy / to reap the benefits (of sth)
 dào yòng to embezzle / to defraud / to use illegitimately / to misappropriate
 wài yòng external
 shī yòng to implement / to use
 guàn yòng to use habitually / habitual / customary
 tíng yòng to stop using / to suspend / to discontinue / to disable
 yù yòng for use by the emperor / imperial / (derog.) in the pay of the ruler
 hé yòng to share / to use in common / suitable / fit for purpose / useable
 huó yòng to apply (knowledge etc) creatively and flexibly / to use a word flexibly (e.g. a noun as an adjective)
 jí yòng to need sth urgently / urgently required
 lián yòng to continue using / use together with sth / use next
 qǔ yòng to access / to make use of
 dà yòng to put sb in powerful position / to empower
 zhuǎn yòng to adapt for use for another purpose
 liú yòng to keep for use / to retain sth / to keep sb in his job
 wù yòng to misuse
 Wú Yòng Wu Yong, character of 水滸傳|水浒传[Shui3 hu3 Zhuan4], nicknamed Resourceful Star 智多星[Zhi4 duo1 xing1]
 dǐng yòng to be of use
 líng yòng incidental expenses / sundries / pocket money
 yuán yòng to quote / to cite
 bān yòng to apply mechanically / to copy and use
 bō yòng appropriation
 chāi yòng to tear down and reuse / to cannibalize
 chí yòng to have in one's possession and use when required
 cuò yòng to misuse / to misapply
 dān yòng to use (sth) on its own
 dǐ yòng to exchange for (sth of equal value or utility) / to use in lieu / to redeem (a coupon etc) / to use to offset (an amount owed etc)
 dòng yòng to utilize / to put sth to use
 huā yòng to spend (money)
 jiǎn yòng to skimp / to be frugal
 jǔ yòng to select the best (for a job)
 lìng yòng diversion
 màn yòng same as 慢慢吃[man4 man4 chi1]
 mào yòng to falsely use (sb's identity etc)
 nèi yòng to eat in (at a restaurant) (Tw) / to take the medicine orally
 pèi yòng to provide / installed
 qì yòng to stop using / to abandon / abandoned / deprecated
 shǒu yòng hand-used / hand (tool)
 xí yòng to use habitually / usual / conventional
 yí yòng to re-use / to adapt (for another purpose) / to copy
 zhèng yòng correct usage
 zhēn yòng to employ by examination
 zī yòng (physics) available
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使 shǐ yòng zhě user
 xìn yòng kǎ credit card
使 shǐ yòng quán usage rights
 fù zuò yòng side effect
 yǐn yòng shuǐ drinking water / potable water
 duō yòng hù multiuser
 lì yòng lu:4 rate of utilization
 xìn yòng shè credit union
 rì yòng pǐn articles for daily use / CL:件[jian4],個|个[ge4]
 bù shì yòng not applicable / NA
 shì yòng qī trial period / probation
 xìn yòng zhèng letter of credit
使  usage factor
 zài lì yòng to reuse
使 shǐ yòng fèi user's fees
 duō yòng tú multi-purpose
 wàn yòng biǎo multimeter
 shǒu xìn yòng to keep one's word / trustworthy
 chéng yòng chē passenger vehicle
使 shǐ yòng liàng volume of use / usage amount
 yì yòng xìng ease of use / usability
 tōng yòng xìng universality
 bù zhōng yòng unfit for anything / no good / useless
 yìng yòng wén applied writing / writing for practical purposes (business letters, advertising etc)
 líng yòng qián pocket money / allowance / spending money
 yìng yòng céng application layer (computing)
 zuò yòng lì effort / active force / applied force
 fǎn zuò yòng opposite reaction
 dài yòng pǐn alternative product / substitute product
 cháng yòng zì everyday words
 nài yòng pǐn durable goods
 guàn yòng yǔ commonly used phrase / idiom / colloquial usage
  diversion rate
线  all-purpose single boundary / all-purpose line
  still in line
  medicated salt
  occupancy right
  letter of appointment
 bèi yòng huán backup ring
 bù xìn yòng distrust
 bù yòng xiè You're welcome / Don't mention it
 bù yòng zhǎo "keep the change" (restaurant expression)
 bù zhòng yòng unfit for anything / no good / useless / (of a sick person) beyond hope
 cháng yòng pǐn everyday implement / object of everyday use
 chén yòng cǎi Bruce

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