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   FlashCard of the Chinese Character 俄
Strokes 2
Strokes 9
Decomp. 亻丿扌戈
Mandarin é
Entry Methods
Pinyin e2
Kanji /
Sijiao 2325.0
CNS 11643 1-4F7A
Encodages (hexa)
Unicode U+4FC4
GB2312 B6ED
 é suddenly / very soon
Results beginning with 俄
 E2 guó Russia
 E2 yǔ Russian (language)
 E2 jūn Russian army
 E2 wén Russian language
 é ér (literary) very soon / before long
 é qǐng in a moment / presently
 é ěr see 俄而[e2 er2]
 é qī abbr. for 俄狄浦斯期[e2 di2 pu3 si1 qi1], oedipal phase
 E2 Zhōng Russia-China
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 E2 luó sī Russia
 E2 guó rén Russian (person)
 E2 hài é Ohio
 E2 Lián bāng Russian Federation, RSFSR
 E2 lè gāng Oregon
 E2 bèi dé Obed (son of Boaz and Ruth)
 é lián bāng Russian federation, RSFSR
 E2 tǎ shè Information Telegraph Agency of Russia (ITAR-TASS), Russian news agency
 é wén rì Russian Language Day
 E2 Zhōng Cháo Russia, China and North Korea
 E2 luó sī rén Russian (person)
 E2 lè gāng zhōu Oregon
 E2 luó sī zú Russian ethnic group (of northeast China and Xinjiang etc) / Russian nationality / Russians (of Russia)
 E2 dǐ pǔ sī Oedipus, legendary king of Thebes who killed his father and married his mother
 E2 dí pǔ sī Oedipus, hero of tragedy by Athenian dramatist Sophocles
 E2 hài é zhōu Ohio
 E2 luó sī Fāng kuài Tetris (video game)
  Russian Far East
  Russian Translation Service
 E2 bā dǐ yà shū Book of Obadiah
 é dí pǔ sī qī oedipal phase (psychology)
 E2 kè lā hé mǎ Oklahoma, US state
 E2 luó sī Dì guó Russian empire (1546-1917)
 E2 luó sī Lián bāng Russian Federation, RSFSR
 E2 luó sī lún pán Russian roulette
 é wén kǒu yì kē Russian Interpretation Section
  Russian Space Agency
 E2 dǐ pǔ sī qíng jié Oedipus complex
 E2 kè lā hé mǎ chéng Oklahoma City
 E2 kè lā hé mǎ zhōu Oklahoma, US state
 é luó sī shè yǎn shǔ Russian
  Women's Union of Russia
  Russian Text-Processing Unit
 é wén zhú zì jì lù kē Russian Verbatim Section
  United Nations Association of Russia / UNA Russia
  Operative Group of Russian Forces
 é hài é wèi sī lǐ áng dà xué Ohio
  Russian Translation and Text-Processing Section
  Russian Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North, Siberia and Far East / Russian Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North
  Presidential Academy for Public Service, Russian Federation
  Commander of the Operative Group of Russian Forces
  Association of Financial and Industrial Groups of Russia
  Russian-French Council for Cooperation on Security Problems
  Joint Russian-Iranian Statement on the Caspian Sea
  Association between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus
  Russian Federation and Belarus Regional Office
  Russian-French Declaration on Strategic Issues
  Russian-Indian Joint Working Group on Afghanistan
  International Advisory Board on Accounting and Auditing Developments in Russia
  Russian-Palestinian Working Committee on the Middle East
  Russian-Armenian Intergovernmental Commission on Economic Cooperation
Approximate Results for 俄
 Zhōng E2 China-Russia
 Sū é Soviet Russia
 Shā E2 Tsarist Russia / abbr. for 沙皇俄國|沙皇俄国[Sha1 huang2 E2 guo2]
 Bái é Belarus / abbr. for 白俄羅斯|白俄罗斯[Bai2 e2 luo2 si1]
 Dì E2 Tsarist Russia
访 fǎng é visit Russia
 lián E2 alliance with Russia (e.g. of early Chinese communists)
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 èr è yīng dioxin
怀 Huái é míng Wyoming, US state
 Ná é mǐ Naomi (name)
 Bái é luó sī Belarus
 Zhōng E2 guān xì Sino-Russian relations
 ān tài é sī Antaeus
怀 Huái é míng zhōu Wyoming, US state
 Rì E2 Zhàn zhēng the war of 1904-1905 between Russia and Japan
 Shā huáng E2 guó Tsarist Russia
 tí dī é sī Tityos
 Aī sài é bǐ yà Ethiopia
 Bái é luó sī rén Byelorussian (person)
 Dí é ní suǒ sī Dionysus, the god of wine in Greek mythology
 Sū wéi āi E2 guó Soviet Russia (1917-1991)
 yīng é dà bó yì The
  Japanese-Russian Investment Company
 āi sài é bǐ yà jiè Ethiopian Zone, aka Afrotropical realm
 Aī sāi é bǐ yà yǔ Ethiopic (language)
 Zhōng E2 Běi jīng Tiáo yuē the Treaty of Beijing of 1860 between Qing China and Tsarist Russia
 Zhōng E2 biān jiè xié yì Sino-Russian Border Agreement of 1991
 Zhōng E2 Gǎi dìng Tiáo yuē Treaty of Saint Petersburg of 1881, whereby Russia handed back Yili province to Qing China in exchange for compensation payment and unequal treaty rights
 Zhōng E2 Yī lí Tiáo yuē Treaty of Saint Petersburg of 1881, whereby Russia handed back Yili province to Qing China in exchange for compensation payment and unequal treaty rights
  Ethiopian Millennium
 bái é luó sī gòng hé guó the Republic of Belarus
 Zhōng E2 Ní bù chǔ Tiáo yuē Treaty of Nerchinsk (1698) between Qing China and Russia
怀  Wyoming Memorandum of Understanding
 bù lǐ é ní lián hé shēng míng Joint Declaration of Brioni
  Ethiopian Armed Forces
  All Russian Society of Disabled People
  Somali Regional State of Ethiopia
  Declaration on the Ethiopian Millennium
  Forum for Environment for Ethiopia
  Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association
  World Russian People's Council
  Ethiopia Food Security Directorate
  Tripartite Transit Traffic Framework Agreement / Transit Traffic Framework Agreement
  Conference on Peace and Democracy in Ethiopia
  United Nations Relief Operations in Ethiopia
西  Brazil, Russia, India and China
  Commissioner for Relief and Rehabilitation
 āi sài é bǐ yà lián bāng mín zhǔ gòng hé guó the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
-俄  NATO-Russia Permanent Joint Council
  Southern Ethiopian Peoples Democratic Coalition / Southern Coalition
  United Nations Emergency Office - Ethiopia
  Ethiopian Information Technology Professional Association
  Ethiopian Relief and Rehabilitation Commission
线  Ethiopian Democratic Forces United Front
线  Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front / Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front
  International Public Fund Russian Peace Foundation
  Conference for Peaceful and Democratic Transition in Ethiopia
  Ethiopia-Somalia Good-Offices Committee
  International Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature
  New Coalition for Livelihood and Food Security in Ethiopia
  Japanese-Russian Intergovernmental Committee on Trade and Economic Affairs
使  Special Envoy for Ethiopia and Eritrea
  Declaration on the Broadening and Deepening of Kazakh-Russian Cooperation
  World Food Programme Transport Operation in Ethopia
  All-Russia Research Institute for Geology and Mineral Resources of the World Ocean
  Assistant Secretary-General for Emergency Operations in Ethiopia
  United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea
  Joint Declaration by the People's Republic of China and the Russian Federation
  Japanese-Russian Joint Committee on the Conclusion of a Peace Treaty
  Treaty on the basis for inter-State relations with the Russian Federation
  Trust Fund for Repatriation of Ethiopian Refugees from Djibuti
  International Conference on Drug Control Cooperation with the Russian Federation

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