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   FlashCard of the Chinese Character 然
Strokes 4
Strokes 12
Decomp. 月犬灬
Mandarin rán
Entry Methods
Pinyin ran2
Kanji /
Sijiao 2333.3
CNS 11643 1-6053
Encodages (hexa)
Unicode U+7136
GB2312 C8BB
 rán correct / right / so / thus / like this / -ly
Results beginning with 然
 rán hòu after / then (afterwards) / after that / afterwards
 rán ér however / yet / but
 rán zé that being the case / then / in that case
 rán qǐng in a short time / soon / before long
Approximate Results for 然
 suī rán although / even though / even if
 dāng rán only natural / as it should be / certainly / of course / without doubt
 tū rán sudden / abrupt / unexpected
 zì rán nature / natural / naturally
 jìng rán unexpectedly / to one's surprise / in spite of everything / in that crazy way / actually / to go as far as to
 jū rán unexpectedly / to one's surprise / go so far as to
 réng rán still / yet
 yī rán still / as before
 hū rán suddenly / all of a sudden
 jì rán since / as / this being the case
 xiǎn rán clear / evident / obvious(ly)
 guǒ rán really / sure enough / as expected / if indeed
 bù rán not so / no / or else / otherwise / if not / How about ...?
 bì rán inevitable / certain / necessity
 tiān rán natural
 ǒu rán incidentally / occasional / occasionally / by chance / randomly
 máng rán blankly / vacantly / at a loss
 měng rán suddenly / abruptly
 qiǎo rán quietly / sorrowfully
 gù rán admittedly (it's true that...)
 yǐ rán to be already so
 hè rán with astonishment / with a shock / awe-inspiringly / impressively / furiously (angry)
 quán rán completely
 àn rán dim / sad
 tǎn rán calm / undisturbed
 è rán stunned / amazed
 zòng rán even if / even though
 dàn rán tranquil and calm / indifferent
 zhòu rán suddenly / abruptly
 gōng rán openly / publicly / undisguised
 yì rán firmly / resolutely / without hesitation
 ān rán safely / peacefully / at a rest
 yōu rán unhurried / leisurely
 mò rán suddenly / sudden
 xīn rán gladly / cheerfully
 mò rán silent / speechless
 piāo rán to float in the air / swiftly / nimbly / easy and relaxed
 dǒu rán suddenly / unexpectedly / abruptly / precipitously / stumbling
 yǎn rán just like / solemn / dignified / neatly laid out
 hōng rán loudly / with a loud bang / a loud rumble
 àng rán abundant / full / overflowing / exuberant
 huǎng rán suddenly (understand sth) / in a flash
 duàn rán resolute / definitive / categorically / absolutely
 mào rán rashly / hastily / without careful consideration
 hún rán completely / absolutely / undivided / totally mixed up / muddled
 hài rán overwhelmed with shock, horror or amazement / dumbstruck / aghast
 mò rán indifferent / apathetic / cold
 ào rán loftily / proudly / unyieldingly
 dìng rán certainly / of course
 shū rán (literary) suddenly
 shì rán relieved / at ease / feel relieved
 yān rán beautiful / sweet / engaging
 hào rán vast / expansive / overwhelming
 huá rán variant of 嘩 / / |哗 / / [hua2 ran2]
 tuí rán decrepit / ruined / disappointed
 mù rán stupefied
使 shǐ rán (literary) to make it so / to dictate
 liǎo rán to understand clearly / evident
 fèn rán (literary) angry / irate
 chéng rán indeed / true! (I agree with you)
 qī rán distressed
 wèi rán in advance / before it happens (cf preventative measures) / forestalling
 huò rán suddenly / quickly
 áng rán upright and unafraid
 jié rán completely / sharply (differing)
 sù rán respectful / solemn / awed
 chàng rán disappointed and frustrated
 huò rán wide and open / a flash of understanding
 tú rán in vain
 fěi rán (literary) remarkable / brilliant
 cù rán suddenly / abruptly
 xiāo rán desolate / empty
 wǎng rán frustrated / perplexed / irresolute / dazed
 wǎng rán in vain / to no avail
 ruò rán if / if so
 sǒng rán frightened / terrified
 yí rán happy / joyful
 tài rán calm / self-composed
 jǐng rán tidy, methodical
 cǎn rán grieved / distressed
 zhuó rán outstanding / eminent
 wēi rán majestic / towering / imposing
 sēn rán (of tall trees) dense, thick / awe-inspiring
 jì rán silent / quiet
 yuè rán to show forth / to appear as a vivid image / to stand out markedly
 dùn rán suddenly / abruptly
 wǎn rán as if / just like
 hàn rán outrageous / brazen / flagrant
 fān rán suddenly and completely (realize, change one's strategy etc)
 zī rán cumin (Cuminum cyminum)
 suǒ rán dull / dry
 bó rán suddenly / abruptly / agitatedly / excitedly / vigorously
 pēng rán with a sudden shock, bang etc
 hōng rán boisterous / uproarious
 càn rán clear and bright / with a big smile
 jù rán (literary) all of a sudden
 jiǒng rán vastly (different)
 sà rán soughing (of the wind)
 tián rán unperturbed / nonchalant
 jié rán solitary / lonely / alone
 yǎo rán quiet, silent, and lonely / far and indistinct / gone without a trace
 jiá rán (literary) to stop abruptly (of a sound) / to be loud and clear
 kēng rán clanging / resounding
 huò rán probable
 ǎi rán amicable / amiable
 àn rán solemn / serious
 bǐng rán to be manifest for everyone to see
 cái rán just recently / just a moment ago / just now
 chàng rán happily / in high spirits
 chù rán fearful
 dàng rán vanished from the face of the earth / all gone / nothing left
 dàng rán variant of 蕩 / / |荡 / / , vanished from the face of the earth / all gone / nothing left
 dàn rán variant of 淡 / / [dan4 ran2]
 duān rán upright / finally / unexpectedly
 fān rán suddenly and completely (realize, change one's strategy etc) / also written 幡 / / [fan1 ran2]
 fèi rán depressed / dejected
 fú rán angry / enraged / Taiwan pr. [fei4 ran2]
 gā rán (onom.) screech of a sudden stop / suddenly stop (of sounds) / crisply and clearly (of sounds)
 huàn rán as if melting
 huá rán variant of 嘩 / / |哗 / / , in uproar / commotion / causing a storm of protest / tumultuous
 jiào rán clearly / evidently / markedly
 jiē rán to be all the same way (literary)
 jǐng rán to be aware / to be knowing
 jué rán completely / absolutely
欿 kǎn rán dissatisfied / discontented / lacking happiness
 kè rán suddenly
 lì rán (literary) shivering / shuddering
 mèn rán dejectedly
 miǎo rán distant / remote
 pàn rán markedly / clearly
 qìng rán well disciplined
 qù rán quiet / still and silent
 qú rán (literary) to be pleasantly surprised
 róng rán in harmony / happy together
 sāo rán turbulent
 sā rán sudden
 shuài rán hastily / rashly / suddenly
 shuǎng rán open and happy / carefree / at a loss / confused
 tǎng rán if / supposing that / leisurely
 tì rán to be afraid, fearful of
 tuō rán unconcerned / without worries
 xìn rán indeed / really
 yān rán covertly / secretly
 yǎo rán far and deep / remote and obscure / see also 杳 / / [yao3 ran2]
 yǐn rán a feint / a hidden way of doing sth
 yí rán calm
 zhǎn rán outstanding / towering
 zhèng rán in the process of (doing something or happening) / while (doing)
 zhuó rán really / indeed
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