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Lit. spouting smoke through the seven orifices (idiom) in English - Chinese Dictionary

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 qī qiào shēng yān lit. spouting smoke through the seven orifices (idiom) / fig. to seethe with anger
 huī fēi yān miè lit. scattered ashes and dispersed smoke (idiom) / fig. to be annihilated / to vanish in a puff of smoke
 yān xūn huǒ liǎo smoke and baking fire (idiom) / surrounded by flames and smoke  
 ǒu copious smoke produced by smouldering firewood / half alight / to use the smoke of burning wormwood etc to repel insects  
 yān cigarette or pipe tobacco / CL:根 / [gen1] / smoke / mist / vapour / CL:縷 / |缕 / [lu:3] / tobacco plant / (of the eyes) to be irritated by smoke
 yān wù tàn cè qì smoke detector / smoke alarm  
 rú duò yān wù as if degenerating into smoke (idiom) / ignorant and unable to see where things are heading  
 wū yān zhàng qì foul black smoke atmosphere (idiom) / fig. everything in a tremendous mess / pandemonium reigns
 jiǔ qiào nine orifices of the human body (eyes, nostrils, ears, mouth, urethra, anus)  
 tūn yún tǔ wù to swallow clouds and blow out fog (idiom) / to blow cigarette or opium smoke  
 wú fēng bù qǐ làng lit. without wind there cannot be waves (idiom) / there must be a reason / no smoke without fire  
 kòng xué lái fēng wèi bì wú yīn wind does not come from an empty cave without reason / there's no smoke without fire (idiom)  
  smoke cartridge  
 lú capital (of column) / smoke tree  
 yān qì smoke  
 nóng yān thick smoke  
 yān xūn smoke / to fumigate  
 yún yān mist / smoke / cloud
 mí méng impenetrable thick fog or smoke  
 yān chén smoke and dust / air pollution
 yān yǐn the urge to smoke / tobacco addiction  
 yān wù smoke / mist / vapor / smog / fumes
 lu:3 strand / thread / detailed / in detail / classifier for wisps (of smoke, mist or vapor), strands, locks (of hair)
 qiàng to irritate the nose / to choke (of smoke, smell etc) / pungent / (coll.) (Tw) to shout at sb / to scold / to speak out against sb
 xiāo yān smoke (from guns)  
 yān quān smoke ring  
 yān mái smoke / pollution  
 shuāng wù frost smoke  
 xī yān to smoke
  smoke injection  
  smoke canister  
 chōu yān to smoke (a cigarette, tobacco)
 yān huǒ smoke and fire / fireworks
  smoke ammunition  
 yīn yūn dense (of smoke, mist)
 chuī yān smoke from kitchen chimneys  
 mào yān to discharge smoke / to fume with rage
 yān mù dàn smoke bomb
 jiǎo to color by smoke  
  smoke drying  
 dào yān to have smoke billowing from a fireplace or stove (due to a blockage in the chimney)  
 péng fleabane (family Asteraceae) / disheveled / classifier for luxuriant plants, smoke, ashes, campfires: clump, puff
 xiāng yān cigarette / smoke from burning incense / CL:支 / [zhi1],條 / |条 / [tiao2]
 pò jiè to violate a religious precept / to smoke or drink after giving up  
 yān rǎn fǎ smoke stain method  
 yī liù yān like a wisp of smoke / (to disappear etc) in an instant
 xūn fragrance / warm / to educate / variant of 熏 / [xun1] / to smoke / to fumigate  
 èr shǒu yān second-hand smoke  
 qǐng wù xī yān No smoking / Please do not smoke  
 huà wéi wū yǒu to go up in smoke / to vanish
 xūn kǎo to smoke / to cure over a wood fire  
 yān variant of 煙 / |烟 / [yan1] / cigarette / tobacco / smoke  
 dà kǒu big mouthful (of food, drink, smoke etc) / open mouth / gulping / gobbling / gaping  
 xūn zhì to smoke / to cure over a fire  
 yān xiāo yún sàn to vanish like smoke in thin air / to disappear
 xūn lú smoke oven  
 mí hún xiāng a kind of sleeping gas or smoke used by thieves to incapacitate victims  
  International Networks Towards Smoke-free Hospitals  
  smoke emission factor  
  Ringelmann smoke chart  
 chōu yān variant of 抽 / / |抽 / / [chou1 yan1] / to smoke (a cigarette, tobacco)  
  smoke loading  
(污)  environmental tobacco smoke (pollution)  
 fàn hòu yī zhī yān , sài guò huó shén xiān have a smoke after each meal and you will surpass the immortals (proverb)  
  smoke grenade  
  smoke-free United Nations premises  
穿 mó chuān tiě yàn to grind one's way through an ink stone / to persevere in a difficult task (idiom) / to study diligently (idiom)  
 bó shì mǎi lu:2 lit. the scholar buys a donkey (idiom) / fig. long-winded verbiage that never gets to the point / idiom mocking scholastic pomposity  
 yī jì zhī cháng proficiency in a particular field (idiom) / skill in a specialized area (idiom)
鸿 xuě ní hóng zhǎo a goose's footprint in the snow / vestiges of the past (idiom) / the fleeting nature of human life (idiom)  
 sǐ ér bù jiāng dead but showing no signs of rigor mortis / to die hard (idiom) / to die yet not be vanquished (idiom)  
 tuī lái tuī qù (idiom) to rudely push and pull others / (idiom) to evade responsibility and push it to others  
 yǔ guò tiān qíng sky clears after rain / new hopes after a disastrous period (idiom) / every cloud has a silver lining (idiom) / see also 雨 / / / / |雨 / / / / [yu3 guo4 tian1 qing1]
 yǔ guò tiān qīng sky clears after rain / new hopes after a disastrous period (idiom) / every cloud has a silver lining (idiom) / see also 雨 / / / / |雨 / / / / [yu3 guo4 tian1 qing2]  
 xí yǔ common saying / idiom  
 yī zuì fāng xiū to get thoroughly drunk (idiom) / to get plastered  
 zhǐ yào gōng fu shēn , tiě chǔ mó chéng zhēn If you work at it hard enough, you can grind an iron bar into a needle. / cf idiom 磨 / / / / |磨 / / / / , to grind an iron bar down to a fine needle (idiom) / fig. to persevere in a difficult task / to study dili  
 dí yàn to wash an ink-slab / to prepare for study (idiom)  
 cuò zōng fù zá tangled and complicated (idiom)
 cóng yán chéng chǔ to deal with sb severely (idiom)  
 zhòng shuō fēn yún opinions differ (idiom)  
 cháng pèi yuǎn yù to control from a distance (idiom)  
 shú yǔ idiom  
 yǔ bīng to have limited experience and knowledge (idiom)  
 píng shì jié zhé to drive non-stop as fast as one can (idiom)  
 suí jī yìng biàn to change according to the situation (idiom) / pragmatic
 dǐng mén zhuàng hù to support the family business (idiom)  
 fēi lái hèng huò sudden and unexpected disaster (idiom)
 yīn móu guǐ jì crafty plots and machinations (idiom)
 yuān hǎi abyss of ocean / vast and profound (idiom)
 gǔ lì to shake like an aspen / to shiver with fear (idiom)  
 cōng cháng jì yì to take one's time making a decision (idiom) / to consider at length  
 gǎn jìn shā jué to kill to the last one (idiom) / to exterminate / to eradicate / ruthless
 wú huà kě shuō to have nothing to say (idiom)  
 qì tóu shàng in a fit of anger (idiom) / in a temper  
 liáo shèng yú wú better than nothing (idiom)
 guàn yòng yǔ commonly used phrase / idiom / colloquial usage  
 rén shuō fēn yún to be at loggerheads with sb (idiom)  
齿 chún chǐ lit. lips and teeth (idiom) / fig. close partners / interdependent  
 lu:3 jiàn bù xiān a common occurrence (idiom)

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