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   FlashCard of the Chinese Character 吧
Strokes 3
Strokes 7
Decomp. 口巴
Mandarin bā; ba
Entry Methods
Pinyin ba1; ba
Kanji /
Sijiao 6071.7
Wubi KCN
CNS 11643 1-4943
Encodages (hexa)
Unicode U+5427
GB2312 B0C9
BIG5 A761
Results for 吧
 bā bar (loanword) (serving drinks, or providing Internet access etc) / to puff (on a pipe etc) / (onom.) bang / abbr. for 貼 / / |贴 / / [tie1 ba1]
 ba (modal particle indicating suggestion or surmise) / ...right? / ...OK? / ...I presume.
Results beginning with 吧
 bā tái counter of a bar (pub)
 bā da (onom.) patter, splatter, click / to smack one's lips / to pull (on a pipe)
 bā nu:3 barmaid
 bā ji to smack one's lips
 bā jī (onom.) squishing sound
 bā tuō scam girl / woman who lures men to an exorbitantly priced bar 酒 / / [jiu3 ba1]
 bā zhǔ message board moderator or administrator
 bā tuō nu:3 scam girl / woman who lures men to an exorbitantly priced bar 酒 / / [jiu3 ba1]
 bā ji bā ji (onom.) smacking the lips
Approximate Results for 吧
 wǎng bā Internet café
 jiǔ bā bar / pub / saloon / CL:家 / [jia1]
 tiē bā electronic message board / web forum
 pào bā to spend time in a bar (alcohol, Internet etc) / to go clubbing
 dí bā disco (coll.) / diva (loanword)
 mō bā touch bar (hostess bar that allows physical contact)
 bào bā spam flooding
 dà yǎng bā source of oxygen (of forests and nature reserves) / (cliché / ) lungs of the planet
 shěng sheng ba (coll.) Don't waste your breath. / Save it!
 xiē le ba (dialect) give me a break! / forget about it!
 zhè yàng ba Let's do it like this.
 Bǎi dù tiē ba Baidu&rsquo / s online user forum,
 dí sī kē bā discotheque
 nǐ kàn zhe bàn ba You figure it out for yourself. / Do as you please.

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