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To transfer a shop and all its contents to new owner in English - Chinese Dictionary

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 pán diàn to transfer a shop and all its contents to new owner
 cái dōng shop owner / moneybags
 dōng zhǔ owner (e.g. of a shop)  
 mù lù catalog / table of contents / directory (on computer hard drive) / list / contents
 diàn zhǔ shop owner
 zì hao character size / font size / fame / reputation / shop / name of a shop  
 jiǔ sì wine shop / liquor store / bottle shop / bar / pub  
 diàn jiā proprietor of a shop or restaurant / landlord / shop
 diàn huǒ shop assistant / shop clerk  
 tuō chǎn to transfer (from production to other duties) / to take leave (for study or other job) / to dispose of property / to transfer assets (to avoid liability)
 jì shù zhuǎn ràng technology transfer / transfer of technology  
  chart datum transfer / tidal water transfer  
 zhuǎn yuàn to transfer (a patient) to a different hospital / to transfer to hospital (e.g. a prisoner)  
  intangible transfer of technology / intangible transfer  
 zǒng mù super-order (taxonomy) / catalog / table of contents  
 mù eye / item / section / list / catalogue / table of contents / order (taxonomy) / goal / name / title
  transfer flask (UK) / transfer cask (US)  
 duǎn bǎn short stave of the barrel (which allows the contents to escape) / (fig.) shortcoming / weak point  
  Agreement on Preparatory Transfer of Powers and Responsibilities / Preparatory Transfer Agreement  
 piān mù table of contents  
  Protocol on Further Transfer of Powers and Responsibilities / Further Transfer Protocol  
 bēi zhōng wù (lit.) contents of the cup / (fig.) liquor / wine
  contents and scope of the Treaty  
 lú clay / shop  
 chǎng zhǔ factory owner  
 yè zhǔ owner / proprietor
 chuán dōng ship owner
 chē zhǔ vehicle owner  
  Agreement on Preparatory Transfer of Powers and Responsibilities / Preparatory Transfer Agreement  
 zhāo lǐng to advertize for the owner of lost property  
 fǎn huán restitution / return of something to its original owner / remittance  
  Protocol on Further Transfer of Powers and Responsibilities / Further Transfer Protocol  
 xián zhāng recreative seal, bearing not the owner's name but a well-known verse or such, and used for artistic purposes on paintings etc  
 pù plank bed / place to sleep / shop / store / (old) relay station
 zhì pù pawn shop  
 pù hù store / shop
 mén liǎn shop front / facade
 chén huò shop-worn goods / remnants  
 zhǔ rén master / host / owner / CL:個 / |个 / [ge4]
 yǒu chǎn zhě property owner / the wealthy
 wáng bā tortoise / cuckold / (old) male owner of a brothel / pimp
 qián chē zhǔ previous owner (of a car for sale)  
 qǐ yè zhǔ owner of enterprise
 nú lì zhǔ slave owner
 zì gēng nóng owner-holder  
 dǎo gòu shopper's guide / shop assistant / sales staff  
  Protocol on Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers to the Convention on Access to Information, Public Participation in Decision-making and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters / Protocol on Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers  
 shī zhǔ owner of lost property  
 fáng zhǔ landlord / house owner
 zhǔ owner / master / host / individual or party concerned / God / Lord / main / to indicate or signify / trump card (in card games)
 guǎn building / shop / term for certain service establishments / embassy or consulate / schoolroom (old) / CL:家 / [jia1]
 dàng pù pawn shop / CL:家 / [jia1],間 / |间 / [jian1]
 chē chǎng (bus, train etc) depot / car factory or repair shop  
 yíng yè yuán clerk / shop assistant / CL:個 / |个 / [ge4]
 diàn inn / shop / store / CL:家 / [jia1]
 diàn pù store / shop
 wǎng diàn online shop  
 pù bǎo shop's guarantee  
 pù jiā store / shop  
 pù dǐ shop fittings  
 kāi diàn to open shop  
 fà wū barber's shop  
 ròu pù butcher's shop  
 shāng pù shop / store  
 chá zhuāng tea shop  
 wù zhǔ owner
 pù zi store / shop
  science shop  
 jiǔ pù tavern / wine shop  
 diàn yuán shop assistant / salesclerk / salesperson
 sì four (banker's anti-fraud numeral) / unrestrained / wanton / (literary) shop
 jiǔ guǎn tavern / pub / wine shop
 hēi hù unregistered resident or household / unlicensed shop  
 míng cóng zhǔ rén named after (the original owner)  
 xiāng pèi wù thing that is well suited / pet animal that suits its owner  
 wù guī yuán zhǔ to return something to its rightful owner
 huǒ ji partner / fellow / mate / waiter / servant / shop assistant
 shàng mén to drop in / to visit / to lock a door / (of a shop) to close
 piào zhuāng money shop (ancient form of banking business)  
 jiǔ guǎn r a hotel / a restaurant / a wine shop  
 yè wù suǒ yǒu rén business owner  
 mén mian shop front / facade / CL:間 / |间 / [jian1] / prestige
 bàn nián huò to shop in preparation for Chinese New Year  
 jiàn tou diàn job agency (arch.) / employment shop  
 chuán zhì mass transfer  
 diàn huì telegraphic transfer (TT)
 qǐng diào to request a transfer  
 suǒ yǒu zhě proprietor / owner
 suǒ yǒu zhǔ owner / proprietor  
 zhuān yíng diàn exclusive agency / franchised shop / authorized store  
 fà láng hair salon / hairdresser's shop / CL:家 / [jia1],間 / |间 / [jian1]
 lǐ fà tīng (Taiwan) barber's shop / hairdresser's / CL:家 / [jia1]
 wán bì guī Zhào lit. to return the jade annulus to Zhao (idiom) / fig. to return something intact to its rightful owner
 zhuǎn to turn / to change direction / to transfer / to forward (mail)
 zhuǎn zhàng transfer money from or into an account  
 diào qiān to transfer / to move / to shift  
  transfer of appropriations  
 chuán zhǔ ship's captain / owner of ship  
 yíng yè shí hou opening hours (shop, bank, restaurant)  
 fù zhuǎn to demobilize / to transfer to other tasks (of troops)  

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