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To send a telegram in English - Chinese Dictionary

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 lái diàn incoming telegram or telephone call / your telegram, telephone call, or message / to send a telegram or make a telephone call here (i.e. to the speaker) / to have instant attraction to sb / to have chemistry with sb / to come back (of electricity, after a  
 fā diàn to generate electricity / to send a telegram
 pāi diàn to send a telegram  
 pāi fā to send / to cable (a telegram)  
 diàn yàn a telegraph condolence / to send a message of condolence by telegram  
 diàn chuán to send information using electronic means (such as fax, telegram, telex etc) / a message transmitted using electronic means / telex / teleprinter  
 mì diàn coded telegram / secret telegram  
 zhì yì to send one's greetings / to send best regards / to devote attention to
 diào bīng qiǎn jiàng to move an army and send a general (idiom) / to deploy an army / to send a team on a task
 hè diàn congratulatory telegram  
 diàn bào telegram / cable / telegraph / CL:封 / [feng1],份 / [fen4]
 zhì diàn to phone / to telegram
 yàn diàn a telegram of condolence  
 huí diàn to reply to a telegram / to wire back  
 tōng diàn to set up an electric circuit / to electrify / to switch on / to be connected to an electricity grid / open telegram  
 mì mǎ diàn bào coded telegram / ciphered cable  
 jī send / to present in both hands
 bān to promulgate / to send out / to issue / to grant or confer
 fā bào to send a message
 yóu dì to send by mail / to post
 fā huò to dispatch / to send out goods  
 fā to send out / to show (one's feeling) / to issue / to develop / classifier for gunshots (rounds)
 xīng shī to dispatch troops / to send an army / to mobilize forces
 diào bō to send (products) / to allocate / to commit (funds) / to channel (goods)
 chuán huí to send back
 jì cí to send a message  
 xīng bīng to send troops  
 xuǎn sòng to select and send over  
 chāi to send / to commission / messenger / mission
 huān sòng to see off / to send off
 wèn hǎo to say hello to / to send one's regards to
 zhì to send / to devote / to deliver / to cause / to convey
 jì gěi to send to  
 fā huí to send back / to return  
 jì to live (in a house) / to lodge / to mail / to send / to entrust / to depend
 yóu jì to mail / to send by post
 dì sòng to send (a message) / to deliver
 jì fā to dispatch / to send out (mail)  
 jì dá to send sth by mail  
 pài yí to send (sb) on a mission / to dispatch  
 jiàn zhēng to send or go on a punitive expedition  
 sòng gěi to send / to give as a present  
 sòng yī to send or deliver to the hospital  
 dǎ fa to dispatch sb to do sth / to send sb away / to pass the time
 fǎn kuì to send back information / feedback
 wèn hòu to give one's respects / to send a greeting
 yán qǐng to employ / to send for sb promising employment
 dā huà to talk / to get into conversation with / to send word
 fā bīng to dispatch an army / to send troops  
 diào pài to send on assignment / to deploy (troops)
 yùn chū shipment / to dispatch / to ship out / to send  
 fā pèi to send away to serve a penal sentence
 nuǎn send a present of a feast  
 qiǎn to dispatch / to send / to dispel
 tǎo to invite / to provoke / to demand or ask for / to send armed forces to suppress / to denounce or condemn / to marry (a woman) / to discuss or study
使 shǐ to make / to cause / to enable / to use / to employ / to send / to instruct sb to do sth / envoy / messenger
 chuán qíng to pass on amorous feelings / to send one's love to sb
 tōng wèn to mutually send greetings / to communicate / to exchange news  
 lán chū to leave impulsively / to send out (merchandise) without authorization  
 mào to emit / to give off / to send out (or up, forth) / brave / bold / to cover / to act under false pretences
 chū shī to finish apprenticeship / to graduate / to send out troops (under a commander)
 yùn jiāo to consign / to send (goods to customers) / shipping / delivery  
 jī send / to present in both hands  
б(日)  pressed flowers telegram  
退 tuì huán to return (sth borrowed etc) / to send back / to refund / to rebate
 tǎo fá to suppress by armed force / to send a punitive expedition against / to crusade against
 fā chū to issue (an order, decree etc) / to send out / to dispatch / to produce a sound / to let out (a laugh)
 xià dá to transmit down (a chain of command) / to pass down (to lower level) / to issue / to send through  
 pīng to send / to let go  
 pài clique / school / group / faction / to dispatch / to send / to assign / to appoint / pi (Greek letter &Pi / &pi / ) / the circular ratio pi = 3.1415926 / (loanword) pie
 xīng shī wèn zuì to send punitive forces against / to go in numbers to attack another party with condemnations
 xià pìn to send the betrothal gifts / (fig.) to conclude a marriage  
 sòng huán to return / to give back / to send back / to repatriate
退 bǐng tuì to send away / to dismiss (servants etc) / to retire from public life  
 tóu to cast / to send / to throw oneself (into the river etc) / to seek refuge / to place oneself into the hands of
 fā duǎn xìn to text / to send SMS messages  
 xíng wén writing style (formal) / to send an official written communication
 fàng zhú to banish / to deport / to send into exile / to be marooned
 qiǎn fǎn to repatriate (e.g. prisoners of war) / to send back  
 sòng qù to send to / to deliver to / to give sb a lift (e.g. in a car)  
 chuán jì to send (message to sb) / to communicate / to forward (message)  
 huí lǐ to return a greeting / to send a gift in return
 jiū sòng to seize and send (to court, to face punishment)  
 tóu shū to deliver / to send a letter / a letter (of complaint, opinion etc) / to throw a book
 liú to flow / to disseminate / to circulate or spread / to move or drift / to degenerate / to banish or send into exile / stream of water or sth resembling one / class, rate or grade
 lái xìn incoming letter / send a letter here
 jiǎo fěi to send armed forces to suppress  
 huí hào to write back / to send a reply  
 wài sòng to send out / fast food delivered  
 yā jiè to send away under escort (criminals, goods etc)
 yā sòng to send under escort / to transport a detainee
 shōu fā to receive and send / to receive and transmit  
 sòng xìn to send word / to deliver a letter  
 qù to go / to go to (a place) / to cause to go or send (sb) / to remove / to get rid of / (when used either before or after a verb) to go in order to do sth / to be apart from in space or time / (after a verb of motion indicates movement away from the speake
 pài qiǎn to send (on a mission) / to dispatch
 qiǎn sòng to send away / to deport / to repatriate  
 sòng to deliver / to carry / to give (as a present) / to present (with) / to see off / to send
 sòng xíng to see someone off / to throw someone a send-off party
 tūn tǔ to take in and send out (in large quantities)
 jì chū to mail / to send by post  

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