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 bāo fu dǐ r family heirloom / most precious family possession / person's secrets / one's best performance  
 jué farewell / secrets (of an art)
 kě ér a person after one's heart (charming person) / capable person  
 rén chēng person (first person, second person etc in grammar) / called / known as  
 kě rén pleasant / agreeable / a person after one's heart (charming person) / a gifted person
 xiè mì to leak secrets
 yǐn sī secrets / private business / privacy
 shuō pò to lay bare (actual facts, secrets etc) / to reveal  
 shì jī confidential aspects of a matter / secrets / key moment for action
 xián worthy or virtuous person / honorific used for a person of the same or a younger generation
 jī jiàn to admonish (a senior person) / a euphemism politely criticizing an older person  
 xī huáng shàng rén lit. a person before the legendary emperor Fuxi 伏 / / [Fu2 Xi1] / person from ages immemorial / fig. untroubled person  
 hēi mù hidden details / dirty tricks / dark secrets
 jiē dǐ to reveal the inside story / to expose sb's secrets
 Lǔ rén person from Shandong / often refers to Confucius / stupid person  
 cì r tóu an awkward person / a difficult person to deal with
 biàn shì eloquent person / person with rhetoric skills
 xián rén idle person / idler / unconcerned person
 chuán chàng (of a song) to pass from person to person
 fèi rén handicapped person / useless person
 bān xuàn tou lit. to move the shoes on the shoe tree (idiom) / fig. to expose shameful secrets (old)  
 hǎo niǎo person of good character / nice person / bird with a melodious voice or beautiful plumage  
 liú yī shǒu to hold back a trick / not to divulge all one's trade secrets
 lǎo prefix used before the surname of a person or a numeral indicating the order of birth of the children in a family or to indicate affection or familiarity / old (of people) / venerable (person) / experienced / of long standing / always / all the time / of
 nà gè rén lit. that person / fig. the person you have been looking for / Mr Right / the girl of one's dreams  
 zōng jiàng person with remarkable academic or artistic attainments / master craftsman / highly esteemed person
 xiǎo rén person of low social status (old) / I, me (used to refer humbly to oneself) / nasty person / vile character
 ǎi gè r a person of short stature / a short person
 běn rén the person himself / I (humble form used in speeches) / oneself / myself / in person / personal
 dān shēn guì zú fig. unmarried person / single person (especially one who is comfortable financially)  
  person-to-person transmission  
 diào sǐ guǐ ghost of a person who died by hanging / hanged person / (coll.) inchworm / hangman (word game)  
 shòu xíng rén person being executed / victim of corporal punishment / person serving a sentence  
 yīn rén ér yì varying from person to person (idiom) / different for each individual  
 míng yǎn rén perspicacious person / sb with a discerning eye / sighted person (as opposed to blind)
 xīn rén new age person / new type of person / newly-wed, esp. new bride / bride and groom
 chuán qí rén wù legendary person / legend (i.e. person)  
 pǔ tōng rén ordinary person / private citizen / people / the person in the street
 zǒu lòu xiāo xi to divulge secrets  
 duō miàn shǒu multi-talented person / versatile person / all-rounder
 èr hào rén wù second best person / second-rate person  
 shòu bǎo rén the insured person / the person covered by an insurance policy  
 shǒu hand / (formal) to hold / person engaged in certain types of work / person skilled in certain types of work / personal(ly) / convenient / classifier for skill / CL:雙 / |双 / [shuang1],隻 / |只 / [zhi1]
 jí xìng rén impetuous person / excitable person  
 huā biān rén wù smooth talker / fast talker / slick and sociable person / person in the news  
 měi rén each person / everybody / per person
 dé gāo wàng zhòng a person of virtue and prestige / a person of good moral standing and reputation
 jí xìng zi impetuous person / excitable person
 xiāng jiāo rén banana person (yellow outside, white inside) / mildly pejorative term used by Chinese for assimilated Asian Americans / Westernized person of Asian appearance  
 zhì zhàng rén shì person with learning difficulties (handicap) / retarded person  
 yǒu xīn rén resolute person / person with aspirations / people who feel / people who use their heads
 rén chuán rén transmitted person-to-person  
 rén jì jiē chù person-to-person contact  
 yǎ zi mute person / dumb person / (more commonly called 啞 / / |哑 / / [ya3 ba5])
/日  person-day of inspection / person-day of inspector  
 chéng person's name  
 yuán person / employee / member
 qīn lín to go in person
 gàn jiàng capable person
 shāng yuán wounded person
 Bèi ěr Bell (person name)  
  peer-to-peer lending / person-to-person lending  
寿 shòu lǐ birthday present (for an old person)  
 yí tǐ remains (of a dead person)
 bèi lǎn naughty / mischievous person  
 tóu lǐng head person / leader
 chǒu lèi villain / evil person
 zhàn liàn sentimental attachment to a person or place  
鸿 hóng hú swan / person with noble aspirations
 chán chǎn to defame one person while flattering another / a slandering toady  
 fēng diào character (of a person, verse, object etc) / style  
 xiàn to offer / to present / to dedicate / to donate / to show / to put on display / worthy person (old)
 yīng shēng chóng yes-man / opinionless person
 xiǎn guì dignitary / distinguished person / royalty / nobleman / big shot
 huài niǎo sinister person / unsavory character / broken (not in working order)  
/艾  person living with HIV / AIDS / person with AIDS  
 luán fèng luan and phoenix / husband and wife / virtuous person / sovereign / belle
 bié ren other people / others / other person
 chái firewood / lean (of meat) / thin (of a person)
 qīn zì personally / in person / oneself
寿 shòu chén birthday (of an old person)
 wěi rén great person
 wén rén famous person
 Kǎi lì Kelly (person name)  
 Kǎi wén Kevin (person name)  
 suí shēn to (carry) on one's person / to (take) with one
 gè zhǎn a one-person exhibition  
 xiān jué person with foresight  
 dān rén single person
 jiān xi a spy / a crafty person
 fù hūn to remarry (the same person)  
 lǎn rén lazy person  
 xiāng jiàn to see each other / to meet in person
 xíng zhuàng person's background
 hǎn to yell / to shout / to call out for (a person)
 tān zi paralyzed person
 zhè wèi this (person)  
 lóng zi deaf person  
  one-person household  
 tū zi bald-headed person / baldy

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