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 dàng qī movie theater schedule  
 yǐng jù yuàn cinema / movie theater
 diàn yǐng yuàn cinema / movie theater / CL:家 / [jia1],座 / [zuo4]
 yǐng yuàn cinema / movie theater
穿 chuān bāng (TV or movie) blooper / continuity error / (theater) to flub one's lines / unintended exposure of a body part / to be exposed (of a scheme or trick) / to reveal sth one intended to conceal through a slip of the tongue / to blow one's cover  
 huáng piàn adult movie / pornographic movie  
 yù gào piàn movie trailer / previewed movie  
 xià piàn to stop screening a movie / to end the run of a movie  
 piàn wěi end credits (of a movie etc) / ending (of a movie etc)  
 fān pāi to reproduce photographically / to duplicate / to adapt (as a movie) / to remake (a movie) / adaptation / reproduction / remake  
 wǔ dǎ piàn action movie / kungfu movie  
 xì jù drama / play / theater
 xì cí actor's lines (in theater)
 jù chǎng theater / CL:個 / |个 / [ge4]
 zhàn qū war zone / (military) theater of operations
 yā zhòu xì next-to-last item on a program (theater) / climax  
 dāng hóng currently popular (of movie stars, singers etc)  
 dào lù to pirate (an audio recording, movie etc) / to bootleg  
 xiāng box (in theater) / side room / side
 jù shè theater company  
 xì piào (theater etc) ticket  
 xì yuàn theater
 guǎn zi restaurant / theater (old)
 mén piào ticket (for theater, cinema etc)
 mù jiān interval (between acts in theater)  
 qǔ yì folk musical theater  
 lóu zuò gallery seat (in theater)  
 wǎn chǎng evening show (at theater etc)  
 yè chǎng evening show (at theater etc)  
 bāo xiāng box (in a theater or concert hall)
 sàn chǎng (of a theater) to empty / (of a show) to end
 gōu lán brothel / theater / carved balustrade  
 yǐng jù film and theater / screen and stage  
 zǎo chǎng morning show (at theater) / matinee  
 jù yuàn theater / CL:家 / [jia1],座 / [zuo4]
 yān huā fireworks / prostitute (esp. in Yuan theater)
 bào mǎn filled to capacity (of theater, stadium, gymnasium etc)
 diǎn jiàng to appoint a general (in theater) / fig. to appoint sb for a task  
 dà zhòu xì last item on a program (theater)  
 jué role (theater) / to compete / ancient three legged wine vessel / third note of pentatonic scale
 shǔ lái bǎo folk theater consisting of recitation accompanied by clapper board rhythm  
 yān huā chǎng brothel (esp. in Yuan theater)  
 yān huā zhèn brothel (esp. in Yuan theater)  
  International Theater Institute  
 yín mù movie screen  
 pāi xì to shoot a movie  
 kāi yǎn (of a play, movie etc) to begin
 kāi yìng to start showing a movie  
 jīng sǒng horror (movie) / thriller  
 luǒ xì nude scene (in a movie)  
 yàng bǎn xì model theater (operas and ballets produced during the Cultural Revolution)  
 shè yǐng to take a photograph / photography / to shoot (a movie)
 jù zhōng The End (appearing at the end of a movie etc)
 dào xù to flash back / flashback (in a novel, movie etc)  
 shì yìng preview (of a movie) / trial screening  
A片 A piàn adult movie / pornography  
 xuán niàn suspense in a movie, play etc / concern for sb's welfare
 yǐng picture / image / film / movie / photograph / reflection / shadow / trace
 hòu gǎn afterthought / reflection after an event / a review (of a movie etc)  
 zāi nàn piàn disaster movie  
 chóng zhì to make a copy / to reproduce / to remake (a movie)  
 mài zuò (of a movie, show etc) to attract large audiences  
 cóng yǐng to make movies / to be a movie actor (or actress)  
 jìng tóu camera lens / camera shot (in a movie etc) / scene
 jù běn script for play, opera, movie etc / screenplay / scenario
 chǎng cì the number of showings of a movie, play etc / screening / performance  
 qiāng bǎn amateur pirated DVD, made e.g. by shooting a running movie  
 dòng màn cartoons and comics / animes and mangas / cartoon (animated movie) / anime  
 sǎn zuò single seat (in theater) / irregular passenger (in rickshaw)  
 yān huā nu:3 prostitute (esp. in Yuan theater)  
 yān huā shì (esp. in Yuan theater)  
 zhuī guāng dēng (theater) spotlight / followspot  
 bāo chǎng to reserve all the seats (or a large block of seats) at a theater, restaurant etc  
 Yuán qǔ Yuan dynasty theater, including poetry, music and comedy  
 yān huā zhài brothel (esp. in Yuan theater)  
 yāng ge jù Yangge opera, a rural form of theater  
 shàng tái to rise to power (in politics) / to go on stage (in the theater)
 xiǎo jì small skills / folk musical theater  
 zhú bǎn bamboo clapper boards used in folk theater  
 Chén Kǎi gē Chen Kaige (1952-), Chinese movie director  
 piàn tóu opening titles (of movie) / leader (blank film at the beginning and end of a reel)  
 qì chē xì yuàn drive-in theater  
簿 yān huā bù catalog of prostitutes (esp. in Yuan theater)  
AB制 A B zhì to split the bill (where the male counterpart foots the larger portion of the sum) / (theater) a system where two actors take turns in acting the main role, with one actor replacing the other if either is unavailable  
 dā zhuō charity performance (theater in former times)  
 jù guāng to focus light (e.g. in theater) / to spotlight  
 chí zi pond / bathhouse pool / dance floor of a ballroom / (old) stalls (front rows in a theater)
 Shǒu dū Jù chǎng the Capital Theater (in Beijing)  
 kuáng yán ravings / delirious utterances / kyō / gen (a form of traditional Japanese comic theater)
 zǒu piào amateur performance (in theater)  
 Kūn qǔ Kunqu opera, influential musical theater originating in Kunshan, Jiangsu province in Yuan times
 diàn yǐng movie / film / CL:部 / [bu4],片 / [pian4],幕 / [mu4],場 / |场 / [chang3]
 mù bù (theater) curtain
 shàng yǎn to screen (a movie) / to stage (a play) / a screening / a staging
 shè yǐng jī camera / movie camera
 kuān yǐng piàn wide-screen movie  
 Xú Kè Tsui Hark (1951-), Chinese movie director and producer  
 yǐng mí film enthusiast / movie fan / CL:個 / |个 / [ge4]  
 dòng zuò piàn action movie / CL:部 / [bu4]  
 zuì jiā optimum / optimal / peak / best (athlete, movie etc)

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