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 Bǎi dù Baidu, Internet portal and search engine,, listed as BIDU on NASDAQ since 1999  
 bǎi dù ferry
 bài dú (polite) to read (sth)  
 bǎi dù variant or erroneous form of 百 / / , PRC internet portal  
 Bǎi dù bì virtual currency created by Baidu for use on its websites (  
 Bǎi dù tiē ba Baidu&rsquo / s online user forum,  
 Bǎi dù zhī dao Baidu&rsquo / s online Q & A forum,  
 bái dú colloquial (rather than literary) pronunciation of a Chinese character  
 bài dú (TCM) to relieve inflamation and internal heat / to detoxify  
 Lǐ Yàn hóng Robin Li (1968-), founder and CEO of Baidu 百 / / , a PRC Internet company  
 shí dà shén shòu the Baidu 10 mythical creatures (a set of hoax animals and puns linked to PRC Internet censorship)  
 Dù niáng alternative name for Baidu 百 / / [Bai3 du4]  
 bǎi dù shí dà shén shòu The Baidu 10 Mythical Creatures (a set of hoax animals and puns linked to PRC internet censorship)  
 Bǎi dù Bǎi kē Baidu online encyclopedia  

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