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   FlashCard of the Chinese Character 放
Strokes 4
Strokes 8
Decomp. 方攵
Mandarin fàng
Entry Methods
Pinyin fang4
Kanji /
Sijiao 824.0
Wubi YTY
CNS 11643 1-4D73
Encodages (hexa)
Unicode U+653E
GB2312 B7C5
Level 3
 fàng to put / to place / to release / to free / to let go / to let out / to set off (fireworks)
Results beginning with 放
 fàng zài place
 fàng qì to renounce / to abandon / to give up
 fàng xīn to feel relieved / to feel reassured / to be at ease
 fàng xià to lay down / to put down / to let go of / to relinquish / to set aside / to lower (the blinds etc)
 fàng sōng to loosen / to relax
 fàng dà to enlarge / to magnify
 fàng kāi to let go / to release
 fàng guò to let off / to let slip by / to let sb get away with sth
 fàng zhì to put
 fàng chū to let off / to give out
 fàng shǒu to let go one's hold / to give up / to have a free hand
 fàng jìn to put into
 fàng jià to have a holiday or vacation
 fàng xué to dismiss students at the end of the school day
 fàng zòng to indulge / to pamper / to connive at / permissive / indulgent / self-indulgent / unrestrained / undisciplined / uncultured / boorish
 fàng sì wanton / unbridled / presumptuous / impudent
 fàng yìng to show (a movie) / to screen
 fàng kuān to relax restrictions
 fàng fēi to allow to fly
 fàng shēng very loudly / at the top of one's voice
 fàng yǎn to survey / to view broadly
 fàng diàn electrical discharge / (coll.) to lure / to entice
 fàng huǎn to slow / to slow down (the pace of)
 fàng pì to fart / to break wind / to talk nonsense / Utter rubbish!
 fàng shè to radiate / radioactive
 fàng dàng unconventional / licentious / wanton / easy in one's morals
 fàng rèn to ignore / to let alone / to indulge
 fàng huǒ to set on fire / to commit arson / to create a disturbance
 fàng xíng to let pass
 fàng zhú to banish / to deport / to send into exile / to be marooned
 fàng sòng to broadcast / to announce over loudspeakers
 fàng shuǐ to turn on the water / to let water out / to throw a game (sports)
 fàng zǒu to release / to set free / to allow (a person or an animal) to go / to liberate
 fàng rén release (n. employment)
 fàng mù to graze (livestock) / to herd (livestock)
 fàng dī to lower / to be humble
 fàng yǎng to breed (livestock, fish, crops etc) / to grow / to raise
 fàng làng unrestrained / dissolute / dissipated / unconventional / immoral / to debauch / to dissipate
 fàng yáng to tend a flock of sheep / to let sheep out to pasture / fig. to throw off the reins / to leave sb alone / acting freely and irresponsibly
 fàng dài to provide loans
 fàng qíng (of weather) to clear up
 fàng fēng to allow in fresh air / to allow a prisoner out for exercise / to give out information
 fàng xuè to let blood (Chinese medicine) / to bleed / to stab sb (slang)
 fàng kuǎn to lend money (as a commercial loan)
 fàng shào to keep watch / to do sentry duty / to be on patrol
 fàng dǎn to act boldly
 fàng kōng to relax completely / to empty one's mind / (finance) to sell short / (of a commercial vehicle) to travel empty (no cargo or passengers) / to deadhead
 fàng qì to release breath / to deflate / to fart
 fàng dú to poison / fig. to spread vicious rumors
 fàng gōng to knock off work for the day
 fàng dàn untrammeled / reckless / wanton
 fàng diāo to act wickedly / to bully / to make life difficult for sb by unreasonable actions
 fàng gào to release a statement
 fàng huà to give orders / to spread news or rumors / to leak certain information intentionally
 fàng huán to release (a hostage) / to put back in place
 fàng kè (music) funk (loanword)
 fàng niǎo to stand someone up
 fàng píng to set level / to lay flat
 fàng qiāng to open fire / to shoot a gun
 fàng qíng to do sth to one's heart's content
 fàng yīn playback (of recorded sound)
 fàng zhài to lend money (for interest) / to give credit
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 fàng bu xià not to have room to put sth / to be unable to let go
 fàng shè xìng radioactive
 fàng dà qì amplifier
 fàng dà jìng magnifying glass
  cheque kiting / kiting
 fàng biān pào to set off firecrackers
线 fàng shè xiàn radiation / rays of radiation
 fàng shè yuán radiation source
 fàng shè xué radiology
 fàng niú bān class of underachievers / dunces' class (Tw)
 fàng bào zhú to set off firecrackers
 fàng dà pào to talk big / to shoot one's mouth off
 fàng dà piàn (Tw) cosmetic contact lens / big eye contact lens / circle contact lens
 fàng dà zhǐ enlarging paper (photography) / bromide paper
 fàng de xià to be able to accomodate / to have room for / to be able to put (sth) down
 fàng fēi jī to ditch sb (slang)
 fàng gē zi to stand someone up
 fàng kōng dǎng to coast along in neutral gear (in a car) / (coll.) to go commando
 fàng kōng pào (lit.) to fire blank shots / (fig.) to be all talk and no action / to shoot one's mouth off / to make empty promises
 fàng mù lín grazed forest
 fàng pì chóng stink bug
 fàng shān jī free-range chicken
 fàng shè bìng radiation sickness
 fàng shè chóng radiolarian (single-celled animal)
 fàng shè wù radioactive material
 fàng xué hòu after school
 fàng yáng wá shepherd / shepherd boy
 fàng yàn kǒu to feed the starving ghosts (i.e. offer sacrifice to protect the departed spirit)
 fàng yī mǎ to let (sb) off / to let (sb) get away with sth
 fàng yìng shì cinema room / viewing room
 fàng zài xīn shàng to care about / to take seriously / to take to heart
 fàng zài yǎn lǐ to pay attention to / to care about / to attach importance to
 fàng dàng bù jī wanton and unrestrained (idiom) / dissolute
 fàng shè zhì liáo radiotherapy
 fàng rèn zì liú to let sb do whatever they want / to indulge / to give free reins to / to let things slide / to drift aimlessly / laissez-faire
 fàng dàn bù jī wanton and unrestrained (idiom) / dissolute
 fàng dàn bù jū wanton and unrestrained (idiom) / dissolute
 fàng làng bù jī wanton and unrestrained (idiom) / dissolute
 fàng làng xíng hái to abandon all restraint (idiom)
 fàng mǎ hòu pào to fire after the horse has bolted (idiom) / to act too late to be effective
 fàng qíng qiū hè to enjoy oneself in nature's embrace (idiom)
  amplification factor / magnification factor
  waive an immunity (v)
  grazing capacity
  releasing office
 fàng bu xià xīn cannot stop worrying
 fàng dà bèi shù magnifying power / magnification
 fàng kāi shǒu jiǎo to have free rein (idiom)
 fàng mǎ guò lái bring it on! / give me all you got!
 fàng mù jí xiàn grazing capacity
 fàng rè fǎn yìng exothermic reaction
 fàng rèn zhèng cè laissez-faire policy / non-interference
 fàng rè xì tǒng thermal protection system
 fàng shè fáng hù radiological defense
 fàng shè liáo fǎ radiotherapy
 fàng shēng dà kū to burst into tears / to sob loudly / to bawl
 fàng shè wèi shēng radiation hygiene / radiohygiene
 fàng shè xìng diǎn radioactive iodine
 fàng shè zuò zhàn radiological operations
 fàng shǒu yī bó to put one's all into the fight
 fàng sōng guǎn zhì deregulation
 fàng sōng zhì cái easing of sanctions
 fàng xia bāo fu to lay down a heavy burden
 fàng xià shēn duàn to get off one's high horse (idiom) / to dispense with posturing (and adopt a more humble or empathetic attitude)
 fàng yǎng yú lèi fish stocking
 fàng yān mù dàn to spread a smokescreen
 fàng yǎn wàng qù as far as the eye can see
 fàng shè xìng yuán sù radioactive element
  radiolarian ooze
  radioactive effluent
  radiation dose rate
  enhanced terms
 fàng diàn jiā gōng jī Electrical Discharge Machine
 fàng shè néng yù suàn radiative energy budget
 fàng shè shēng chéng wù radiogenic material
 fàng shè xìng cái liào radioactive material
 fàng shè xìng fèi wù radioactive waste
 fàng shè xìng hé sù radioactive nuclide / radionuclide
 fàng shè xìng huó dù radioactivity
 fàng shè xìng jì shí radiometric dating
 fàng shè xìng rè diǎn radioactivity hot spot
 fàng shè xìng shì gù radiation accident
 fàng shè xìng shuāi biàn radioactive decay
 fàng shè xìng suì piàn radioactive debris
 fàng shè xìng wǔ qì radiological weapon
 fàng shè xìng wū rǎn radioactive contamination
Approximate Results for 放
 bō fàng to broadcast / to transmit
 kāi fàng to bloom / to open / to be open (to the public) / to open up (to the outside) / to be open-minded / unrestrained by convention / unconstrained in one's sexuality
 jiě fàng to liberate / to emancipate / liberation / refers to the Communists' victory over the Nationalists in 1949 / CL:次[ci4]
 shì fàng to release / to set free / to liberate (a prisoner) / to discharge
 fā fàng to provide / to give / to grant
 cún fàng to deposit / to store / to leave in sb's care
 tóu fàng to input / to throw in / to unload / to put into circulation
 pái fàng emission / discharge / exhaust (gas etc)
 bǎi fàng to set up / to arrange / to lay out
 zhàn fàng to blossom
 huí fàng to replay / to play back
 suō fàng scaling / resizing / zoom (graphics)
 bēn fàng bold and unrestrained / untrammeled
 tíng fàng to park (a car etc) / to moor (a boat etc) / to leave sth (in a place)
 shī fàng to fire / to discharge / to release (fireworks, smokescreen, poison gas, virus etc)
 duī fàng to pile up / to stack
 tuō fàng drag-and-drop (computing)
 ān fàng to lay / to place / to put in a certain place
 xià fàng to delegate / to decentralize / to demote a party cadre to work on the shop floor or in the countryside
 háo fàng bold and unconstrained / powerful and free
 liú fàng banishment / exile
 nù fàng in full bloom
 cū fàng extensive / expansive / large-scale
 rán fàng to light / to set off (firecrackers etc)
 kuáng fàng wild / unrestrained
 lù fàng to record and play (audio, video)
 jì fàng to leave sth with sb
 chén fàng to display
 dào fàng to turn upside down / to upend
 duō fàng add extra (of a spice etc)
 mǎ fàng to pile up / to stack up
 mù fàng cattle grazing
 pū fàng to display
 qí fàng broadside / simultaneous fired cannonade
 shǎo fàng to add less (of a spice etc)
 shū fàng eccentric / self-indulgent / free and unconventional (written style) / unbuttoned
 tuí fàng decadent / dissolute / degenerate
 wài fàng extroverted / outgoing / to play audio through speakers (rather than through earphones) / (old) to appoint to a post outside the capital
 yě fàng to release (an animal) into the wild
 zhì fàng to put / to place
 zòng fàng undisciplined / untrammeled / to indulge
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 Jiě fàng jūn People's Liberation Army (PRC armed forces)
 kāi fàng xìng openness
 jiě fàng hòu after liberation (i.e. after the Communist's victory) / after the establishment of PRC in 1949
 pái fàng liáng discharge
 bō fàng jī player (e.g. CD player)
 Shěn Guó fàng Shen Guofang (1952-), PRC assistant minister of foreign affairs (2003-2005)
  emission rights
  zero emission
  discharge pipe
  net emissions
  point of distribution
 chāi fàng kuǎn funds on call / invested sum that can be cashed
 dān fàng jī tape player / video player / (media) player / play-only device
 Jiě fàng qū Liberation city district / Jiefang district of Jiaozuo city 焦作市[Jiao1 zuo4 shi4], Henan
 Jiě fàng rì Liberation Day / cf Japan's surrender on 15th August 1945, celebrated as Liberation Day in Korea
 pái fàng wù discharge
 zài fàng yǎng restocking / repopulation
 gǎi gé kāi fàng to reform and open to the outside world / refers to Deng Xiaoping's policies from around 1980
 Jiě fàng Rì bào Liberation Daily,
  emission standard / emission requirement
 xīn huā nù fàng to burst with joy (idiom) / to be over the moon / to be elated
 bǎi huā qí fàng a hundred flowers bloom (idiom) / let the arts have free expression
 Jiě fàng Zhàn zhēng War of Liberation (1945-49), after which the Communists 共產黨武裝|共产党武装 / under Mao Zedong 毛澤東|毛泽东 / took over from the Nationalists 國民政府|国民政府 / under Chiang Kai-shek 蔣介石|蒋介石
 shā rén fàng huǒ to kill and burn (idiom) / murder and arson
 zì yóu fàng rèn laissez-faire
 dà míng dà fàng free airing of views (PRC)
 dà fàng bēi shēng great release of sorrow / to burst into tears
 dà fàng jué cí great release of talk (idiom) / to spout nonsense
 hán bāo dài fàng in bud / budding
 mó dǐng fàng zhǒng to rub one's head and heels (idiom) / to slave for the benefit of others / to wear oneself out for the general good
 qīng ráo sù fàng easily forgive, simply release (idiom) / to let sb off scot free
 wú dì fàng shǐ to shoot without aim (idiom) / fig. to speak without thinking / firing blindly / to shoot in the air / a shot in the dark
  low-carbon emission
  Free the Children / Kids Can Free the Children
  emission control
  polar amplification
  anthropogenic emission
  discharge rate / emission rate / rate of emission / rate of discharge
  discharge rate / emission rate / rate of emission / rate of discharge
  release site
  emission performance
  pyrogenic emission
  intermediate-level waste / medium level waste
  emission controls
  emissions credit
  emission limit value
  record of discharge / discharge record
  outflow yield / drainage efficiency
  low emission zone
  incidental emission
  emission factor
  emission quota
  diffuse emission
  emission standard / emission requirement
  keel laying
 ān quán shì fàng safety of releases
 bèi pò fàng qì forced abandonment
 bō fàng bō kè podcasting
 bō fàng liè biǎo playlist
 Cháo rì Fàng sòng Asahi Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)
 cū fàng gēng zuò extensive cropping
 dà fàng guāng míng great release of light (idiom)
 dà fàng yì cǎi to shine (of talents, skills, accomplishment) / to demonstrate extraordinary talent or skill
 dú fàng yì cǎi to project singular splendor or radiance / to perform brilliantly
 fèi qì pái fàng exhaust emission
 guāng fàng dà qì optical
 guò duó fàng mù overgrazing
 hé fàng shēng huà nuclear, radiological, biological and chemical
 jiāo bǎo shì fàng to release sb on bail
 jiě fàng yùn dòng liberation movement
 jiě fàng zǔ zhī liberation organization
 kāi fàng dào lù open route
 kāi fàng dēng jì open registry
 kāi fàng xì tǒng open system
 kāi fàng yuán mǎ open source (computing)
 kě kuò fàng xìng scalability
 lín shí shì fàng pre-trial release / release pending trial / provisional release from custody
 mén hù kāi fàng open door policy / Egyptian President Sadat's infitah policy towards investment and relations with Israel
 qiǎng pò fàng zhú forced relocation / forced deportation
 quán lì xià fàng decentralization
 qǔ bǎo shì fàng to be released on bail (law)
 rán fàng biān pào to set off fire crackers
 shēng wù fàng dài biomagnification
 shì fàng chū yù to release from jail
 tóu fàng shì chǎng to put sth on the market
 yě wài fàng yǎng free-range (breeding livestock or poultry)
 yī yòng fàng shè medical radiation
 yǒu pì kuài fàng spit it out! / out with it!
 zì wǒ fàng zhú self-imposed exile
 rén mín jiě fàng jūn People's Liberation Army
 kāi fàng yuán dài mǎ see 開放源碼|开放源码[kai1 fang4 yuan2 ma3]
 kāi gōng bù fàng jiàn lit. to draw the bow without shooting the arrow (idiom) / fig. to bluff / to be all talk and no action / false bravado
  per capita emission
  low-emission technology
线  baseline emissions
退  recession discharge
  recession discharge
  fugitive emission
  bubble trade
  open water dumping
  emission permit
  biogenic emission
  initial scale of issue / initial issue / initial stock scaling / initial supply
  initial scale of issue / initial issue / initial stock scaling / initial supply
  noxious emissions
  zero emission norm
  ration scale / ration scales / scale of issue for rations
广  Open Broadcast Network
  Peace and Liberation Party

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