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 dào direction / way / road / path / CL:條 / |条 / [tiao2],股 / [gu3] / principle / truth / morality / reason / skill / method / Dao (of Daoism) / to say / to speak / to talk / classifier for long thin things (rivers, cracks etc), barriers (walls, doo
 lǐ texture / grain (of wood) / inner essence / intrinsic order / reason / logic / truth / science / natural science (esp. physics) / to manage / to pay attention to / to run (affairs) / to handle / to put in order / to tidy up
 zhēn lǐ truth / CL:個 / |个 / [ge4]
 shí huà truth
 zhèng míng proof / certificate / identification / testimonial / CL:個 / |个 / [ge4] / to prove / to testify / to confirm the truth of
 zhēn xiàng the truth about sth / the actual facts
 zhì yí to call into question / to question (truth or validity)
 zhēn qíng real situation / the truth
 shuō shí huà to speak the truth / truth to tell / frankly  
 yǐn mán to conceal / to hide (a taboo subject) / to cover up the truth
 shí shì qiú shì to seek truth from facts (idiom) / to be practical and realistic
 xǐng wù to come to oneself / to come to realize / to come to see the truth / to wake up to reality
 zhē yǎn to cover / to mask / to cover up or conceal (the truth etc)
 jué xǐng to awaken / to come to realize / awakened to the truth / the truth dawns upon one / scales fall from the eyes / to become aware
 shí qíng actual situation / truth
 yǒu dào learned and virtuous / reasonable / right / lawful / to have attained the way / to adhere to principles of truth and right / Good government prevails.  
 shí huà shí shuō to tell the truth / to tell it as it is  
 jiàn yì yǒng wéi to see what is right and act courageously (idiom, from Analects) / to stand up bravely for the truth / acting heroically in a just cause
 dùn wù a flash of realization / the truth in a flash / a moment of enlightenment (usually Buddhist)
 shuǐ luò shí chū As the water recedes, the rocks appear (idiom) / the truth comes to light / When facts are known, doubts dissipate. / Murder will out. / Name of a CCTV soap opera set in police station
 míng lǐ sensible / reasonable / an obvious reason, truth or fact / to understand the reason or reasoning
 zhēn xiàng dà bái the whole truth is revealed (idiom) / everything becomes clear
 qiú shì to seek the truth  
 zhēn shàn měi truth, goodness and beauty  
 Pǔ xián Samantabhadra, the Buddhist Lord of Truth  
 xǐng wù to wake up to reality / to come to oneself / to realize / to see the truth
 yǐ é chuán é to spread falsehoods / to increasingly distort the truth / to pile errors on top of errors (idiom)
 yī shǒu zhē tiān lit. to hide the sky with one hand / to hide the truth from the masses
 měng xǐng to realise suddenly / to wake up to the truth
 tí hú refined cream cheese / fig. crè / me de la crè / me / nirvana / Buddha nature / Buddhist truth / broth / flawless personal character  
 zhǐ bāo bù zhù huǒ lit. paper can't wrap fire / fig. the truth will out
 pò broken / damaged / worn out / lousy / rotten / to break, split or cleave / to get rid of / to destroy / to break with / to defeat / to capture (a city etc) / to expose the truth of
 rèn zhàng to own up to a fault / to admit the truth / to acknowledge a debt
 dì to examine / truth (Buddhism)
 bì a half-truth / flatter  
西 dōng yǎn xī zhē to cover up the truth on all sides (idiom)  
 shě shēn qiú fǎ to abandon one's body in the search for Buddha's truth (idiom)  
 zhī wú qí cí (idiom) to talk in a roundabout way to cover up the truth / evasive
鹿 zhǐ lù zuò mǎ to take a deer and call it a horse (idiom) / deliberate inversion of the truth  
 yuán xíng bì lù original identity fully revealed (idiom) / fig. to unmask and expose the whole truth
 zhēn xiàng bì lù real face fully revealed (idiom) / fig. to unmask and expose the whole truth  
 jī fēi chéng shì a wrong repeated becomes right (idiom) / a lie or an error passed on for a long time may be taken for the truth  
 diān dǎo hēi bái lit. to invert black and white (idiom) / to distort the truth deliberately / to misrepresent the facts / to invert right and wrong
 wén yǐ zài dào words of truth / moral expressed in words / written article explaining a moral  
  ground truth / ground truth data  
 Zhēn xīn huà Dà Mào xiǎn The Moment of Truth (TV show) / Truth or Dare (game)  
  ground truth / ground truth data  
 zhēn jì the truth / reality  
 shuō luò to confess / to let out the truth (colloquial)  
 tǔ shí to reveal the truth / to spill the beans  
 jù shí yǐ gào to report according to the facts / to tell the truth / to tell it like it is  
 Pǔ xián Pú sà Samantabhadra, the Buddhist Lord of Truth  
 tǔ mù shēn one's body as wood and earth / undecorated / unvarnished (truth)  
 dà dào li major principle / general truth / sermon (reproof) / bombastic talk  
 bù kān zhī lùn indisputable statement / unalterable truth  
 bù yì zhī lùn perfectly sound proposition / unalterable truth / irrefutable argument  
 Lù duān Luduan, mythical Chinese beast able to detect the truth  
 zhēn zhí biǎo truth table  
 jiǔ hòu tǔ zhēn yán after wine, spit out the truth / in vino veritas  
 Zhēn lǐ bù Ministry of Truth, a fictional ministry from George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four  
  Forum for Truth and Reconciliation  
 shì shí qiú shì to seek the truth from facts  
  Commission on the Truth  
 tiān dì liáng xīn in all honesty / truth to tell  
 qiǎo zhà bù rú zhuō chéng the unvarnished truth is better than a cunning ruse (idiom) / honesty is the best policy  
 zhòng kǒu shuò jīn lit. public opinion is powerful enough to melt metal (idiom) / fig. public clamor can obscure the actual truth / mass spreading of rumors can confuse right and wrong  
 Aò mǔ Zhēn lǐ jiào Aum Shinrikyo (or Supreme Truth), the Japanese death cult responsible for the 1995 sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway  
  Ad Hoc Ground Truth Working Group  
 shì qiú shì to seek the truth from facts  
  Truth and Friendship Commission  
  Joint Committee for the Emergence of the Truth / Komite mete men pou verite blayi  
  Truth and Reconciliation Commission Act  
 huǒ yǎn jīn jīng shí zhēn jiǎ fiery eyes and golden pupils can discern truth from falsehood (idiom)  
  Justice, Truth and Reconciliation Commission  
  Truth, Reception and Reconciliation Commission  
  Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission  
  White Paper on the Truth and Reconciliation Project  
  National Commission for Truth and Justice  
 shí jiàn shì jiǎn yàn zhēn lǐ de wéi yī biāo zhǔn Actual practice is the sole criterion for judging truth (item from Deng Xiaoping theory, from 1978)  
  Trust Fund for the Commission on the Truth for El Salvador  
  Truth and Reconciliation Commission  
 dào zhī suǒ cún , shī zhī suǒ cún If sb has grasped the truth before you, take him as your teacher (Tang dynasty essayist Han Yu 韓 / / |韩 / / ). / We should learn from one who knows the way.  
  National Truth and Reconciliation Commission  
 dào suǒ cún zhě , nǎi shī suǒ cún zhě If sb has grasped the truth before you, take him as your teacher (Tang dynasty essayist Han Yu 韓 / / |韩 / / ). / We should learn from one who knows the way.  
  right to truth  

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