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Onomat. clang in English - Chinese Dictionary

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 yā (onomat.)  
 dāng clank / clang / sound of metal
 zhēng clang of metals / small gong
 kēng (onom.) clang / jingling of metals / to strike  
 hóng clang  
 yē onomat. for surprise, amazement and sigh  
 kuāng (onom.) clang / see 哐 / / , clatter
 kuāng lāng (onom.) clang / clatter / bang / crash / clank
 lā (onomat.) / (phonetic)
 chǒu (onomat.)  
 kā (onomat.)
 lā (onomat.)  
 dāng dāng (onom.) clang / clank of metal / sound of striking a gong  
 dāng onomat. dong / ding dong bell  
 gá lǎ onomat. / same as 噶 /  
 gá lā onomat. / same as 噶 /  
 gá gá onomat.  
 kǎ tà kǎ tà onomat. clatter  

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