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 diàn tǎ electricity pylon / transmission tower  
 zhōng lóu bell tower / campanile / clock tower / Bell Tower, historic attraction in Xian, Beijing etc
 dí tái defensive tower / look-out tower / enemy radio station  
 chuán shū shè bèi transmission facility / transmission equipment  
 Téng wáng Gé Tengwang Tower in Nanchang, Jiangxi / one of three famous pagodas in China along with Yueyang Tower 岳 / / / |岳 / / / [Yue4 yang2 Lou2] in Yueyang, north Hunan, and Yellow Crane Tower 黃 / / / |黄 /  
 gēng lóu watch tower / drum tower marking night watches  
  observation tower / watch tower  
 chuán shū sù lu:4 transmission rate / transmission speed  
 gǔ lóu a drum tower / Drum Tower, historic attraction in Xian, Beijing etc
  vertical transmission / perinatal transmission  
 liào wàng tái observation tower / lookout tower  
 liǎo wàng tǎ observation tower / watch tower  
 bǎn shì tǎ distillation tower / bubble tower / plate column  
 pào zhào tǎ distillation tower / bubble tower / plate column  
  vertical transmission / perinatal transmission  
 jù shā chéng tǎ sand grains accumulate to make a tower a tower (idiom) / by gathering small amounts one gets a huge quantity / many a mickle makes a muckle
 Yuè yáng Lóu Yueyang Tower, famous beauty spot in Yueyang, north Hunan, overlooking Dongting Lake 洞 / / / [Dong4 ting2 Hu2] / one of three famous pagodas in China along with Yellow Crane Tower 黃 / / / |黄 / / / [Huang2 he  
 Tiān jīn Huán qiú Jīn róng Zhōng xīn Tianjin World Financial Center, skyscraper a.k.a. the Tianjin Tower or Jin Tower / abbr. to 津 / / [Jin1 ta3]  
 qiáo drum tower  
 yáo high / steep / to tower  
 chuán shū transport / transmission
 chuán dòng drive (transmission in an engine)  
  transmission time  
 chuán dá to pass on / to convey / to relay / to transmit / transmission
 chuán dòng dài transmission belt
线 chuán shū xiàn transmission line  
 céng lóu multistoried building / tower / pagoda  
 gǎng lòu watchtower / observation tower / police booth  
 lóu lǔ watch tower / movable battlefield turret  
 qì lóu small ventilation tower on roof of building  
 lóu tái balcony / high building (esp. in poetry) / tower
 shù jù chuán shū data transmission  
 chuán dòng jī gòu transmission mechanism  
  in utero transmission  
  occupational transmission  
  transmission coefficient  
 chuán shū lu:4 transmission rate  
 shū diàn electricity transmission / to transmit electricity  
 chuán rè heat transfer / heat transmission  
 lì chuán dì mechanical transmission  
 shī chuán not transmitted / no longer extant / lost in transmission
 tǎ lóu tower (of building)
 tiě tǎ iron tower  
 chéng lóu city gate tower
 wàng lóu watchtower / lookout tower  
 zì dòng dàng automatic transmission (gear change)  
 diàn shì tǎ TV tower  
 wèi tower over a palace gateway (old)  
 yáo high / steep / to tower  
线  radio tower  
 chā cuò mistake / slip-up / fault / error (in data transmission) / accident / mishap
 chuán shū jì shù transmission technology  
 chuán shū jù lí transmission distance  
 chuán shū méi tǐ transmission medium  
 chuán shū méi zhì transmission medium  
 zhuàn rè xué theory of heat / heat transmission (physics)  
 zī liào chuán shū data transmission  
 chuán dòng zhuāng zhì transmission (i.e. gears)  
 lì xué chuán dì mechanical transmission  
 dū tower over a city gate  
 chuán dòng xì tǒng transmission system / power drive  
 lu:4 to rise sharply / to tower  
 chuán dòng bǐ transmission ratio / gear ratio  
 chuán sòng dài conveyor belt / transmission belt  
  pulse transmission  
 biàn sù xiāng gearbox / transmission  
 tòu shè to transmit / transmission (of radiation through a medium) / passage  
 chuán shū kòng zhì transmission control  
 chuán zhēn fā sòng fax transmission  
 zì dòng dǎng automatic gear-change / automatic transmission  
 zhí yè gǎn rǎn occupational transmission  
  parent-to-child transmission  
 chuán shū mó shì transfer mode / transmission method  
 yè yā chuán dòng hydraulic drive / hydraulic transmission  
 chù lì to tower / standing tall and upright (of large building)
 Bā bié tǎ Tower of Babel, in Genesis 11:5-foll.  
 lěng què tǎ cooling tower  
 yì lì to tower / to stand straight (of person's bearing)
 Dōng jīng tǎ Tokyo Tower  
 jìng huà tǎ scavenging tower  
 fēi mò chuán rǎn droplet infection (disease transmission from sneezing, coughing etc)  
 jué lì to tower over / rising (to a dominant position)  
 zì pái automatic transmission  
 shǒu pái manual transmission  
 jué qǐ to rise abruptly (to a towering position) / to tower over / to spring up / to emerge suddenly / the emergence (e.g. of a power)
 gāo tǎ tower / CL:座 / [zuo4]  
 shuǐ tǎ water tower  
 tǎ tái control tower  
 diào tǎ a tower crane  
 tǎ diào tower crane
 xié tǎ leaning tower  
 tóu tǎ dice tower  
 Cuī Hào Cui Hao (-754), Tang dynasty poet and author of poem Yellow Crane Tower 黃 / / / |黄 / /  
 shōu fā shì mail room / radio room (i.e. reception and transmission)  
  Electricity Transmission Company  
  Direct Sounding Transmission  
 zài chuán shū guò chéng zhōng while transmitting / during transmission  
 Bǐ sà Xié tǎ Leaning Tower of Pisa  
 Aì fēi ěr Tiě tǎ Eiffel Tower  
 Aī fēi ěr Tiě tǎ Eiffel Tower  

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