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   FlashCard of the Chinese Character 份
Strokes 2
Strokes 6
Decomp. 亻八刀
Mandarin fèn
Entry Methods
Pinyin fen4
Kanji /
Sijiao 2822.7
CNS 11643 1-4739
Encodages (hexa)
Unicode U+4EFD
GB2312 B7DD
Level 4
 fèn classifier for gifts, newspaper, magazine, papers, reports, contracts etc / variant of 分 / [fen4]
Results beginning with 份
 fèn é share / portion
 fèn zi one's share of a gift price
 fèn liang see 分 / / [fen4 liang5]
 fèn r degree / extent / allotted share
 fèn wài (adv) especially / (n) not ones responsibility or job
 fèn r fàn set meal
 fèn zi qián gift money (on the occasion of a wedding etc)
  quota and voice reform package
Approximate Results for 份
 shēn fèn identity / status / capacity / dignity / position / rank
 gǔ fèn a share (in a company) / stock
 bèi fèn backup
 nián fen particular year / certain year / given year
 bù fen part (of a whole) / piece / section / share / shell (Unix)
 shěng fèn province
 chéng fèn composition / make-up / ingredient / element / component / one's social status / same as 成 /
 yuè fèn month
 yuán fèn also written 緣 / / |缘 / / fate or chance that brings people together / predestined affinity or relationship / (Budd.) destiny
 guò fèn unduly / excessive
 yǒu fèn to have a share of (responsibility etc) / to be concerned / to be involved
 tiān fèn variant of 天 / / [tian1 fen4]
 chōng fèn ample / sufficient / abundant / full
 běn fèn one's duty
 ān fèn not going beyond one's bounds / also written 安 / / [an1 fen4]
 chē fèn vehicle rental fee paid by cab and rickshaw drivers
 diē fèn (coll.) to lose face
 fēi fèn improper / presumptuous / assuming / overstepping one's bounds / also written 非 / / [fei1 fen4]
 Jiǔ fèn Jiufen (or Jioufen or Chiufen), mountainside town in north Taiwan, former gold mining town, used as the setting for two well-known movies
 quán fèn complete set
 Tóu fèn Toufen town in Miaoli county 苗 / / / |苗 / / / [Miao2 li4 xian4], northwest Taiwan
 xì fèn scene (in a movie etc) / one's part in a movie or play / (archaic) actor's payment
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 shēn fèn zhèng identity card / ID
 gǔ fèn zhì (a company) based on share-holding
 dà bù fen (in) large part / (the) greater part / the majority
 sì yuè fèn April
 sān yuè fèn March
 wǔ yuè fèn May
 shí yuè fèn October
 yī yuè fèn January
 liù yuè fèn June
 jiǔ yuè fèn September / ninth month
 qī yuè fèn July
 èr yuè fèn February
 bā yuè fèn August
 chéng fèn gǔ share included in composite index
 còu fèn zi to pool resources (for a gift, project etc)
  status-based system
 bù ān fen discontented with life / also written 不 / / / [bu4 an1 fen5]
 chē fèn r erhua variant of 車 / / |车 / / [che1 fen4]
 chū fèn zi to club together (to offer a gift) / to hold a whip-round
 chuō fèn r to flaunt
 rè bèi fèn hot backup
 shēn fèn kǎ identity card / ID card
 shēn fèn zuì status offence
 Tóu fèn zhèn Toufen town in Miaoli county 苗 / / / |苗 / / / [Miao2 li4 xian4], northwest Taiwan
 yuè fèn pái calendar (esp. illustrated)
 shì chǎng fèn é market share
 gǔ fèn gōng sī joint-stock company
 shēn fèn zhèng míng ID card / proof of identity
 shēn fèn rèn zhèng certificate
  days of supply
  identity security
  parallel sourcing
 bǔ lāo fèn é catch-share / Limited Access Privilege / Dedicated Access Privilege
 dào yòng shēn fèn identity theft
 fǎ rén shēn fèn legal identity
 gōng mín shēn fèn citizenship
 guì zú shēn fèn lordship
 kǒng bù fèn zi terrorist
 qià rú qí fèn appropriate / judicious / accurate (assessment etc)
 shēn fèn dào qiè identity theft
 shēn fèn guǎn lǐ identity management
 shēn fèn qī zhà identity fraud
 shí èr yuè fèn December
 shí yī yuè fèn November
 shù zì shēn fèn digital
 yī shì ér fèn in duplicate
 yǒu shī shēn fèn to be beneath one's dignity
 yuè fèn huì yì monthly meeting / monthly conference
 zhī shí fèn zǐ intellectual / learned person
 shēn fèn zhèng hào mǎ I.D. number
  identity data repository
  dog tag / name tag
 gǔ fèn zhì gōng sī joint-stock company
 guò fèn jiǎn dān huà oversimplification / to oversimplify
 pàn biàn de shěng fèn renegade province (term PRC uses for Taiwan)
 shēn fèn shí bié kǎ identification card / ID card
 shēng wù shēn fèn zhèng biometric identity card
 tóu piào quán fèn é voting share
 zhǎng zǐ de míng fèn birthright
 gǔ fèn yǒu xiàn gōng sī joint-stock limited company / corporation
  identification centre
  identification of the population
  customer identification
  voter identification
  IMF quota
  dual-career couple
沿 měi guó yán hǎi zhōu fèn coastal
 shēn fèn zhèng fù wù qì identification server
 shēn fèn zī liào qī zhà identity fraud
 yī fèn qián liǎng fèn huò two for the price of one offer
  Identification Commission
  Pass and Identification Unit
  non-status Indian
  Convention concerning Seafarers' National Identity Documents
  status Indian
 gōng mín shēn fèn bǎo hù xì tǒng Citizens Identitification Protection System
  multiple job-holders
  Combatant Status Review Tribunal
  global identity management system
  National Identification Office
  Identity Fraud Register
 quán xì tǒng shēn fèn guǎn lǐ xì tǒng enterprise identity management system
  Status Determination and Protection Information Section
  Unilaterally Controlled Latin Actives
 Qì chē Xià lì gǔ fèn yǒu xiàn gōng sī Tianjin FAW Xiali Motor Company, Ltd., established 1997
 rì běn yān cǎo gǔ fèn yǒu xiàn gōng sī Japan
  District leader, Identification Commission
  total airborne fraction
  National Commission for the Supervision of Identification
  satellite Pass and Identification Office
  Ad Hoc Committee on Travel and Identity Documents
 Zhōng guó Shí yóu Huà gōng Gǔ fèn Yǒu xiàn Gōng sī China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation, Sinopec / abbr. to 中 / / / [Zhong1 shi2 hua4]
 zhōng huá qì chē gōng yè gǔ fèn yǒu xiàn gōng sī China
访  U.S. Visitor and Immigrant Status Indicator Technology
  Resettlement Programme for Newly-Determined Refugees
  Personal Identification Secure Comparison and Evaluation System
  assistant district leader, Identification Commission
1958年  Convention revising the Seafarers' Identity Documents Convention, 1958

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