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   FlashCard of the Chinese Character 房
Strokes 4
Strokes 8
Decomp. 丿尸方
Mandarin fáng
Entry Methods
Pinyin fang2
Kanji /
Sijiao 3022.7
CNS 11643 1-4D52
Encodages (hexa)
Unicode U+623F
GB2312 B7BF
 fáng house / room / CL:間|间[jian1] / branch of an extended family / classifier for family members (or concubines)
Results beginning with 房
 fáng wū house / building / CL:所[suo3],套[tao4]
 fáng jiān room / CL:間|间[jian1],個|个[ge4]
 fáng zi house / building (single- or two-story) / apartment / room / CL:棟|栋[dong4],幢[zhuang4],座[zuo4],套[tao4],間|间[jian1]
 fáng chǎn real estate / the property market (e.g. houses)
 fáng jià house price / cost of housing
 fáng mén door of a room
 fáng dài home loan
 fáng dōng landlord
 fáng xíng see 戶型|户型[hu4 xing2]
 fáng zū rent for a room or house
 fáng kè tenant
 fáng zhǔ landlord / house owner
 fáng dǐng housetop / roof
 fáng shì sexual intercourse / to make love
 fáng chē recreational vehicle
 fáng shè house / building
 fáng fèi room charge
 fáng shì room
 fáng yán eaves
 fáng qì deed (for a house) / CL:張|张[zhang1],份[fen4]
 fáng cāng (ship's) cabin
 fáng kǎ room card (in a hotel)
 fáng láo deficiency of kidney essence due to sexual excess (TCM)
 fáng mó "housing devil", real estate developer or realtor accused of manipulating the property market in their favor
 fáng nú a slave to one's mortgage
 fáng qián charges for a room / house rental
 Fáng shān Fangshan district of Beijing, formerly Fangshan county
 fáng xià (old) one's wife
 Fáng xiàn Fang county in Shiyan 十堰[Shi2 yan4], Hubei
 fáng yá real estate agent (old)
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 fáng dì chǎn real estate
 fáng chǎn zhèng title deeds / certificate of property ownership
 Fáng dì měi Freddie Mac, US mortgage company / formerly Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.
 Fáng shān qū Fangshan district of Beijing, formerly Fangshan county
 Fáng Xuán líng Fang Xuanling (579-648), Tang dynasty historian, compiler of History of Jin dynasty 晉書|晋书
 fáng yá zi real estate agent (old)
 fáng zi zū house rent
 fáng chǎn zhōng jiè real estate agent
 fáng wū zhōng jiè housing agent / real estate agent
  rental of premises
 fáng dài yín háng home loan bank
  Buildings Management Unit
  Buildings Management Section
  maintenance of premises
  Building Management Services
 fáng dì chǎn jī jīn real estate fund
  Buildings and Grounds Unit
  Buildings and Engineering Section
  Building Management Officer
  home equity loan
  Building Services Administrator
  real estate investment trust
  rental subsidy threshold
  Commission for Premises Management
  home spraying
  scale of accommodation
  Building Management Support Section
  Building Services Management Unit
  Building Management Service
  Buildings Management and Engineering Section
  Building and Grounds Management Unit
  sites-and-services project
  Buildings and Commercial Services Division
  home equity line of credit
  Building, Engineering and Custodial Section
  building maintenance and cleaning services
  International Union of Building Societies and Savings Associations
Approximate Results for 房
K房 K fáng (slang) KTV / KTV room
 zhù fáng housing
 chú fáng kitchen / CL:間|间[jian1]
 zū fáng to rent an apartment
 rǔ fáng breast / udder
 chǎng fáng a building used as a factory / factory (building) / CL:座[zuo4],棟|栋[dong4]
 mǎi fáng to buy a house
 piào fáng box office
 jī fáng machine room / engine room / computer room
 kè fáng guest room
 shū fáng study (room) / studio / CL:間|间[jian1]
 xīn fáng brand new house / bridal chamber
 bìng fáng ward (of a hospital) / sickroom / CL:間|间[jian1]
 tào fáng suite / apartment / flat
 lóu fáng a building of two or more stories / CL:棟|栋[dong4],幢[zhuang4],座[zuo4]
 dìng fáng to reserve a room
 yào fáng pharmacy / drugstore
 qī fáng forward delivery apartment / unfinished housing to be paid for in advance by the buyer and then completed within certain time frame
 píng fáng bungalow / single-story house
 kù fáng storeroom / warehouse
 chǎo fáng to speculate in real estate
 dòng fáng secret inner room / bridal room
 xīn fáng heart (as the seat of emotions) / cardiac atrium
退 tuì fáng to check out of a hotel room
 bāo fáng compartment (of train, ship etc) / private room at restaurant / rented room for karaoke / hotel room rented by the hour
 guī fáng lady's chamber / boudoir / harem
 láo fáng jail cell / prison cell
 sī fang personal / private / confidential
 sī fáng privately-owned house / private rooms / private ownings
 xiàn fáng finished apartment / ready apartment
 xiāng fáng wing (of a traditional house) / side room
 wò fáng bedroom / a sleeping compartment (on a train)
 mín fáng private house
 wēi fáng decrepit house
 èr fáng second branch of an extended family / concubine
 gōng fáng public housing / dormitory, esp. for unmarried people
 tóng fáng (of a married couple) to have intercourse / (literary) to share the same room / of the same family branch
 chǎn fáng delivery room (in hospital) / labor ward
 shàng fáng see 正房[zheng4 fang2]
 shōu fáng to take as a concubine
 yíng fáng barracks / living quarters
 fēn fáng to sleep in separate rooms / distribution of social housing
 mén fáng gatehouse / lodge / gatekeeper / porter
 chá fáng to inspect a room / to do the rounds (medical)
 yuǎn fáng distantly related / a distant relative
 huā fáng greenhouse
 xíng fáng euphemism for sexual intercourse / to go to bed with sb
 zhèng fáng central building (in a traditional house) / primary wife
 chán fáng a room in a Buddhist monastery / a temple
 máo fáng toilet (rural euphemism) / thatched hut or house
 chē fáng garage / carport / (old) rickshaw room
 bān fáng jail
 zǐ fáng ovary (botany)
 mǎ fáng horse stable
 chá fáng waiter / steward / porter / teahouse
 bǎn fáng temporary housing built with wooden planks or other makeshift materials
 piān fáng side room / concubine
 zhàng fáng an accounts office (in former times) / an accountant / a cashier
 fēng fáng hive / honeycomb
 yuán fáng (of a child bride) to consummate marriage
 nuǎn fáng heating / central heating / greenhouse / hothouse / to pay a house-warming visit
 cāng fáng cabin (of an airplane or ship)
 cháo fáng reception room for officials (in former times)
 gē fáng dovecote / enclosure for carrier pigeons
 gōng fáng to buy a house on a mortgage / house mortgage
 guò fáng to adopt / to give for adoption (usually to a childless relative)
 kǎo fáng drying room / oven
 lěng fáng cooling / air conditioning
 liáo fáng hut / simple dwelling / monk's hut
 nào fáng see 鬧洞房|闹洞房[nao4 dong4 fang2]
 nóng fáng farm house
 pīn fáng to rent a place with sb else to share the costs
 shuì fáng bedroom
 táng fáng remote relatives (with the same family name)
 táng fáng sugar mill
 tián fáng second wife (of a widower)
 tīng fáng to eavesdrop outside bridal bedchamber (folk custom)
 xíng fáng office of punishment / torture chamber (esp. unofficial)
 yǎ fáng apartment (with shared bathroom and kitchen) / bedsit
 yǎn fáng camera oculi / aqueous chamber of the eye
 zhàn fáng warehouse / storehouse / inn
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 èr shǒu fáng second-hand house / house acquired indirectly through a middle-man
 jiàn shēn fáng gym / gymnasium
 shuāng rén fáng double room
 sī fáng qián secret purse / secret stash of money
 xǐ yī fáng laundry room
 nào dòng fáng disturbing the privacy of bridal room (Chinese custom where guests banter with and play pranks on the newlyweds)
 E1 páng Gōng Epang Palace in Xi'an
 miàn bāo fáng bakery / CL:家[jia1]
 yáng guāng fáng sunroom
 tíng shī fáng mortuary
 huó dòng fáng prefabricated building / prefab
 nu:3 fáng dōng landlady
 tiào fáng zi hopscotch / to play hopscotch
 èr fáng dōng sublandlord / tenant who sublets
 zhōng diǎn fáng hourly rate hotel / love hotel
  paint tunnel
  magma chamber
  flat-packing container
  cold cell
  Shelter Branch
  right to housing
  kitchen truck
 cūn zhèng fáng "village-certificated house", residence supposedly only transferable to other village residents but often sold on the open market
 dà chuáng fáng hotel room with one double (or queen or king) bed
 dān fáng chā single person supplement (for a hotel room etc)
 dān yuán fáng apartment
 gōng shì fáng office (room or building)
 gōng zū fáng public housing
 kāi fáng jiān to take a hotel room / to rent a room
 kōng fáng jiān vacant room
 lěng nuǎn fáng cooling and heating / air conditioning and central heating
 lián zū fáng low-rent housing
 lín jiē fáng the store front / the part of a house facing the street serving as a store
 mì fēng fáng beehive
 nào xīn fáng see 鬧洞房|闹洞房[nao4 dong4 fang2]
 Píng fáng qū Pingfang district of Harbin 哈爾濱|哈尔滨[Ha1 er3 bin1] in Heilongjiang
 pù miàn fáng store / front room of house serving as shop
 qián fáng jiǎo anterior chamber (the front chamber of the eye)
 rǔ fáng yán mastitis
 shí wù fáng larder / pantry
 shǒu kōng fáng to stay home alone (of married woman)
 Wǎ fáng diàn Wangfangdian county level city in Dalian 大連|大连[Da4 lian2], Liaoning
 xíng li fáng luggage office
 yǎn fáng shuǐ aqueous humor
 yù shàn fáng imperial kitchen
 zhù fáng gǔ housing unit
 zuò bān fáng to be in prison
 zhù fáng dài kuǎn housing loan
 wén fáng sì bǎo Four Treasures of the Study, namely 筆|笔[bi3], 墨[mo4], 紙|纸[zhi3] and 硯|砚[yan4] / the essentials of calligraphy and scholarship (idiom)
蹿 cuān fáng yuè jǐ lit. to leap the house and cross the roofridge (idiom) / dashing over rooftops (of robbers and pursuing knight-errant 俠客|侠客 / in fiction)
 dòng fáng huā zhú bridal room and ornamented candles / wedding festivities (idiom)
  consular premises
  field accommodation
  Housing Finance
  field dispensary
  Housing Maintenance Element
  crowding of dwellings
  cooking trailer
  working accommodation
 ān níng bìng fáng hospice
 chǒng shàn zhuān fáng an especially favored concubine (idiom)
 chú fáng lè sè garbage / food waste
 dú shǒu kōng fáng (of a married woman) to stay home alone
 gòng yòng jī fáng co-location
 guān fáng zhǎng guān chief cabinet secretary (Japan)
 huàn fáng lu:3 yóu house-swap vacation
 huó dòng fáng wū prefabricated building / prefab / mobile home / caravan / trailer
 jiā hù bìng fáng intensive care (in hospital)

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