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 lèi xíng shā shǒu category-dominant retailer, category killer  
  nuclear material category / material category  
 lèi xíng zhī pèi líng shòu shāng category-dominant retailer, category killer  
 fàn chóu category
 lèi bié classification / category
 lèi shū book by category  
 chóu arable fields / cultivated field / class / category
 lèi kind / type / class / category / similar / like / to resemble
 lì shǔ to belong to (a category) / to be attached to
  key category  
 cí lèi parts of speech (grammar) / word class / lexical category  
 mài chǎng market / store / mall (usually specializing in a particular product category such as furniture)  
 zhǒng lèi kind / genus / type / category / variety / species / sort / class
 fàn chóu lùn category theory / general nonsense (math.)  
 zhuān yè zhí lèi professional category  
 xún lái fàn chóu (math.) derived category  
 bù lèi category / division
 yī jí first class / category A  
 pǐn lèi category / kind
 fàn chóu category  
 yī lèi same type / category 1 (i.e. class A)  
 sān jí grade 3 / third class / category C  
 èr jí grade 2 / second class / category B  
 sì jí grade 4 / fourth class / category D  
 lèi xíng type / category / genre / form / style
 yí (old) class / category / corpse  
 shǔ category / genus (taxonomy) / family members / dependents / to belong to / subordinate to / affiliated with / be born in the year of (one of the 12 animals) / to be / to prove to be / to constitute
 cí xìng part of speech (noun, verb, adjective etc) / lexical category  
  local professional category  
 dì wǔ lèi category 5 / CAT 5 (cable)  
 wǔ qì zhǒng lèi weapons category  
 sān jí piàn third category movie (containing sexual or violent content)  
  containment category  
 běn guó zhuān yè zhí lèi National Professional category  
 mén gate / door / CL:扇 / [shan4] / gateway / doorway / CL:個 / |个 / [ge4] / opening / valve / switch / way to do something / knack / family / house / (religious) sect / school (of thought) / class / category / phylum or division (taxonomy) / classi
 dà lèi main type / main class / main category  
  self-sustainment category  
 bǐng děng third rank / third category / third grade / roughly equivalent to the "C" grade  
 Fèng huáng Gǔ chéng Fenghuang Ancient Town, in Fenghuang County, Xiangxi Prefecture, Hunan, added to the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List in 2008 in the Cultural category  
  Classification Appeals Committee for Posts in the Professional Category  
  duty station category  
  Joint Committee on Job Classification for the General Service Category  
  category 1 offences  
  category 2 offences  
 guó jì zhēng pìn zhuān yè jí zhuān yè yǐ shàng zhí lèi International Professional category and above  

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