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 yè jì performance / track record / outstanding achievement / great feat / yield (of investment) / growth / performance (i.e. company profits) / sales
 yǎn chū to act (in a play) / to perform / to put on (a performance) / performance / concert / show / CL:場 / |场 / [chang3],次 / [ci4]
 zhuān chǎng special performance  
  performance planning  
  performance audit  
 chǒu tài shameful performance / disgraceful situation  
 kāi luó to beat the gong to open a performance  
 kāi tái start of play / opening of theatrical performance
 zhōng chǎng end (of a performance or sports match) / last round of testing in the imperial examinations
 huì yǎn joint performance
 jì xiào performance / results / achievement  
  performance monitoring  
  performance planning  
  performance improvement  
  performance standards  
 shè xì theatrical performance (e.g. on religious festival)  
 yì yǎn benefit performance / charity show  
  performance planning  
 duì kǒu cí dialog (for stage performance)  
 chǎng cì the number of showings of a movie, play etc / screening / performance  
 jiàn xiào to mock / to be ridiculed / to incur ridicule through one's poor performance (humble)
 shì yǎn audition / dress rehearsal / preview (of a theatrical performance) / dummy run
  Individual Performance Plan  
 xiù handsome / refined / elegant / graceful / performance / ear of grain / show (loanword) / CL:場 / |场 / [chang2]
 chéng jì achievement / performance records / grades / CL:項 / |项 / [xiang4],個 / |个 / [ge4]
 huó bào jù lit. living newspaper / comic skit / street performance (e.g. satirical demo)  
 chū dào to make one's first public performance (of an entertainer etc) / to start one's career
 shǒu yǎn maiden stage role / first performance / first public showing  
 liào dì (of folk artists) to give a performance at a temple fair or on the street etc  
 yǎn bō broadcast performance / televised or podcast lecture  
 xìng néng shì yàn performance trial  
 yè jì chéng bāo performance contracting  
 kǎo jì fǎn kuì performance feedback  
 yè jì zhī zhù performance pillar  
 jī gòu yè jì institutional performance  
  performance management plan  
 yǎn chàng sung performance / to sing for an audience  
 quán běn whole edition / whole performance (of Chinese opera)  
 jiā yǎn encore / to give an extra performance  
 hé yǎn to act together / to put on a joint performance  
 dā zhuō charity performance (theater in former times)  
 wán yì toy / plaything / thing / act / trick (in a performance, stage show, acrobatics etc)
 kǎo jì bào gào Performance Evaluation Report  
 biǎo yǎn play / show / performance / exhibition / to perform / to act / to demonstrate / CL:場 / |场 / [chang3]
 shū guǎn r teashop with performance by 評 / / |评 / / story tellers  
 gē yán a feast which also has a singing performance  
 zǒu piào amateur performance (in theater)  
  performance level  
  performance standards  
  performance attribution  
 xíng dòng yì shù jiā performance artist  
 piào ticket / ballot / bank note / CL:張 / |张 / [zhang1] / person held for ransom / amateur performance of Chinese opera / classifier for shipments and business transactions (dialect)
 tí shén to freshen up / to be cautious or vigilant / to watch out / stimulant to enhance mental performance / stay-awake drug / agrypnotic
 xìng néng function / performance
 pái yǎn to rehearse (a performance)
 jìn yǎn to prohibit performance  
 kāi tái luó gǔ opening gong / gong strokes announcing start of opera performance  
 zhōng chǎng middle period of a tripartite provincial exam (in former times) / midfield / mid-court (in sports) / half-time / intermission half-way through a performance  
  Multilateral Organisations Performance Assessment Network  
 shū guǎn teashop with performance by 評 / / |评 / / story tellers / (attached to name of publishing houses) / (in former times) private school / library (of classic texts)  
 tīng shū to listen to stories / to listen to performance of 說 / / |说 / / storytelling  
  Management Performance Board  
 wén yì yǎn chū theatrical performance / CL:場 / |场 / [chang3]  
 yǎn chū dì diǎn performance place / CL:處 / |处 / [chu4]  
 gāng qín yǎn zòu piano performance  
 shí shī piān yǐ performance bias  
  performance management module  
  comparative performance management  
  Good Performance Initiative  
 lu:3 yuē bǎo zhèng jīn performance bond (international trade)  
  Performance Evaluation Report  
  Office of Performance Measurement and Reporting  
  Development Finance and Performance Unit  
  International Conference on Performance Contracting  
  Annual Performance Trend Index  
  Performance Appraisal and Development  
  Performance Management Section  
 chā kē dǎ hùn to include impromptu comic material in opera performance (idiom) / to jest / buffoonery
 gāo xìng néng high performance  
 chóng yǎn a repeat performance / repeat occurrence (e.g. of a disaster)  
 kǎo jì qī performance period  
  Strategy and Performance  
  performance bond  
 lín lí jìn zhì lit. extreme saturation (idiom) / fig. vividly and thoroughly / in great detail / without restraint / (of a performance) brilliant
 biǎo xiàn to show / to show off / to display / to manifest / expression / manifestation / show / display / performance (at work etc) / behavior
 huá jī comical / funny / amusing / old pr. [gu3 ji1] / huaji, a form of comedy performance popular in Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang
 guā mù xiāng kàn to have a whole new level of respect for sb or sth / to sit up and take notice (of sb's improved performance etc)
 xún huí yǎn chū theatrical tour / series of performance by a visiting troupe / roadshow  
  programme impact performance assessment  
  Office of Audit and Performance Review  
 bāo fu dǐ r family heirloom / most precious family possession / person's secrets / one's best performance  
  Programme Performance Report  
  vendor performance  
 kě quān kě diǎn remarkable (performance, achievement etc) / worthy of praise  
 kǎo jì zhì duó Performance Appraisal System  
 jì xiào xīn zī performance-related pay  
 gēng gāo xìng néng high performance  
 huán jìng xìng néng environmental performance  
 xìng néng guǎn lǐ performance management  
 yè jì guǎn lǐ performance management  

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