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CAT 5 (cable) in English - Chinese Dictionary

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 gāng lǎn steel cable / wire cable / steel hawser
线  detonator cable / detonation cable  
  cable tool drill rig / cable rig  
 lǎn cable / hawser / to moor
线 lǎn xiàn cable  
 diàn lǎn (electric) cable
 lǎn chē cable car  
 zā dài cable tie  
  code cable  
线 xiàn lǎn cable / wire / cord (computer)  
 lǎn shéng cable / hawser / mooring rope  
 xuán guà to suspend / to hang / suspension (cable car)
 diàn bào telegram / cable / telegraph / CL:封 / [feng1],份 / [fen4]
 guāng lǎn optical cable  
线 yǒu xiàn wired / cable (television)  
 pāi fā to send / to cable (a telegram)  
 lǎn suǒ cable / hawser / mooring rope
 tuō lǎn streamer / seismic cable / eel  
 suǒ dài cable tie / plastic strap  
线 shù xiàn dài cable tie  
 diào lán hanging basket (for flowers) / gondola (of cable car)  
线 diàn yuán xiàn power cable (of an appliance etc)  
线 zā xiàn dài cable ties / zip ties  
线 yǒu xiàn diàn shì cable television  
 tóng zhóu diàn lǎn coaxial cable  
 pū shè to lay (railroad tracks, carpet, pipeline) / to install (wiring, cable) / to construct (road, concrete slab)
线 zhǔ gàn xiàn trunk line (of road, network etc) / backbone (cable)  
 zuó cable  
 mì mǎ diàn bào coded telegram / ciphered cable  
 máo liàn kǒng hawsehole (small hole for anchor cable or hawser in the side of ship)  
 dì wǔ lèi category 5 / CAT 5 (cable)  
 diào dǒu (a container) carried suspended or underslung / cable car bucket  
线 xiàng pí xiàn wire (sheathed in rubber) / cable
 dì sì tái fourth channel / (in Taiwan) cable TV, FTV  
 hǎi dǐ diàn lǎn submarine cable  
 guāng xiān diàn lǎn optical fiber / optical cable  
Y形线  Y-Cable  
线 Yǒu xiàn Xīn wén Wǎng Cable Network News (CNN)  
线  Rome Convention on Cable Television  
  arresting cable  
 fēn pèi qì dispenser (for consumables such as liquid soap) / splitter (for cable TV signal etc)  
线 yǒu xiàn diàn shì xīn wén wǎng Cable News Network  
 diàn bào yuán cable clerk  
 liàn chain / cable (unit of length: 100 fathoms, about 185 m) / chain (unit of length: 66 feet, about 20 m) / to chain / to enchain
线 Měi guó Yǒu xiàn Xīn wén Wǎng Cable Network News (CNN)  
 jià kōng suǒ dào aerial ropeway / cable car  
 diǎn huǒ diàn lǎn firing cable  
 lā léi suǒ pulling rope / pulling cable  
  fibre optic submarine cable for Gulf States  
 suǒ lǎn zhuāng cable anchor / anchor  
 rì · diàn cable sent on given date / n日 / / |n日 / / means news item of nth of the month  
·  cable sent on given date / n日 / / |n日 / / means news item of nth of the month  
  streamer / seismic cable / eel  
 diàn lǎn tiáo zhì jiě tiáo qì cable modem  
  cable yarding system  
  streamer feathering / feathering / streamer drift / cable drift  

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