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To express (an emotion) in English - Chinese Dictionary

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For example : nihao, wo3, train, love, 你好, etc.


怀 shū huái to express emotion
 shū fā to express (an emotion) / to give vent
 shū qíng to express emotion / lyric
 kuài jiàn express delivery / express mail or luggage  
 zhěn square / strongly (as of emotion)
 kǎi indignant / generous / to sigh (with emotion)
 qíng feeling / emotion / passion / situation
怀 gǎn huái to recall with emotion / to feel sentiments
 gǎn to feel / to move / to touch / to affect / feeling / emotion / (suffix) sense of ~
 jìn rùn to permeate / to percolate / fig. to saturate (with emotion)
 bǎo hán to be full of (emotion) / to brim with (love, tears etc)
 xī sigh (to express regret)  
 éi hey (to express surprise)  
 ěi hey (to express disagreement)  
 èi hey (to express agreement)  
 chǎn to express / to disclose / to enlighten / to open
 chēng xiè to express thanks
 jī qíng passion / fervor / enthusiasm / strong emotion
 shān qíng to stir up emotion / to arouse sympathy / moving  
 qíng gǎn feeling / emotion / to move (emotionally)
 gǎn niàn to recall fondly / to remember with emotion
 yǎn shén expression or emotion showing in one's eyes / meaningful glance / wink / eyesight (dialect)
 tàn shǎng to admire / to express admiration
 gǎn kuì sighing with emotion  
 qíng zhì emotion / mood  
 míng xiè to express gratitude (esp. in public) / vote of thanks
 xīn dòng heartbeat / palpitation / one's heartbeat quickens / tachycardia / fig. emotionally affected / aroused (of desire, emotion, interest etc) / startled / shocked / perturbed  
 gǎn qíng feeling / emotion / sensation / likes and dislikes / deep affection for sb or sth / relationship (i.e. love affair) / CL:個 / |个 / [ge4],種 / |种 / [zhong3]
 liè yàn to chase women / to express oneself in a pompous flowery style  
 zhù to wish / to express good wishes / to pray / (old) wizard
 míng zhuàng to express / to describe  
 kuài dì express delivery  
 shēn xiè to express gratitude / to thank
 xiǎn chū to express / to exhibit
 dá xiè to express one's thanks
 dào xiè to express thanks
 āi hey! / (interjection used to attract attention or to express surprise or disapprobation)
 kuài chē express (train, bus etc)  
 wèi wèn to express sympathy, greetings, consolation etc
 jìn yì to express fully / all one's feelings  
 dá yì to express or convey one's ideas
 zhù sòng to express good wishes
 biǎo dá to voice (an opinion) / to express / to convey
 gǎn xiè (express) thanks / gratitude / grateful / thankful / thanks
 yóu outstanding / particularly, especially / a fault / to express discontentment against
 gěng yè to choke with emotion / to choke with sobs
 xìn bǐ to write freely / to express oneself as one pleases  
 gōng hè to congratulate respectfully / to express good wishes
 yóu rán ér shēng arising involuntarily (idiom) / spontaneous / to spring up unbidden (of emotion)
 shēn qíng deep emotion / deep feeling / deep love
 fā huī to display / to exhibit / to bring out implicit or innate qualities / to express (a thought or moral) / to develop (an idea) / to elaborate (on a theme)
 zé conjunction used to express contrast with a previous sentence or clause / standard / norm / rule / to imitate / to follow / then / principle / classifier for written items (such as an official statement)
 kāi kuài chē an express train sets off / fig. to work in haste / to rush
 shuō lái huà cháng start explaining and it's a long story (idiom) / complicated and not easy to express succinctly
 jì yú to place (hope, importance etc) on / to express / to show / to give
 gào bái to pronounce / public announcement / to express oneself / to justify
 wā sāi exclamation used to express a feeling of amazement (slang) / wow!  
 shū xiě to express (emotions in prose) / a written description (of emotions)
 shū to express / to give expression to / variant of 紓 / |纾 / [shu1] / to relieve
 zhēn shi indeed / truly / (coll.) (used to express disapproval, annoyance etc about sth)
 píng kuài chē local express  
 tè kuài chē special express  
 biǎo bái to explain oneself / to express / to reveal one's thoughts or feelings / declaration / confession
 tè kuài zhuān dì express mail  
 xīn li huà (to express one's) true feelings / what is on one's mind / secret mind  
 xǔ xià yuàn xīn to express a wish (to a deity)  
 liú lù to express / to reveal (one's thoughts or feelings)
 chū diǎn zi express an opinion
 juē zuǐ to pout (to express anger or displeasure)  
 zhì yǐ to express / to present / to extend / to tender (greetings, thanks etc)
 Měi guó Yùn tōng American Express Co. (Amex)  
 zhuō yú yán cí to be unable to express oneself clearly (idiom)  
 míng xiè to express gratitude (esp. in public) / vote of thanks / also written 鳴 / / |鸣 /  
 biǎo shì to express / to show / to say / to state / to indicate / to mean
 kuài xìn letter by express mail  
 tè kuài express (train, delivery etc)  
 zhì āi to express grief / to mourn  
 zhì qiàn to apologize / to express regret
 biǎo yì to express meaning / ideographic
 shì hǎo to express goodwill / to be friendly  
 wō xīn to feel irritated without being able to express it / to bear a silent grudge / to feel warm inside (Southern Mandarin)
 chàng fǎn diào to sing an opposite tune / to contradict / to express an opposing view / to strike a discordant note
 zài dào to fill the road (also fig. clamor, cries of complaint) / to communicate a moral / to convey the Way / to express (idea, preference, complaint)  
 yī yán nán jìn hard to explain in a few words (idiom) / complicated and not easy to express succinctly
 xīn yǒu líng xī yī diǎn tōng hearts linked as one, just as the proverbial rhinoceros communicates emotion telepathically through his single horn (idiom) / fig. two hearts beat as one  
 zhì cí to express in words or writing / to make a speech (esp. short introduction, vote of thanks, afterword, funeral homily etc) / to address (an audience) / same as 致 / / |致 /
 tán qíng shuō ài to discuss passion and talk of love (idiom) / to express love with terms of endearment / billing and cooing
 Huǒ xīng kuài chē Mars express, EU spacecraft  
 Měi rì Kuài bào Daily Express (newspaper)  
 tè kuài liè chē special express train  
 shí wàn huǒ jí most urgent / post-haste / express
 yán bù jìn yì (conventional letter ending) words cannot fully express what is in my heart (idiom)  
 jīng xǐ ruò kuáng pleasantly surprised like mad (idiom) / capering madly with joy / to express boundless pleasure  
 biǎo qíng (facial) expression / to express one's feelings / expression
线  "Lifeline Express"  
 bù zhì kě fǒu decline to comment / not express an opinion / be noncommittal / hedge
 shù qǐ dà mu zhǐ to give a thumbs-up / to express one's approval  
 shǎo jiàn duō guài lit. rarely seen, very strange (idiom) / to express amazement due to lack of experience / naive expression of excitement due to ignorance
 biǎo xiàn zì jǐ to express oneself / to give an account of oneself / to project oneself / to show off  
 kuài xíng dào fast lane / express lane  

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