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Chinese Character Of The Day

Every Day a new chinese character to learn easily chinese. You will learn in a year the most important chinese characters.

heel / to follow closely / to go with / to marry sb (of woman) / with / towards / as (compared to) / from (different from) / and (in addition to)

5 preceding characters :

gěi to / for / for the benefit of / to give / to allow / to do sth (for sb) / (grammatical equivalent of 被) / (grammatical equivalent of 把) / (sentence intensifier)
variant of 個|个[ge4]
gāo high / tall / above average / loud / your (honorific)
gāng hard / firm / strong / just / barely / exactly
gǎn to feel / to move / to touch / to affect / feeling / emotion / (suffix) sense of ~

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