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 bāo fu dǐ r family heirloom / most precious family possession / person's secrets / one's best performance  
 chuán shì handed down from ancient times / family heirloom
 chuán jiā bǎo family heirloom
 yī jiā the whole family / the same family / the family ... (when preceded by a family name) / group  
 xié jiā dài kǒu to take all one's family along (idiom) / encumbered by a family / tied down by family obligations
 xié jiā dài juàn to take all one's family along (idiom) / encumbered by a family / tied down by family obligations  
 mén fēng family tradition / family principles
  extended family / composite family / joint family  
  extended family / composite family / joint family  
  extended family / composite family / joint family  
 bèi fèn seniority in the family or clan / position in the family hierarchy
 rù zhuì to go and live with one's wife's family, in effect becoming a member of her family
 jiā jì family livelihood / a household's economic situation / family property  
 tiān lún family bonds / ethical family relations
 jiān gù to attend simultaneously to two or more things / to balance (career and family, family and education etc)
 jiā shǔ family member / (family) dependent
 jiā chuán handed down in a family / family traditions
 yǎng jiā to support a family / to raise a family  
 fáng house / room / CL:間 / |间 / [jian1] / branch of an extended family / classifier for family members (or concubines)
 dà hù great family / rich family / large landlord / conspicuous spender or consumer
 huàn mén family of officials / family with connections to the bureaucracy (i.e. the middle classes in imperial China)  
 mén hù door / strategic gateway / portal / faction / sect / family status / family / web portal / (old) brothel
 fēi yú zú "flying fish family", family who sacrifice everything to send their children abroad to study  
 dà yì miè qīn to place righteousness before family (idiom) / ready to punish one's own family if justice demands it
 chái mén lit. woodcutter's family / humble background / poor family background
 jiā jìng family financial situation / family circumstances
 shì jiā family influential for generations / aristocratic family
 hán mén poor and humble family / my family (humble)
 jiā sī family property / family wealth  
 shū xiāng mén dì family with a literary reputation (idiom) / literary family
 yǎng jiā hú kǒu to support one's family (idiom) / to have difficulty feeding a family  
 pìn qǔ hūn formal betrothal (in which the boy's family sends presents to the girl's family)  
耀 guāng yào mén méi splendor shines on the family's door (idiom) / fig. to bring honor to one's family  
 lā jiā dài kǒu to bear the burden of a household (idiom) / encumbered by a family / tied down by family obligations
 huáng shì royal family / imperial household / member of the royal family
 gù jiā old and respected family / family whose members have been officials from generation to generation  
 qí kē the grouper family / Serranidae (fish family including Epinephelinae or grouper 石 / / / |石 / / / )  
  The family: bulletin on the International Year of the Family  
  reorganized family / recomposed family  
 hù a household / door / family
 wèi hedgehog (family Erinaceidae)
 píng family of flatfish / sole  
 tún pufferfish (family Tetraodontidae)  
鲿 cháng Bagridae (catfish family)  
 bēi the Pycnonotidae or bulbul family of birds  
 mǎn mén the whole family
 mén fá rich and powerful family  
 fá powerful individual, family or group / clique / (loanword) valve
 shù tǎ sloth (family Bradypodidae)  
 miè mén to exterminate an entire family  
 yún tái Brassica (cabbage family)  
  job family  
 qīn yuán affinity / family relationship / consanguinity
 zhēn yú saury fish (family Scomberesocidae)  
 fèng (literary) gift (of money etc) to a bereaved family / to contribute to funeral expenses  
 zhú various genera of flowers of Asteracea family (daisies and chrysanthemums), including Atractylis lancea
 zhuì superfluous / redundant / cumbersome / refers to a son-in-law living with wife's family
 dài yú ribbonfish / hairtail / beltfish / cutlassfish (family Trichiuridae)  
 qīn yuán guān xì family relation  
 wū yú gray mullet (Mugil cephalus) / snakehead fish (family Channidae)
 yǔ xì language family  
 shā shark family, including some rays and skates  
 jiā yè family property
 jiā chǎn family property
 dú yuàn one family courtyard  
 dié lèi butterfly (family)  
 nóng jiā peasant family
 xiāng qi a relative / a family member  
 mén wàng family prestige  
 mén dì family status
 jǔ jiā the whole family  
 é lèi moth (family)  
 huán spoonbill / ibis / family Threskiornidae  
 jiā pǔ genealogy / family tree  
 tàn qīn to go home to visit one's family
 xìng family name / surname / CL:個 / |个 / [ge4] / to be surnamed
 mǎ kē Equidae / horse family  
 yún xiāng Rutaceae / the citrus family
 nèi juàn the females in a family / womenfolk
 xué niǎo jackdaw (family Corvidae)  
 huā jī chaffinch (family Fringillidae)  
 māo kē Felidae (the cat family)  
 yí zú the bereaved / family of the deceased
 què lèi finch (family Fringillidae)  
 jīng mù Cetacea (whale family)  
 yuān wěi Iricdaceae, the iris family  
 héng kē Charadriidae (plover family)  
 jiù kē Aegyptiidae (the vulture family)  
 gē zi pigeon / dove / various birds of the family Columbidae
 jí book or record / registry / roll / place of one's family or ancestral records / membership
 jiā mén house door / family clan
 jiǒng velvetleaf (Abutilon avicennae), plant of the jute family / bright  
 jiā chǒu family scandal / skeleton in the closet  
 qīng jiā to ruin a family / to lose a fortune  
 shì zú influential family / powerful clan  
 míng mén famous family / prestigious house
 tuán nián Spring festival family reunion  
 jī yè foundation / base / family estate
 yè yīng nightjar (nocturnal bird in the family Caprimulgidae)  
 diàn yí a gift of money to the family of the deceased  

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