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 jiǎ jí first rate / top class / excellent
A咖 A kā class "A" / top grade  
 dǐng jiān jí first class / top / world best
 shàng on top / upon / above / upper / previous / first (of multiple parts) / to climb / to get onto / to go up / to attend (class or university)
 xīng jí star rating / top-class / highly rated  
 shàng kè to go to class / to attend class / to go to teach a class
 dǐng miàn top / top side / top surface  
 A kā class "A" / top grade  
 diào dài shān halter top / spaghetti strap top / sun top  
 dà bān tai-pan / business executive / foreign business manager / top class of kindergarten or school grade
 zuì gāo děng highest level / top class  
 dǐng céng top floor / the top of a building  
 fǔ dǎo bān tutorial class / remedial class / preparatory course
 shì member of the senior ministerial class (old) / scholar (old) / bachelor / honorific / first class military rank / specialist worker
 shàng bian the top / above / overhead / upwards / the top margin / above-mentioned / those higher up
 xià kè to finish class / to get out of class  
 xuè tǒng lùn class division into proletariat and bourgeoisie class enemy, in use esp. during the cultural revolution  
 zhōng chǎn middle class / to ascend to the middle class  
 dǐng apex / crown of the head / top / roof / most / to carry on the head / to push to the top / to go against / to replace / to substitute / to be subjected to (an aerial bombing, hailstorm etc) / (slang) to "bump" a forum thread to raise its profile / classif
 bǎi qiáng top 100 (e.g. top 100 towns)  
 é guān bó dài official class / intellectual class (idiom)  
 fàng niú bān class of underachievers / dunces' class (Tw)  
 zhuàng yuán top scorer in the palace examination (highest rank of the Imperial examination system) / see 榜 / / [bang3 yan3] and 探 / / [tan4 hua1] / top scorer in college entrance examination 高 / / [gao1 kao3]
 fù nóng rich peasant / social class of people farming their own land, intermediate between land-owner class 地 / / [di4 zhu3] and poor peasant 貧 / / |贫 / / [pin2 nong2]  
 chái a class / a company / companion
 xué jí class  
 kè shí class / period
 jí extremely / pole (geography, physics) / utmost / top
 lóu dǐng top of a building  
 lú dǐng furnace top  
 tóu dǐng top of the head
 chóu arable fields / cultivated field / class / category
 lèi kind / type / class / category / similar / like / to resemble
 xué shí class hour / period
 tīng kè to attend a class / to go to a lecture  
  asset class  
 Dān cōng a class of Oolong tea  
 zhàn dǐng stack top (computing)  
 dǐng jí top-notch / first-rate
  magnetic suspension bearing / top magnetic suspension bearing / top bearing / upper bearing  
 lú tái stove top / hob  
 jiē céng hierarchy / stratum / social class  
 qiào kè to skip school / to cut class  
 guì fù upper-class woman / lady (old)
 diān top (of the head) / apex / to fall forwards / inverted / to jolt
 tóu hào first rate / top rank / number one
 bǔ kè to make up missed lesson / to reschedule a class  
 jiē jí (social) class / CL:個 / |个 / [ge4]
 dūn jí tonnage / class in tons (of a passenger ship)  
 duì huà kè conversation class  
 jīng jì cāng economy class  
  Latin American & Caribbean Country Code Top-Level Domain Organization / Latin American and Caribbean Top-Level Domain Association  
 kuàng to neglect / to skip (class or work) / to waste (time) / vast / loose-fitting
 liǎng qī lèi class Amphibia / amphibians  
 dǐng dēng top light (on mast, dome etc) / roof lamp  
 cí lèi parts of speech (grammar) / word class / lexical category  
 zhǒng lèi kind / genus / type / category / variety / species / sort / class
 jiē jí dòu zhēng the class struggle  
 lǐng dǎo céng ruling class / leaders (of society) / oligarchy  
 gāng head rope of a fishing net / guiding principle / key link / class (taxonomy) / outline / program
 zī chǎn jiē jí the capitalist class / the bourgeoisie
 yī jí first class / category A  
 tóu gōng first class merit
 táo kè to skip class
 bān sort / kind / class / way / manner
 tóu děng first class / prime / main
 yī lèi same type / category 1 (i.e. class A)  
 sān jí grade 3 / third class / category C  
 èr jí grade 2 / second class / category B  
 guān cāng second class cabin (on ship)  
 bān huì class meeting (in schools)  
 jiāo kè to teach class / to lecture
 dàng cì grade / class / quality / level
 guī rù to assign (to a class) / to classify as / to include
 páng tīng to visit (a meeting, class, trial etc)  
 lèi hán shù class  
 sì jí grade 4 / fourth class / category D  
 liú bèi a contemporary / similar class of people  
 jìng dá to compete to answer questions (in class)  
 cáo class or grade / generation / plaintiff and defendant (old) / government department (old)
 bēi é the top part of a tablet  
 jué mì top secret
 shān tóu mountain top
 shàng tou above / on top of / on the surface of
 dǐng shàng on top of / at the summit  
 jùn sǎn mushroom top  
 héng top gem of pendant from girdle  
 huán a knot of hair on top of head  
 zēng dwelling on top of wooden stakes  
 guò huǒ to go too far (in word or deed) / over the top
 fàng shēng very loudly / at the top of one's voice  
 tóu guān a crown / top of the head  
 jiā mǎn to top up / to fill to the brim  
 xiē dǐng to be balding / to be thinning on top  
 zhōng bāng mid-top (shoes)  
 dī bāng low-top (shoes)  
 guō tái top of a kitchen range  
 děng class / rank / grade / equal to / same as / to wait for / to await / et cetera / and so on / et al. (and other authors) / after / as soon as / once
 ruǎn xí soft seat (= first class in PRC trains)  
 ruǎn zuò soft seat (= first class in PRC trains)  

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